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ice1cube Frank for DSK

DSK Jewelry is introducing our newest DSK Model!


Please meet our perfect man, Frank a.k.a ice1cube of youtube!
Frank is um..wearing the 16" Italian Sterling Silver Galatic Aqua Swarovski Crystal

No longer available
please refer to Frank's pic for size reference, lulz!

See ladies! Even guys like to borrow your DSK Jewelry to measure their...GUN..whichever gun that may be!

o^_^o You can blush.


Frank has the best sense of humor EVER! You must watch ALL his videos, lol DSK Model Holly Ann-AeRee and I have probably watched the video below 500 times or more. lol, he's that good!..at making you laugh!! ^_^

Heartbreak Mistake Part 1: Getting Too Serious Too Young

Heartbreak Mistake Part 2: Listening Game

*note: Holly claims that Frank has been listening in on her phone calls all her life!
hahaha, you
must watch this girls to understand..he's so relatable!

Thanks Frank!


You da man!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hey, I don't think you know (well obviously not), but you have the first video up twice. Instead of part two, you have two part ones.

But I like how you are advertising the new jewelry! ;) Nice model~!

verina oei said...

yeah,and dana,obviously not.lol.and u r so creative !haha

DSK said...

lol thanks Dana!! It's fixed!

wuzzyangel said...

Dang! Those are some guns! LOL! And the Galactic Aqua is soo pretty!!

Haha this guy is funny!! Thanks for sharing! LOL! "I will not HOLLABACK." LOL!! Good message in part 1!! TAKE YOUR TIME! MEN ARE DOGS! LOL!!

Kay I have to go, but I'll watch his part 2 later! LOL!

Stephie said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAAAA! omg i love frank! he cracked me the heck up!!!!!! where was his advice 8 months ago? haha gorgeous necklace... i'm gonna have to get me one of those. i don't think the bracelet will fit around my man's gun(s)... hehehe.

♥akisa♥ said...

Hahahaha! Loved frank's videos.. especially Part 2. I've subscribed to him now & loved the 12 months of dating jingle too..

eri said...

omg. those videos are HILARIOUS!!!

Ena said...

hahaha, this is so cute :) Love your new Model hehe

sokpoprocks said...

omg, hes hilarious, how did you meet this guy/get him to be a model?

Anonymous said...

omg he's absolutely hilarious! awesome model haha

Anonymous said...

happy 4th to you too! one of my necklaces broke so i'll be ordering more from you!

VanityMakeup said...

Happy 4th of July - even though its not celebrated here in AUS :)

LOL, he's so funny! xD

GildaღFish said...

Haha!! <3 the vids. It's all true, I completely agree with Frank.


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