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Seattle's Everything Bracelet **SOLD**

Seattle's Everything Bracelet
7 1/2 - 8" (Completely Adjustable)
-Sterling Heart Lobster Clasp
-Swarovski Pearls & Crystals
-Sterling Silver Rolo Chain & Headpins
Time: Total of 1 1/2 hours spent on this bracelet (I didn't make it in one sitting)
For those curious ; )

Availability: ***SOLD***

Thank you everyone for your kind words about this bracelet!
I will be posting a series of bracelets inspired by my "cruise" today on the Seattle Spirit Ship.
We took a beautiful 1 hour tour of the the Elliot Bay.
Stay tuned, these next few bracelets are really pretty! lol
I'm bold to say that, so you know they're going to be somewhat purdyyy.
They're be posted tonight!
See you then!


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Ms.JoanBabe said...


jujubooo said...

The colors are soooo vibrant! Perfect for the season...love it!!!

Iyah said...

such beautiful colorful piece!! :D

Iyah said...

such beautiful colorful piece!! :D

Jamilla Camel said...

damn! sold out!!

emimonster said...

this is adorable!!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I don't know why but when I look at this bracelet, it reminds me of skittle. LOL. maybe you should do a gummy bear swarovski bracelet! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Steph, that bracelet is gorgeous. =o
How long did it take for you to make it?
Oh, and how much might it be? ;D

wuzzyangel said...

Whoooo EVERYTHING SEATTLE!! Steph's back in action!! :) Loving the clasp on this!! Glad to see the EC's territory is treating you well! ;)

Maggie said...

oh no! I'm just seeing this post now (European morning), totally love it but sold already :'(. Better luck next time. You being in WA now does mean bigger time difference :).

Mare said...

beautiful piece & will you post anymore?/

GildaღFish said...

Oh my, look at all the colors on this bracelet!! It's like a pile of rubies!! <3

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