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11/14 Gem Faire Tacoma Dome

Hey everyone, thank you for stopping by my jewelry blog :) Are you excited to take an inside look at the Gem Faire? But...

First things first, I'd like to let you know that
my plate is full on custom ordering. I want to be able to finish pieces in time for everyone who ordered to receive their jewelry pieces before Christmas arrives. Also, tomorrow is the last day to buy the sterling & Swarovski "lil plump earrings" (butterflies, flowers, stars) for the sale price of $10. (You can't beat $10 with free shipping on my work).

All other orders, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to process. Any piece with an "Add to Cart" button is still available for purchase (unless sold out appears), I'm just not accepting custom orders.

I've been receiving an influx of e-mails regarding shipping. Paypal will send you a confirmation e-mail the day your package is shipped. I do make all my jewelry to order, and please note it is a the holiday shopping season. I wish I was Super Woman, but sadly I'm not (yet). I do want everyone to get their jewelry before Christmas, therefore I apologize if I can't take your custom orders until after the Holidays.

Now time for a more fun jewelry news.
I attended the Gem Faire, spelled "Faire" yes. They came through the city, and was held at the Tacoma Dome here in Washington. This was my first "big" fair, and let me tell you I was overwhelmed! I just didn't know where to start, how to work with vendors because the people at these stands were the actually owners of the crystals, gems, silver, gold, jade, and the list goes on! They aren't just representatives or dealers.

I guess the Gem Faire is a big deal in the "jewelry world. (mostly consists of old mean ladies..and gay guys) Minh thought that was interesting. Some ladies are so mean when they negotiate prices. It's scary.

I went with Minh and his sister Van. Van also beads and makes jewelry ^_^, but she's very versatile & likes to work with all sorts of materials unlike me. I'm pretty stubborn and use mostly Sterling Silver & Swarovski. I'm brand loyal ^_~ But I'm going to introduce a more upscale line in the near future with gem stones.

She's came up 3 hrs from Vancouver for the weekend. I'm glad Minh has sisters, I have instant friends since I moved here. I'm glad that there's someone else in our "family" who makes jewelry, it's just great to have someone to relate to, and know what you're talking about. Sometimes we speak in "jewelry language." Minh's definitely catching up, which is great. I taught my grasshopper well :) He was all being overly cocky with his new founded jewelry knowledge a few months ago. Van tested him, "Minh, what is a headpin?" lol

Back to topic, Gem Faire ~ Tacoma Dome ~ Photos are Prohibited, but Blackberry's have cameras ~ : ) So here is an inside peak at a jewelry fair.

Gem Faire
Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Dome

Friday-Sunday (whole weekend event)
General Admission: $5

Wholesalers Admission was free 10am-12pm Friday ...but yeah I was sleeping hahaha

We didn't go until yesterday (Saturday)
Tacoma is about 45 minutes from Bellevue
I had a weekend pass, but I couldn't use it anyways

They give every guest a shopping bag, how nice right?
Like this x 100, it was like a career fair at college LOL
The general public is welcome to shop, but you do get charged higher prices & tax

There were at least a hundred booths like this one above.

(as Holly would say, "ye-yeahhhh")

You buy this by the weight, not quantity
This pic reminds me of
Aladdin for some reason lol
They're a business from Oregon, but they import these goods from Africa.

(Yes, I did buy from them, and got a contact ^_~)

Loose Swarovski Crystals
(more than one booth sold them, so imagine this place...)
I needed to sneak a picture of these for sure.

No vendor gave discounts on Swarovski..reason? Swarovski is raising their prices soon, so the vendors rather hold on to them because they're going to be worth more.

If you own Swarovski jewelry, your pieces are worth more now at the pawn shop lol jk.

That's the "inside" info that we got from the owners of almost every stand.

Talk about selection!
I think you could buy a few houses with all those crystals.

Random findings, lol I'm not interested in beads, I'm into crystals, silver, and now stones.

I learned that from Van ^_~ She's gone to more bead fairs than me.
I'm originally from Michigan...and yeah..large fairs don't come by too often.

Sold by the weight, not the quantity.
I think it's because the price fluctuates aka goes up all the time.
Buying from the direct source/supplier is nice because they are there to answer all of your questions, about where the item was made, what style cuts gems are, etc.

It's a great learning experience : )

If you see tassels on the strands it means the jewelry is expensive, but that's part of the attraction....am I right? It looks so fancy.

Prior to going, Van told me that there is a crystal that's more expensive than Swarovski.
I was like..WHAT?! I tried to research and research, and it turns out they're gem stones. lol
I never got into stones because they're expensive and I never had the overhead to splurge.

I wish I got a sweet pic of them,
The owner was right there...

He travels to the US from India 3 times a year to sell at this fair (they are a West Coast fair).
California, Oregon, and Washington. (maybe more?)

This particular owner doesn't have a website unlike most of the other vendors. He only sells here, and to designers. SWEET RIGHT?
I bought a few strands from him, it was too expensive for my pockets.
I bought a variety of Lemon Quartz, Amethyst (as in the real deal not the color), and Rainbow Moonstones. You'll see them in the future when I introduce the website which is still going...the launch is on the web developer's time, he's a perfectionist. I can't really say much because he works on $5k-$37,000 projects..and then he works on my tiny website..and I don't pay him $37,000 lol, but when it's launch I'll definitely introduce him to you all.

Overall, I just wanted to share this post to show you bits & pieces of my life.
I also want you to see that the possibilities are endless when it comes to jewelry art, or design.
You shouldn't copy or imitate other's work. There's endless possibilities, use your mind.
Don't make it mindless cause then you're a factory worker.
(Trust me, I've spent a summer working on the assembly line at Amyway making Artistry cosmetics ^_~)

In other life news, Minh scored a job at one of the United State's largest law firms.
lol, he has a 9-5 style job like everyone else now.

: )

Congrats hunnie!
To bad you can't be your own boss anymore, like me :P

Life for us may change again pretty soon for the better.
We may say goodbye to Bellevue and move closer to Downtown Seattle.

Unfortunately, DSK will lose a valuable worker... :' (
Oh well, time to hire a pool boy. (and we don't have a pool).

jk jk

He now works right near the Space Needle in downtown Seattle!
If you look to the right, it's the edge of the building he works in...LOOK how close he is to the Space Needle. And...Louis Vuitton is only a few blocks away from him lol
I wouldn't mind going to work everyday~! Minh loves LV btw...it's kind of scary.

I get excited every time I see the Space Needle. (I'm such a tourist still)!!!
But hey...I've lived here for only 2 and 1/2 months, and came from a small town!
We had no LV store, we had no SEPHORA, we had the supermarket lol.

I love my life now : )
I do miss my friends & family though.
My mommy & sister are visiting Nov 23rd-Dec 1st
And I'm flying back to Michigan to spend Christmas.

(He's a 3 month old Maltipoo Mix Mystery!)
His mom was adopted & they found out she was preggers

I baby sat my nephew Happy while Van & her bf Tony were out.
He was staring at me as I took pictures of my new pride & joy.

...109 pairs of Shisem lashes.
Should last me a while!
I bought a variety too, I want to get back into makeup blogging more
I spent all year looking for these damn lashes!
I had wonderful friends who sent me some, but I really wanted to see them in RL for myself lol.

For those who don't know Shisem are a brand of quality Korean False Lashes.
Each pair comes with 2 little bottles of lash glue.

I won't have to buy more for a while : )
My year long hunger for Shisem is now satisfied.

Red Mango... = YUMMMMMMY
You city people are so lucky, you grew up your whole life privileged!
You get to have the newest and greatest first.
People like me grew up watching you city girls on TV or following your lives on the internet lol

I am so happy to live in a big city, I can't say it enough!

Blue Fin Sushi @ Northgate Mall (Seattle)
This is a sushi buffet, and look how nice everything looks! lol

Ok, you probably had enough of me.
I will post a lot more Triple Heart Necklaces tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

I've been really stressed with the amount of holiday orders, so please bare with me.
Thank you for reading : )


Anny said...

City Life is great! You've been missing out for years!

Noriki said...

what a busy but great life you have!! <333 i love reading your blogs, especially your "life-adventures"! makes me daydreaming all the time during classes *o*
keep popping those news about you and your family-friends! Thanks!

PixyEla said...

Wow those tassels are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the upscale line with gem stones as well as the website!!
Haha how convenient that he works near an LV store.... ;)
Thanks for sharing. ^-^

Beauty Snap said...

Dsk you're so devoted to your work and I applaud you! And thank you so much for the emails back and forth about my order. I've been to a couple of textile exhibitions like the gem faire you went to, they're crazy too! I always went with my mom and pretended to be her assistant designer at her company to gain entrance. They're tons of fun and she had lots of friends in the industry so almost every other booth she was talking to the vendor~ Anyway congrats to Minh!

Jacqueline said...

awwh, i'm glad you had a blast at the fair :) && i cannot find any lashes like that where i live! booogers! buh, i sure hope to find some when i go back home for three days this week! =]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Yes yes. I love being a city girl. haha.

It's good that Van does jewelry too! =] A friend of instant indeed. hehe.

Ohhh!!! You sneaky sneaky! Taking photos at the fair! but thanks for showing it to us. hahahaha!

Sheila P said...

Wow, I've heard so much about Swarovski raising their prices... but I wasn't that concerned with it. Maybe now I should be since you're making it sound scary =S

*goes and buys tons of Swarovski* lol =P

Shiseiten said...

that food looks amazing!! :D And the faire must have been really cool. ^_^ Glad to hear life in Washington is going well. Good luck with the holiday rush! You have all of our support. :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

love this post!
i agree, Red Mango is really yummy!

Ivy said...

wow steph xD seems like u love ur new life <3 im happy for u >o< im sowwie about the custom order question xD i knew u were busy. i shouldnt have asked! im sorrry >.< good luck with the holiday orders!

DSK Steph said...

I have definitely been missing out on city life...everything is within reach!

DSK Steph said...

Jackieeee you need a blog!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh my goodness!! What a post, so much stuffs crammed into one! :D I loved reading it and seeing all of the pictures that you had to share with us.

I can only imagine how awesome it was at the faire!!

& gosh, that's a LOT of lashes XD

wuzzyangel said...

WOW! Now that's a lot of bling in all different forms! Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with your new goodies!

LOL tourist! But I see where you're coming from on that. CONGRATS to Minh! He's a supersmart guy that works hard & has YOU so he deserves greatness! ;)

ANd Happy is just too cute!!

Nani said...

GAHHH!!! i miss city life i cannot wait to be on the west coast again I miss you cali!!!! Hellllooo seattle.

Marie. said...

I wanted to go to a gem faire but my fiance was leaving for the military so... there was no time =( maybe next year.

My mom recently came in my room asking me for some crystals saying they were good luck. Oh Asians!

I've always been into gem stones, but more for collecting than anything else lol.

If you like Red Mango, you should try Pinkberry! They're freakin 20x better. I swear when I move from CA the thing I'll miss the most is the food here! Hahah!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait for the new site to come up!!! :D

Anonymous said...

awesome post. those pictures of the gem faire are amazing! kinda reminds me of the wool festival i went to with my mom and sister, i miss going to those types of things. you are so lucky to live in the city! i live near baltimore but i never go because i am too scared of getting mugged! take care & love!

HT said...

Wow, you saw some really cool stuff at the Faire! I'm glad you had a good time. :) Also glad you're loving your new city!!

Gaby said...

I go to that gem fair every time theyre in So Cal and the table of swarovski i buy from them all the time theyre called EZ Trading am i right

Anonymous said...

WOW looking at all the crystals and stones is kind of overwhelming. But I like it! :) I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your new place!

Take it easy! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That looks so cool! It seems like you had so much fun!
And that looks so yummy!

Anna said...

Wow what a huge gem faire! So many beads I think you can even swim in there xD And yeah the Gold place really looks like Aladdin, it just need a monkey for the look ;)

And wow your bf is good, I'd like so say BIG GRATZ to him. And I love love love your puppy, he's so adorable <3

I hope you will still have time to enjoy the holiday after finishing that huge number of custom orders ;)

Angela said...

the fair looks so interesting! too bad it's all on the west coast =[

Jamilla Camel said...

WOW! Whatta show!! Can't wait to see what you do with all your loot!!
Congrat to Minh!! Well done!!

Look around Queen Anne Hill...very nice places with great views.

GildaღFish said...

Ive never heard of a Gem Fair before but thanks to your blog I wanna go to one soOo bad!! The only thing that was going through my mind was, "It's soo shiny!!". Haha!!


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