DSK Jewelry is handmade/handcrafted by me! [D.S.K.] in the Seattle, Washington, USA

US, Canada, UK and all other International Orders Welcome! DSK Jewelry LLC is a Registered Business in the USA.

DSK Facts

A few reminders, just so everyone's up to date.

1. All Orders Placed after 11/17/09 will be made & shipped after 12/01/09

2. I cannot make exceptions for any more custom orders. It is not fair to others who have already placed their order and are waiting for their pieces to arrive.

3. I'm out of gold necklaces until next year 2010 ( a frequently asked question), I just prefer Sterling Silver ~ I'm a silver girl, but I'll have more gold when the time comes.

I understand that people have birthday presents to buy, or gifts to send, but if I know I don't have the time, I won't accept an order. It's just not fair to those who have already made purchases. Please be understanding. I appreciate everyone's patience who has placed an order with me within the past few weeks. I'm working as hard as I can to finish your pieces. I do make everything myself, I do not have elves. Although that would be nice : )

4. My prices are firm, I have to be fair to everyone who buy from me. I can't play favors cause you all are my favorites.

I just choose to have a blog store for the time being because I enjoy the personal selling and interaction with my bloggers in the environment of my blog. When my website is launched, pieces will be more available to purchase. I'm sorry if buying from me is "annoying" lol

Also, for those who "don't believe I have a trademark for the Bubbi Necklace" and were rude to me, or my business here you go. And why do you even visit?

Why the hell would I lie about owning a trademark?
I have all my Trademarks & Licenses framed, I'm proud of them : )

To those trying to make a buck off my success, or take advantage of any of my friends & jewelry models...please......

Don't sell my design as your own.
Be your own person.

I'm one of those people who will do everything in my power to make it right.
I don't ever let anything go. I guess that's my flaw ~

I wanna say sorry to all my friends, family and readers for having to see the "mean" side of me.
I just don't like getting taken advantage of, or disrespected in my own realm.


Christina said...

Steph, I love your pieces for their originality and uniqueness and I think it's GREAT that you protect ideas that are entirely yours. Anyone that gives you crap is just jealous of your creativity.
Your blog is one of my favorite to follow each day because not only do you fill us in with our life, you show us the amazing creations you make with your own two hands, the brain in your head and the heart in your chest.

Annnnnd I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Yipee! I get to see it. hehe. I never knew what it looked like so I was curious... I just thought you had some kind of paper and that's it but pretty document ;] hehe. Do I sound weird? lol. Buying from you is not annoying at all! I like to communicate with you, actually. lol. Show those people in the face about the trademarks!!! Why do they even bother to visit your site then?

Elves as in for Santa Clause? lol. hmmmz, that reminds me, Christmas is near... well Thanksgiving is nearer. haha!

SY said...

Hi Steph!
I just wanted to say I've been following your blogs and I really enjoy reading them. I love looking at all the jewelry pieces that you make and I'm proud to say I ordered the twilight bracelet that I've been eyeing for awhile =D.

adrienne said...

I don't believe anyone should demand for anything regardless, I mean it's to our benefit that you opened your business to provide and share gorgeous jewelry and your ideas with us. Appreciation is definitely a word that a lot of people need to relearn including myself.

I hope this isn't like a stupid question but besides the Bubbi Necklace, do you have to have all your pieces trademarked as well or only the major ones?

DSK Steph said...

Thank you girls for your support & understanding! It means a lot to know that you are all with me <3

Christina said...

Thanks so much Steph for letting me have the last custom order on Monday. You really shouldn't have!! I can't wait to recieve my necklace in the mail.I totally agree with 100% on today's post. You have an absoulte right to trademark all of your products.They're your baby for crying out loud and whoever copies them should get punished for it. I can't wait til the website is launched and thanks so much for making these wonderful necklaces and etc. for all of us ladies. I'm quite the fan of your jewerly line and I check your blog & twitter practically every day!

wuzzyangel said...

Hold up some said that ordering from you was "ANNOYING"?! WTF?! Who is this person?! O_o They need a swift kick in the butt! How many times have you stated that you do everything yourself?! That's why each piece is soo special!! And I always believe Steph! You didn't have to show proof to me! ;)

izumi said...

seriously! it's our time and effort to make other people's orders and we need time for ourselves too, haha. there's a reason why businesses close on major holidays too!

Pacstar said...

=] you go girl! haha

Kimberly said...

WhoOoOOooO do "I" Gotta Clobber now!??!?!

You know i love you right!?!?
I'm all about your Sparkle and whatever tomorrow may BLING...er I mean BRING/s

KimWen said...

i'm sorry that some people are so demanding. i do understand you do all this by yourself and it is a busy time of year. really you do an amazing job at what you do. every piece you make are so beautiful and unique. you are an inspiration.

brandee *=) said...

You tell em Stephanie!. I'm so excited for the new site!. :D

Claaairey_x said...

I love your jewelry and I brought my first piece on Monday and it already been shipped. No hassle! How can people say its annoying ordering form you?
And as for you being mean, you weren't. you were just standing up for your rights :)

martin said...

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Carine said...

You're not mean, you're protecting your business !

Dao said...

Way to go, Steph! I think when you have haters, it's a sign that you're doing something right. Plus, haters do boost up your page views :)

mariflor said...

The talent to craft gorgeous jewelry and to protect them is what makes you a trusted and respectable jeweler. I don't think I say that enough. ;P

Good for you for defending your work! Take it easy. :)

Ivy said...

who would say ur annoying?!?! ur like the best person ever to make requests and orders to!! ur so considerate and nice! you are trying ur best with the orders, cuz im sure ur hotel is overbooked!! thats why i stopped my "custom" order xD even tho it didnt even begin >o< i completely understand lol plus you have the right to play fair, and i agree with you 100% so yesh much love steph <3 do your best. and i checked my paypal track! my necklace is ALMOST here! xDD lol. i was getting worried...kinda xD anyways. IM the annoying one. sowwie. i'll check ur sites everyday. And no. im not a stalker >;[ im just a very big big big fan of chuu xD and likes to be updated...since u do such a great job with it...sowwie i'll stop blabbering now .. *blush*

xj.huangx said...

thank you for really taking the time and having the patience in making your jewelry. it really does become a beauty and a great gift to us all. =]

Jbreezybaby said...

lol @ i do not have elves! I know you worked hard for everything you do Steph and I'm proud of you! I can't wait for more pieces!

Stephanie said...

im definitely a silver girl too =]
i missed your blog =[ i've been so busy...
and that's MEAN...copying your stuff after you've placed your heart and soul into each piece
ppl should be original !!!

Stephanie said...

im definitely a silver girl too =]
i missed your blog =[ i've been so busy...
and that's MEAN...copying your stuff after you've placed your heart and soul into each piece
ppl should be original !!!

GildaღFish said...

Ah .. I was wondering when I was going to see some drama on here. Jackasses who think they know something of someone else when they know nothing at all. I mean really .. the nerve.


I <3 the Bubbi Necklace!! One of my favorites!! I wouldnt have known your jewelry even existed if it wasnt for her.


Glad you kept up the wonderful work and didnt let dickheads get in the way of your originality.

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