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DSK Model Kimberly Tia

Kimberly Tia for DSK Jewelry

Model: Kimberly Tia ("KT") Photos: JEN HAN Hair & Makeup by Jen Han Jewelry by DSK Jewelry

Coming Soon: www.dskjewelry.com

Attention DSK Jewelry Readers: This is a hottie alert update!
We've been blessed with an angel!
For those of you who don't already know her, meet my friend & Model Kimberly Tia, "KT" She's a model, beauty enthusiast, and amigurumi creator! (What's amigurumi? Well, keep on reading!)
She's a hottie, I know. *sizzle*

Photo by Jen Han - as well as makeup and hair
Jewelry by DSK Jewelry!

For DSK Jewelry of your own go to:
From her Photo Album [36]
[ 36 for 2009 ]
Kimberly Tia for DSK Jewelry
Jen Han's photography is so awesome!
Photo | Hair | Makeup by Jen Han
Jeweled by DSK
Jewelry by DSK Jewelry : BD AB Star earrings, Med AB Heart Necklace
Independent business woman, powerful & full of strength.
Beautiful in every facet.
Gifted with her creative talent through the arts of crafts.

KT, you're the whole package! + a free gift!

Your man is a very lucky : )
Makeup / Hair / Photo by JEN HAN
Makeup and Hair also by JEN HAN!
36, Eurasian Female: Vietnamese, Dutch, Indonesian, German & Filipino
Thank you "KT" for being you!

Makeup / Hair / Photo by JEN HAN

Captions from her Photo Album [36] =^_^=
Who would believe that Kimberly is 36?

To see what she's up to, visit her Personal Beauty Blog: http://batyoureyelashes.blogspot.com/
Cause all girls should bat their lashes every once in a while ; )
She's a very influential blogger in the community, and her style is cute, sweet with a big spoonful of vamp. By that I mean she's edgy, sexy, and extremely seductive...you can see for yourself once you start getting to know her through her blog.

KT's ink, don't let her innocent looks fool you ;D
She's has a fashionista edge to her

She's a Twilight Fan, can you tell?
She was such a sweet heart, she had a pic of me Twilighted too (out of her own pocket).
Talk about Twilight bringing friends together, lol

*Update* She made EC & Bella too hahaha
Look at that figure!
Some of KT's Photos to Share : )

Bonita! Senorita!
I refer to this as her "signature pic"
I met her when she had this profile pic on her blog, hehehe
We all appreciate some skin!


The many facets of Kimberly Tia

KT does gangsta' poses too.

*More about KT*

KT, herself has 5 adorable hamsters, not only is she a hamster whisperer (she coins the term!), she is one of the craftiest beauties I know.

I found her "My Furry Family" Post!!!


She's the creator of Kawaii Crafts by KT.
Visit her Craft Store to see her latest creations: http://kawaiicraftsbytia.blogspot.com/
I'm a proud customer & fan of her work for a long time now, and if you don't already know of her work, you should check it out!

She's the best at making all types of amigurumi dolls.
See the pictures for yourself!
She HAND-MAKES each doll / toy.

You can even custom order your pets!
Like what I did!
I had this done for my dog (Heidi) and cat (Tobey) & friend's dog Limi.

My doggie Heidi, she's lives with my parents back home in Kentwood, Michigan.
My "little" dachsund
woof woof
Heidi Girl!

Tobey cat, my BIG tabby cat (he also lives with Heidi back home)
Tobey's 17-20lbs...and he has OCD lol he has a hairless belly!
He grooms himself alllllll the time!
KT's attention to detail is supreme
I think her little cats are my favorite : )

I comissioned KT to make my bff Vince a mini doll of his newly adopted pup Limi a few months back for his birthday May 4th.
Vince is exactly 1 month younger than me ^_~

Shouts out to my bff!!! I miss you buddy!

Oreo Face!
She's named Limi because she reminds him of a Limo lol
Look how cute her face is!
KT, you're gooood.

The lil mouse I had made for my nephew Kaden, since he was born year rat "chuot" in Vietnamese.

She even make Sushi!

KT's personal collection

Look how cute the "watermelon cat" is!
You think the photos are cute? They're 10x more adorable in person too!
So far, in my history of shopping at Kawaii Crafts by KT,

I own a turtle for myself (cause it's so damn cute! *need to find pic*), Heidi dog, Tobey cat for my Mommy, Limi dog (gave to my friend Vince of his doggie), Mouse for my little nephew Kaden cause he's born the year of the mouse. I still need to order 3 more custom doggies, 2 for my bf's parents Chihuahua siblings, & one of Van's (Minh's sister) little 3 month old Happy Malti-Poo. I just think they make great personal gifts. So KT if you're reading this, let me know if you're available. I want to surprise them with some cuteness this holiday : )

Where to order? Visit her page: http://kawaiicraftsbytia.blogspot.com/
I usually check with KT for her availability, and send her a photo of the dog, and she takes everything from there!

She works super fast too (lol 10x faster than me...that's fo sho)

Getting a package from KT is super exciting, she always adds little extra touches to really make your package extra special. You just gotta see for yourself to see what I'm talking about.

Lots of girls I know own her creations and it's so much fun to see their "haul" from KT : )

I gave my Heidi & Tobey animal dolls to my Mom last Mother's Day & she was so impressed that KT made them by hand!

Kimberly has got some creative talent & skillz!
Nobody can touch her and her crochet hooks!
She always says, "I got a crocket hook, and I know how to use it!"

She makes me LOL all the time when we chat.

She's too cute & funny. I really adore her, always have and the more I get to know her, the more I treasure our friendship. I treasure all my friends & their outstanding personalities.

*Shouts out to all my jewelry models! I love you girls all very much, I still haven't posted everyone up yet because I still need their photo. But my girl friends are the best spokes beauties I could ask for ~ ! That's why it's taking me a long time to go through my DSK Model Search Entries...I asked you girls to submit a short paragraph for a reason.

I adore shining personalities. Since I haven't gotten a chance to know you all yet personally apart from our jewelry realtionship, I want to become better friends with everyone who shops with me or wants to model my jewelry. Bare with me : ) I'll post that Model Entry up soon.

Sometimes I have to ask, where have you all been all my life?
Especially KT, where have you been all my life woman?!

I love you! Thank you for your support from the beginning when I was a nobody.
*hugs KT, the hamster whisperer*
Thanks for teaching me a trip to catch my hamster too!

I took my hamster Winkie out to play cause I saw that she was awake a few hours ago. I put her down next to me on the couch, while I was chatting with KT, and 1 minute later Winkie goes missing. hahahahaa

I tell KT, and she told me that it was time to bust out the peanut butter.
I did so and the hammie came out! lol

No she didn't go into the jar, or eat any because I caught her & returned her home.

(web cam pic)

I had no idea she was IN THE COUCH. I was looking all over, praying that she's be running across the floor. Then I heard her scratching so it was time to disassemble the couch lol

I believe in hamster whisperers now.


Have a great evening everyone!
I hope you enjoyed my post, I'm back to work!
Your packages will be arriving shortly, thank you for your patience : )


Angela said...

wow she's really good with imitations of the dogs. very adorable.

Vanilla said...

wow KT is now DSK model !!she looks classy and sexy !lol
didnt know u were part indonesian !lol

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol at the hamster?

wow, you got another hottie model!!! =] and what a great mix of her! She doesn't even look 36 at all, or did I read it wrong? lol.

Katie said...

Your doxie is precious. I have 2 myself. The amigurumi dolls are so cool. It's neat to see what amazing and artist things people can create!

wuzzyangel said...

Haha you put her age up!! BUt yes KT is an ANGEL sent down from heaven to bless us with her beauty, talent, grace, and just her presence is a gift! :)


Tina Marie said...

Wow KT looks gorgeous! Actually all the DSK models are gorgeous :)

Ivy said...

wah, nice pick steph xD she is veeeeeryy pretty, words cant describe. her dolls are soo kawaii it makes me want to get some too, even tho my mom hates pets. lol. glad she became a new model for the dsk model family. deserves lots of love for all the talents they have! xD haha. jealousy. shes sooo perfect just like chuu! keep up to great work steph <3

Anonymous said...

Kt's creation's are adorable!. The story about your hamster was funny then reading more down and looking at the picture I just had to say aww how cute....

Jamilla Camel said...

KT is my perfect sex bomb!! She also ubertalented with that crochet hook...I've got me a Tommy Kitten that sits next to our photo of Tommy!!

What a cute hammie!

Stephanie said...

That is too funny that your Tobey is 17-20lbs. My Toby is 17lbs and looks just like yours. :)

Stephanie said...

That is too funny that your Tobey is 17-20lbs. My Toby is 17lbs and looks just like yours. :)

lymiini said...

wow those mini dolls are absolutely adorable!

Stephanie said...

haha the hamster pic is adorable!!!

and the ninja turtles are so CUTE!!!

GildaღFish said...

OMFG!! I hope I age as beautifully as she does!! She doesnt even look 36!! How is that possible?!? <3 <3 <3 the ninja!


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