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DSK's Charity Giveaway + Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Alison!
She was the first to answer correctly : )
The funny thing is.. I believe Alison won the contest to name the "Love Baits"

LOL, congrats lucky girl ^_~

lol, thank you to all of those who remembered my favorite perfume!
People really do read my blog ^_~ I feel so loved!

It was Marc Jacob's Daisy.
I have the bottle with the LE Green Flowers top


If anyone of you would like to purchase the pair of "Love Bait" Earrings above, please e-mail me.
They're $20, and if you left a comment I'd like to offer you free shipping.

Let me know lovelies!

Now on to the....
"DSK's Charity Giveaway"


What is your favorite charity, and why?

So far, DSK Jewelry has made donations and will be making continuous donations to:


(special thanks to our Model Holly for teaming up with me for both MAC AIDS & Cats for a Cause)
3. Susan G. Komen Beast Cancer Foundation

This Giveaway Will End Next Week Sunday ^_~
Leave a comment with your suggestions!

I'm going to continue to find great charities to make donations, and it would be appreciated if everyone could help me find some great charities.

The first person to suggest the charity that I will sending donations will receive..
My new "Honey Cluster" Necklace

Lets help raise some money for some great causes. :)

I'm separating the official website up in categories, there will be pieces in the Cats for a Cause category, etc. There will be many pieces where 50% or $10 of the jewelry sale will be donated towards charity. I just think it's a fun way to give back.

I love making the "cat jewelry" anyways ^_~
Holly Ann-AeRee is the spokes model for all my "cat pieces"
since she's a cat lover and owns 5 cats. ^_~
I just have 1, so she's better represents the cause!!!

Holly's Birthday Cat Bracelet
Sterling Silver Bracelet
5 Moonlight Crystals
(or replace with your preference of heart crystals)

E-mail me if you're interested in this or customizing it a bit "Cats for a Cause" piece

More of that to come!



P.S. I'm going to go watch E! now...lol Khloe Kardashian's 2 hr Wedding Special..
sigh..I have no life!


Jan said...

My most favorite charity is FreeRice.com which is a fun, educational, addictive, charitable and free website, all rolled into one! How it works is that you can increase your knowledge in vocabulary, and at the same time, take part in helping end world hunger. You play their vocabulary game, and for every question that you get correct, sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice to help feed the hungry. Visitors can choose from a range of 6 different subjects which include: Art, Chemistry, English, Geography, Language Learning and Math. FreeRice.com also keeps a total of how much rice you donate/give, and they plan to add more subjects in the future. My present total, I've given 2300 grains of rice so far to help feed the hungry and I plan on continuing to increase my total. As to why it's my favorite charity? Well, for obvious reasons which I'm sure you would agree that if myself and everyone can play even a small part in helping feed the hungry....DEFINATELY DO IT!!


By the way Steph, this very good cause, FreeRice.com states on their site that they certainly welcome donations. Please check out this awesome site!

Anonymous said...

My favorite charity would have to be with the Girl Scouts of the USA. Their motto is “Where girls grow strong!”, that is exactly what this organization does. I have been an active scout since I was 6, and I am going on my 14th year of being in this program. Its worth it being a scout, and it taught me a lot and made me who I am today. I am proud to be an Adult Girl Scout. Girl Scouts is worth it. And the cookies are good too! =^.^=

Emmi said...

Hey Steph! Finally got around to making an account! (Emmeline here) haha :P
But my favorite charity is the Make-A-Wish foundation. They try to fulfill the dream/wish of children who are suffering from very severe, life-threatening medical conditions - it becomes a life-changing experience for them (:
That bracelet is adorable though!

Amy said...

What about a charity for helping the Vietnamese in Vietnam? I know of one that collects money for education, food, books, etc. A little bit of Viet pride and love is good. :)

feeohnuh said...

OperationSmile! They sponsor operations for children overseas who are born with a cleft lip but cannot afford to get it fixed =[ Doctors and nurses volunteer to perform the operation but they need the funds! Hundreds of young children wait hours to apply to get the operation but only about a 100 or so get chosen because that's all the funding they get. I watched their infomercial and it was so sad seeing kids get turned away >.> Children with cleft lip get bullied by others. there was even one boy who had to wear a paper bag over his head! >.< You can find out more information at http://www.operationsmile.org/

feeohnuh said...

OperationSmile! They sponsor operations for children overseas who are born with a cleft lip but cannot afford to get it fixed =[ Doctors and nurses volunteer to perform the operation but they need the funds! Hundreds of young children wait hours to apply to get the operation but only about a 100 or so get chosen because that's all the funding they get. I watched their infomercial and it was so sad seeing kids get turned away >.> Children with cleft lip get bullied by others. there was even one boy who had to wear a paper bag over his head! >.< You can find out more information at http://www.operationsmile.org/

Katie said...

A charity close to my heart is the American Heart Association. Heart related issues run in my family and my Grandfather passed away from a heart attack. Not only that, but my beloved dog, Baron, passed from heart disease. My family always donates in my Grandfather and Baron's name to the AHA. People should always be more aware of heart related issues in order to help themselves and their family. =)

PixyEla said...

I think it's awesome that you are donating to Breast Cancer. I had an old co-worker diagnosed with it and she was an amazing woman. I support this charity 100%. <3

I chose sick kids because I absolutely love kids. I believe every kid deserves a wonderful childhood so they can cherish all their memories for life. Children are young, innocent, curious and best of all FUN!! They are the future so any charity towards helping them is great. =)

Power to women!!!!! We must stand up for what we feel is right and to fight for our equality in society. Help stop violence against women worldwide!!




Good luck finding another charity!! ^_^

TOFU said...

Hmm.. that’s hard. Lots of people would choose World Vision or even Red Cross. But if I had to pick, it would be Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Even though my background is Political Science and Law, I’ve always had a passion for helping those in need and MSF has been helping the world since 1970s. I actually volunteered in 2003 and 2008 when MSF went to China (Asia Represent! ^^) to help out, first for AIDS and the second time to Sichuan Province, to help out with building shelters, and just generally giving emergency medical care to those in need (which there were A LOT). As you probably already know, there are so many places in the world without medical care for the people residing in those areas and there is only so much funding they have before they run out and cannot provide vaccines or other treatments to those who really need them. They also push for more research on current problematic viruses or diseases and work in areas where it might be a warzone or just in a hostile territory. I understand that inner city charities for the homeless or even oppressed women are important, but health is so important. Without being healthy, you miss out on so much. Those people who don’t have a medical care because of no government funding or just generally have no money, when they get sick, they have no one to turn to. And while you’re sick, you know how tough it is to move let alone actually work or do manual labour. So when I to donate to MSF, I know that they will definitely put good use to that money; either putting it into research for treatments or buying medical supplies to go and help the people who are in desperate need of it. They also have full audits and financial reports published online on their website for the public to view, perhaps as a way to keep accountable for the donations they receive. Of course, it’s a requisite for charities to keep accountable, but I can’t help saying that it’s a relief to know that my money is actually going to help someone and not just fill someone’s bank account (being the cheap butt that I am :O). MSF really pushes for medical attention for the poorer countries. And for me, I believe that everyone has the right to a healthy life. [LOL I just realized that this post is sounding like an online post I’d make for uni... :D] All in all, I’ve seen the good that MSF has done for the people in need and I know that they could do with donations to keep on helping. Do support MSF! ^^

Sherr Bear said...

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Charity ~

My Grandmother and mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. My Grandmother died of it and my mother survived it.

Last year, I had showed early signs of Lymphoma Cancer, and was on medication for it.

Jbreezybaby said...

What about do a donation for St Jude Children's hospital? I love kiddos, I feel soo bad for kids who are sick at the young age. Sometimes makes me think life is so not fair :( Anyways here's a link:



Jennifer said...

Make-A-Wish Foundation is my favorite during the holiday season around Christmastime. Every kid has a wish, especially those with life-threatening conditions, and if we all work together we can help make them all come true!

Vanilla said...

congratz for the winner !hehe
if i had to chosse a charity donation,i'd donate for those less fortunate children in africa,im not related to any of those children but i think we shud be thankful for what we have and share with the less fortunate ones.tho its hard to find reliable organization.:(

adrienne said...

Yay! Congrats to the winner! =D

My favorite or stands out to me most is the PETA Foundation. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan or anything but I support them knowing that animals should be treated better than how they are out there. It's true that they will die anyway but at the same time because those animals are providing for our wants and needs, the least they could do it properly handle and treat the animals with somewhat respect...the footage that I've seen are ridiculous!! No animals deserves that cruelty--ever.

Christina said...

AH I'm so mad I make a guess for the perfume contest. Daisy is my FAVORITE! My boyfriend bought me a bottle for me last Christmas (he picked it out all on his own, good taste, huh?) and I absolutely lovvvvve it!

And my favorite charity (besides Susan G. Komen, since we gotta save the tatas!) is the March of Dimes because they help babies all over the world. They do research to help women during their pregnany and babies with birth defects. They also focus on preventive care and all kinds of great things to improve the health of babies. Cause who doesn't love babies?!

CoLLeeN said...

A good charity I like is called Hand of Hope by Joyce Meyer Ministry.
She came and was a speaker in Colorado, and she talked briefly about child hunger from Asia. Her ministry gives people hope. I like this charity because it is feeding children who are in hunger, and I believe that no one should ever be hungry especially the little ones.

Sheila P said...

American Skin Institute!
here: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=8439

You can find all of the charities in search with their info on that site. I love it!

Jessica said...

world vision is a good charity. they sponsor kids in impoverished nations =)

Beauty Snap said...

Hey Steph! Congrats to Alison who won :)
My favorite charity organization is Doctors without Borders which works to help people who need medical care in times of violence, catastrophe or neglect. I've participated in a couple of fundraisers for this charity and all have been very successful! You can read more here: http://doctorswithoutborders.org/
This charity supports people suffering from AIDS, injured people from wars or natural disasters, etc. I like how this organization doesn't only target one type of illness that people suffer from, but provides services for anybody in need especially in developing countries. Anyway, good luck to everyone!

♥ jeek said...

My favorite charity would be the Lupus Foundation of America. One of my good friends passed away from Lupus about 9 months ago and it was an extremely heartbreaking event especially because he was only 15. Not many people are aware of this autoimmune disease and the foundation helps raise awareness, but also helps fund for research in order to find new ways to treat Lupus.

Loren said...

World Vision-Charity for Children! (:

Sunshine said...

Lol, congrats to Alison!

I think that my favorite charity is the Dove Self Esteem Fund. It's so true how many girls these days don't think of themselves as beautiful. Especially with the expectations put out for us these days. It hurts to think about it,because it starts at such a young age. Everyone's beautiful, and when you think that way, it really shines through.:)

Anny said...

Wow...My guess I was way off...Congrats to Alison though!

Anywho, a great foundation that people tend to forget a lot and tend to overlook is the Dumb Friends League. This is foundation that has been around since 1910. Their main focus is to provide the basic needs of animals that are abused or neglected or possibly just need a home. The name Dumb Friend League sounds unusual but was named the way it is since the word "dumb" meant the ability to not speak.

Many people view this type of charity as a useless, since they are "animals". Many do not realize that a numerous amount of animals get euthanized each year due to the overwhelming overpopulation. Animals do have feelings. Their words just can't be understood.

Many people would rather buy a pet from a pet shop, rather than simply adopt one. By doing this, it would help reduce the cause and contribute to the problem.

By donating to this charity it would help, in the long run to make a place like a shelter a not so much a bad place for obtaining a pet but rather a preferred way. A foundation such as this spends a lot of money in order to get the animals back on their feet and some of which do it out of the own kindness of their heart.

My dog is adopted and I don't look at him differently. I definitely love him to death! A foundation like this needs to be recognized more for all the great efforts it puts into these animals to enrich their lives as well as the lives of others. More importantly, it gives these animals without a voice a second chance.

ATL said...

My favorite charity is Locks of Love (http://www.locksoflove.org). Its an organization that helps children suffering from medical hair loss. I donated my hair last year after seeing many pictures of children without any hair compared to after pictures with donated hair piece. I felt great that I contributed something to make a difference in their lives. Even though these children look beautiful with/without hair, if I was in their place, I would want to have some hair on me. I wouldn't want these children to have low self-esteem or confidence due to something that they don't have control over.

Anny said...

Also, the person that I adopted my dog from has a website.


From what I know about her, she opens up her home to these dogs, paid for all of the health care expenses for these dogs and only charged me $150!

Anonymous said...

My favorite charity would definitely be Room To Read, in which their mission is to create libraries in third world countries, provide literature for the children, and education for girls. I love this charity because, well, a better world starts with more educated people, and what better way to start that off than by helping our next generation? Another reason I like this is because I am a reader, and I can't imagine a child without a good book she can sink herself into :P But I think the best reason to give to a charity is no reason at all; if you feel like it's the right thing to do, than just do it. It should come from the heart, not from the head. This is a great thing you're doing, by the way. I wish everyone were this giving... :'(

새끈여신 said...

Hello Steph,
I follow your blog religiously, though I have to say that I am a silent reader. I want to order a piece from you, but you seem to have so much on your plate right now, that I chose to wait until you have your official site up and running before I place any orders. I especially like your personal blog space because you remind me EXACTLY like my best friend, personality-wise and appearance-wise. :) The foundation that I would like for you to consider is called To Write Love On Her Arms. If you go to this site, http://www.twloha.com/vision/ , you'll be able to learn about the movement, and how the movement started. It's a very heartbreaking story, and I believe that a significant percentage of today's youth suffer through some sort of depression, self-inflicted pain, suicide. Not only does TWLOHA reach out to sufferers, they also counsel and support victims who lost a loved one to suicide. I believe that this cause needs some more publicity because it truly is a meaningful and helpful movement. I hope you have a fantastic week! :)

dani said...


My favorite charity.
Their mission statement: To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

As a teenager, I struggled with depression and had an obsession with cutting for a few years. Now that I look back, I wish that an organization like this existed and I really hope they grow to help others

adin_22 said...

I know someone already said Leukemia & Lymphoma Society...but I really recommend that one too....my sister was diagnosed with Lymphoma 2 years ago & still undergoing treatment until know...& also Feed the Children is a very good one too...

Elizabeth said...

Hey, Steph! wow, i have to say, this question's a toughie... There are so many charity's that do such great and amazing things. But I would have to say my favorite charity is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I first learned about St. Jude's from my grandmother, who was a breast cancer surviver. One of the things I really like about St. Jude's Hospital is that they never turn anyone away because they don't have insurance. They take care of the kids and their families too! I can't image having a baby with cancer and worrying about how I was going to pay for it all. It would be unbearable. Also, If they families are from out of town, they provide housing for them. They are such a great charity...and that is why they are my favorite :).

christylin said...

kiva.org is a great one.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Cancer Research Institute

I choose this because cancer research is something I feel very very strongly about. I have a family history of cancer and my uncle died of it, I have an aunt, uncle, and grandmother who are all battling cancer right not, and that's not including many of the other realitives that I have that have battled the horrible disease. Between all the different types of cancer that has run though my family I couldn't choose just one type of breast cancer research or lymphoma research, so CRI is the best alternitive. There are too many people in this world who dye from such a disease and I just pray that they can come up with a cure for cancer sometime in our lifetime. People shouldn't have to suffer the way they do :(


Christine said...

Hi! My charity that I love to donate to is very near and dear to my heart. Orphans of Asia is a non-profit organization that was started by my uncle and a couple of close friends who wanted to give back to those in need. Their mission is to give hope to the orphans of Asia, who are the abandoned,
abused and forgotten. It is a smaller organization that has slowly been gaining momentum with each year. This organization started with a toy drive 3 years ago that was held in order to provide children in orphanages in the Philippines with Christmas presents during the holidays. Last year we held a cocktail event, raising $5,000 for the orphanages. This year we will be holding another cocktail event on Nov. 13 in Downtown Seattle. Proceeds from the event this year will be benefiting the orphanages the charity has been working closely with, as well a the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines. Orphans of Asia is hoping to expand it's reaches by visiting Vietnam and working with orphanages there as well. Members will be traveling to the Philippines this holiday season to personally deliver the contributions from this event. Orphans of Asia is registered with the State of Washington as a 501(c)3 non-profit. You can also check out their website: http://www.orphansofasia.org. The website doesn't have too much information yet but you can always email me if you have any more questions! Though I'm still a broke college student I still love donating and raising (by holding bake sales on campus through my dept. at the UW) as much as I possibly can to this organization because this charity truly hits home with me. I read on your blog that you just moved to WA... so I thought this would be something you might be interested in!

Morganaa said...

I donated to "One Voice", my fav' charity for years (with others charity like "Aids", "Médecin du monde" et "Action contre la faim" - I'm French ^^). Unfortunately, I had to stop 'cause I'm a student and not a very rich one -_-.
It's a charity that protects animals rights, and fight for really important things like cruelty free tests for makeup, hygiene, ... and better conditions of living, and so many other things. It'd be great if you could check them out ;-)

Navigation Master said...

What about charity for other animals like dogs around that world that have been neglected and abused? Most animals in other third world countries are very very much neglected and I really hope you can make donations to helping these helpless animals. It saddens me terribly that we as human beings can torture such helpless animals that have nothing but love to give.

I support WSPA-usa.org

evie said...

Sponsor a child with World Vision!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

look like I won't get a giveaway. lol. But I think you should support Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Cure for now =]

But may I suggest D.O.V.E? It's for domestic violence.

melissa said...

my favorite charity is defenders of wildlife, an organization dedicated to the preservation of all wild animals and native plants in their natural communities. i like to donate through the wildlife adoption center because you receive a plush animal to remind you of your donation =]

Ivy said...

Congrats to the winner!

my favorite charity would be the Invisible Children. its a great organization that helps sponsor food, education, clothes for the african american kids. they need the most help, and they have done nothing bad, so why not help them? Africa is known to have the most diseases, and they have nothing, including educated doctors, or medicine to fight back, so the money we donate, will definately help in a big way.

Lia said...

Hi. My favourite charity would be the Waris Dirie Foundation

"For over 12 years, Waris Dirie has fought against female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide. At least 150 million women and girls are affected by this cruel practice, which continues to be performed in Africa, but also in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.
The Waris Dirie Foundation seeks to end this crime by raising public awareness, creating networks, organizing events and educational programmes. The foundation also supports victims of FGM."

from: http://www.waris-dirie-foundation.com/en/

Every day 6000 females are going trough this progress.

I think that is a an amazing charity because hardly anyone knows about this topic, but FGM has to be banned everywere! This practice has nothing to do with tradition or culture anymore, and that is why I would choose this charity.

Stephanie T said...

Feed The Children

hannah cho said...

my fav charity has to be free the children because it gives children in developing countries schools and teaching them the stuff we're learning! sometimes it gives them supplies like water and food!

baby-kk said...

my charity that i love is macmillan cancer support, im not sure whether its in the US =/ but its a great charity who helps people and provides care & support for those who go through cancer. It is a well known charity in the UK who in my opinion actively helps. They came to my school on many occassions asking for help and teaching us the importance of finding help so your not alone through rough times :] If you go on their website;;http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Home.aspx you can see people who are going through tough times or been through and giving out help to people battling cancer or people who wants to just talk. =) i hope you choose them! ^^

Anonymous said...


the reasons it's my favorite is because it's something everyone can do to help someone out; when someone feeling down you can give them a hug.

a simple gesture cane mean a lot too someone.

although I'm not a touchy kind of person. haha.

xthuu said...

to the National Autism Association

elysia said...

My favorite charity is World Vision. There are so many people in less privileged countries who do not even have the basic needs of life, whereas we have everything we need to survive, and we take it all for granted. World Vision has allowed me to take a look out of my own little world and has allowed me to realize how just a little bit of effort from every person goes a long way. This year for Christmas, my friends and I instead of getting each other gifts, we have decided to put our money towards getting something for a family in a poorer country. I think we're going to go with live roosters and hens to help a family in a less privileged country. :)

Kelly=^.^= said...

Hi Stephanie,
My suggestion is to donate to autism speaks.org. I work with children with autism and the number of children being diagnosed every year continues to rise, unfortunately. Here's the link:

wuzzyangel said...

YOu know I love all 3 of those charities! ANd seems like you gots some great suggestions for more too!

And Steph I just wanna say THANK YOU for being the sweet generous person you are, and doing things like this with your business. It shows how big your heart is, and I love you for everything you do!

annie said...

to write love on her arms!

cathy said...


SHOES - something most of us take for granted every day. How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet? How many of those shoes do you actually wear? BE HONEST! For us, comfort and style are the primary reasons for the shoes we collect...and I do mean collect. We seriously do not need all the shoes that we own. For those less fortunate than us, shoes are a luxury that they cannot afford. Just cleaning out our closets will make a significant impact in the quality of life of someone in need. If you could spare one of the dozens of flip flops you own you could help protect a child's feet from cuts and scrapes that could lead to potentially serious health care issues. Those old sneakers in the back of your closet could help keep a child's feet warm during the winter and help prevent frost bite. When thinking about charities the main focus is always on cancer, heart disease, hunger, etc., which are all EXTREMELY important, but I feel that they always get all the attention. We need to focus on something else for a change...something that doesn't get a lot of attention. For the past couple of years I have been actively donating to this charity. For every pair of shoes I buy I donate a pair of my old shoes. It's as simple as that. Each winter I raise money to buy shoes at Payless and donate them. For every pair of shoes I purchase, Payless has been generous enough to match it. Just little things like that make a big difference, which is why this is my charity of choice.

Amy said...

Hey Steph, I think you should consider doinating to this charity where you sponser a child through world vision, you can choose the country and the child you would like to sponser. It costs about a dollar a day and you can pay it all in one payment too. It is a neat way to make a little friend because my school is sponsering a child in the Phillipenes and we get to write and recieve letters from her!

GildaღFish said...

Look at that! That bracelet is SooOoo adorable!! <3 <3 <3


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