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Model Vivi Bory for DSK Jewelry

Vivi Bory for DSK Jewelry

Meet Vivi Bory, my new DSK Jewelry Model >^_^<

She's originally from Northwest, but now studies in the Midwest. (USA)
Vivi's a freelance model & she also into photography.
A lot of you girls already know who Vivi is, she has quite the fan base : )

I just searched: Vivi Bory on Youtube, and a ton of fan made videos popped up!
Vivi you're so famous!

Everyone loves her!
Vivi's new to Twitter so Follower her to see what she's up to, if you found her though DSK Jewelry, let her know & welcome her to our DSK Family ^_^

Check out some of her work:

**Vivi Bory Photography**
(click above link ^^)

Vivi was actually in a music video with my roommate Hany lol
Hany is also Minh, my bf's little sister.

I actually found the MV (music video) before I met my boyfriend a long time ago and didn't think anything of it. lol



**Miss Vivi Bory**
(click above ^^)

~ Please note, all photos are copyright protected ~

The Beautiful Vivi Bory for DSK Jewelry
Thank you Vivi for join the DSK Family!

(click photos to enlarge)
I'll bring back my Pearl & Bow Earrings soon!

Vivi Bory for DSK Jewelry
Isn't she just a keeper? She does have a bf, sorry guys!

I love her smile!

She does import modeling too (...hottttt, I know!)

You all will see more jewelry photos from Vivi soon >^_^<

Vivi's wearing DSK's K-Drama Snowflake (16" Necklace)
Thank you Vivi for being my jewelry model!

I call it the K-Drama Snowflake because I think most of us have been drawn into watching Korean Dramas at one point in time. I you haven't seen a Korean Drama yet...or Korean Movie..Trust me, you will! & You will get addicted!

I've been K-drama sober for almost 2 and 1/2 years. I'm so tempted to start a series, but if you start a series...you will spend at least 6 hrs straight a day watching episode after episode...

lol, so true!

The holiday favorite, snowflake ~ I took it down a few days, and I guess some of my shoppers weren't to happy with me, sowries ~ it's back now!
DSK's K-Drama Snowflake (16" Necklace)
Now available again, Quantities Limited

I feel so cool to know you Vivi! I feel freaking cool to know all my jewelry models!


Vanilla said...

wow she is gorgeous !
congratz steph !hehe
u always have the best models !hehe

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol. I've been a fan of Vivi for awhile now... at least a couple of years since I found her page on myspace. hahaha.

She's friend with Phong Le too! She's so pretty. hehe. Congrats! You got another gorgeous model for DSK Jewelry! =D

I love love love the K-Drama Snowflake necklace!

huong. said...

ahh. I hope she's back in portland next yr when I need to take my senior pictures. I haven't seen Vivi for such a long time :O

huong. said...

you should these vids with Vivi chi :D



DSK Steph said...

Thanks Huong! You should start blogging! I wanna comment on YOUR page too :)

huong. said...

I'm good, I have nothing to talk about lol ^___^

Dina (XYYan) said...

wow, she's really gorgeous! thanks for introducing her to us! :D

Julie <3 said...

Yay ! K-Drama Snowflake is back :) I purchased one, can't wait till it comes =)

Julie <3 said...

Yay ! K-Drama Snowflake is back :) I purchased one, can't wait till it comes =)

wuzzyangel said...

You know I always tell you this.. but Steph you have the most sexy gorgeous models!! And sexy sells! ;)

Natsuki said...

She's soooo beautiful! I'm jealous xD

L said...


TOTAL WINNER!!! :) Welcome ViVi!!!

Mirjam said...

why are your models always asian? :D

Ivy said...

steph! u have the best eyes for everything! xD beautiful people hangs around with beautiful people <3 hehe, ur dsk family is just so gorgeous, and the best models ever! Great job and congratulations :] ivy loves chuu (ur best of all) *smiles*

Astrid said...

All your models are Asian.

Anonymous said...

your models are all gorgeous. ;D

and i totally know what you mean about k-dramas. i watched the entire bof series in like, two days. xD it was pretty crazy.

Anonymous said...

What a hottie! (>_<) Great pick!

alison said...

awww vivi is so pretty! u pick such pretty models steph!

and hope ur in a better mood :) no one can make u feel unhappy or make u do what u dun wanna do, unless u let them!

Ruth said...

Hi Steph!

(I think) This is the first time I've commented on any of your entries, but I just wanted to say that those antique silver sparrows in your last post were super cute! I love reading this blog and seeing what you crank out with :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Kym said...

another hot hot dsk model! loves it! ;P

GildaღFish said...

Ahh .. she's soOoooOoo pretty && hott !! Great choice for a DSK model!!

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