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Post Thanksgiving Holiday Updates

Hey everyone,

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat a lot of good food?
I think I'm more excited about leftovers to be honest : ) (Since I don't cook!)

I've been missing these past few days because of the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US. My mom & younger sister also flew out to Washington from Michigan (3,000 miles) to spend Thanksgiving with me this year. It was my first Turkey Day away from home.

I spent it with my boyfriend's family + friends, my mom and little sister. Of course it was awkward, but you gotta get past awkward before you can become comfortable with new acquaintances. I guess...

I was a bit sad my dad couldn't be here with us, but he has to save his vacation time to fly to visit my grandpa in California. My Grandma just passed away back in March & my Grandpa is old, so my dad needs to be able to use his vacation time from work to visit Grandpa. I'm glad I'm closer to California now, I want to take a trip out there soon to visit my my relatives.

I apologize in advance to those that had packages that were issued to ship 11/24/09. I dropped them off, but I couldn't control when they would be scanned into the USPS system. The post office was closed for the holiday so there is a slight delay in the time they scanned in the delivery confirmation for the packages. You should be able to track them this coming week (tomorrow Monday) when everyone is back at work with their turkey sandwiches for lunch.

Jewelry wise, not much is new ~ apart from being really close to attending another bead fair in Portland, OR (where I had been these past two days).

I haven't had the chance to make anything new, unfortunately.

I've just been working away on Holiday Orders. Many packages will be shipped December 1st, and I thank you for your patience. I'm still here, just trying to catch up and keep up with my orders & e-mails.
I also have some new gift wrap supplies for the winter season. They make me happy :) There's just something about Santa, Snowflakes, and Reindeer that really lift my spirit.

My mom and sister Julia fly home on Tuesday, that will be a sad day for me. I think I'll just turn up the Christmas radio station & work on jewelry.

December 5th is coming up shortly & I'm declaring that the last official day to place an order in time for Christmas. All orders placed after the 5th probably won't make it in time for Christmas especially if you're buying from overseas.

~ Some random facts that may or may not interest you ~

1. www.dskjewelry.com is delayed until 2010

2. orders are only accepted via "add to cart" (for the time being)

3. Free First Class Shipping to Anywhere applies until January 1st, 2010

4. I may offer US Domestic Express Mail (pretty much a 2 day or overnight service).

5. I may be ending all International Orders because I just have too many orders, or accept International orders every 3 months (any suggestions on waht to do?)

6. I could keep International Orders but only offer 1 shipping method, that would be the Med. Priority w/ Tracking. All currently International packages only have the Customs Numbers which does not track the package, it just shows that the package has been sent.

7. 24K Gold Plated Copper will be introduced verrrrry soon.

8. Gold Necklaces will be available again come January or February.

9. There are a few "Wooden Wolf" Bracelets available (I enable the previous post, if you're interested scroll down or to my older posts).

10. ***Stay tuned to Bubbi's Youtube, she's planning on doing a DSK Jewelry Giveaway to her subscribers.

: )

If you need me, fly me an e-mail to askdskjewelry@gmail.com
I'm still responding to all the e-mails I've received these past few days. Please bare with me ~ I'm answering them as fast as I can ~ and in the order they were received. =^_^=

Totally Random: But has anyone adopted a pet from their local animal shelter? Minh & I are moving in 6 months & we're looking to rescue a dog. We're researching the process, but it would be great to hear it first hand. Let me know if you can help me : )



By Requests, it's back

"Wooden Wolf" Bracelet
Measures 7"
Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Wooden Wolf
Swarovski AB Heart
Free First Class Shipping Anywhere


Romano Crystal Wear said...

I emailed you about adopting. Hope you get some useful information from it! So gald you are considering adoptions!

alison said...

oh no steph please don't end international orders!!! alot of ur international supporters (including me :p) will be so crushed!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband adopted my cat from a shelter last month. He said it was rather easy, just make sure you have everything you need before you go such as a carrier, leash, food, etc. Also make sure to have a vet picked out too. Most likely that animal may have ear mites or some sort of eye infection. Most rescue animals do. Shelters sometimes don't have the resources to treat those thing, just necessities like vaccines and neutering/spaying. I hope this helped. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Take care & love!

Christina said...

*cries* no more intl orders would be horrible :((( but i understand it means a lot of work for you.

but just to let you know: i'd continue buying your blings even if you change your shipping fees/open shop for intl orders only every 3 months

TOFU said...

Hey Steph,

It must have been refreshing to have your family with you for the holidays. Keep your chin up. I know you've been really busy and stressed. I know you'll continue to succeed no matter what choices you decide to make. I think maybe doing the International offers every 4-5 months might be a good idea. It would help lessen the stress on you. But if you don't do international orders I suppose you will have more time to design your pieces. I'll be sad since I'm international, but I'll still be here cheering you on! Ganbareee~ (goodluck) -Ayu

HT said...

My ex-roomie adopted a dog from our local shelter here in SC. I asked her about it and she said all she did was visit the shelter, pick out a dog, spend some time with it, and then she paid the fees (basically just for his shots and all that). She got to take him home relatively quickly and easily. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

um.... maybe to answer the international orders problem mayb instead of accepting orders every 3 months ( cos lots of people will be sad having to wait 3 months ) maybe have like a quota system thing. for example, you only accept like 10-15 international orders per month on 1st come 1st buy basis. cos if its every 3 months you may end up with a lot more orders and be more pressure sending them out on time etc?

Lara said...

Steph...........mmm.no international orders please you cannot do this to me!:-(((

Kaoru said...

Almost all of the pets that I have ever had are/were rescued animals. The process is usually pretty straight forward, but the little details might be a little different. For example, some shelters might spay their animals, or you might have to pay a deposit promising that you will spay the animal yourself, and you pick up the deposit after you have, with proof.

No matter what shelter I have been to, you always pay a fee to rescue the animal. The fee is basically just paying for some of the supplies that the animal used while there, and is not usually that much money (but it can be up to, or over, $70, depending on your area and shelter). If you think about it, that really isn't that much money to get a member of your family.

Main thing I would say is to pay a social visit to the animal you are thinking of rescuing. They will not act 100% like they normally would act, but you can get a pretty decent idea of personality. Too many people bring back animals to the shelter because of personality clashes. You can also see if the animal is hurt in any way that doesn't heal (limps, etc), which you may or may not care about.

Hope that helps!

jess said...

i just thought i would recommend wholeheartedly that you adopt from a shelter- i have gotten all my dogs that way and it feels so good to know you are giving a poor homeless doggy a nice place to live! i recommend visiting with the animal a few times- they usually let you take him/her out on a leash for a little walk, or let you hang out in a private room for a while to get to know him/her.
they usually want a few things from you- for example- proof that you are allowed to have pets where you live, and exactly who will be in the home with the dog, and sometimes an adoption fee- it just helps the shelter with all their expenses (like neutering and vet bills).
overall- it is worth every little thing they have you do!! its the best feeling in the world! :)
good luck and i cant wait to see who you bring home!!

Tambourine said...


I am not sure how it is in Washington, but in New york the process of rescuing an pet from the animal shelter is pretty simple. They let you tour the shelter so you can find a pet that best fits you. They there are a couple of paperworks to sign. The pet is usually already given their shots and such so you wont have to worry about that. Then after its all set you can bring your pet home. The only problem is its first come first serve so if you see one you really like dont hesitate. hope that helps. =p Keep up the great work!


Bunny said...

I'm international so not only am I incredibly biased =P, I would be very sad to see DSK USA only. But I'm also glad to see you have so many fans!

Anonymous said...

And she's back in business! =D

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should offer only one shipping method for International orders. I'd hate to have you lose any loyal customers that are overseas :)
My Dad and brother were in Mexico with his family this Thanksgiving, so I can empathize with missing your Dad that day.

Leftover tip: add cranberry sauce and a slice of cheese to your typical turkey sandwich, then - if you have a grilling pan - grill the sandwich in the oven for a panini-styled luncheon :d (a regular pan will be just as satisfying)

Anonymous said...

i agree with you on the thanksgiving leftovers, i love it :] sorry to hear about your dad not being with you on thanksgiving :[ yeah, mine was a little awkward 'cause i spent half of it with my boyfriend's fam and they all speak chinese and a little english ... i'm filipino and can't speak any chinese ... haha.

joey said...

love random fact #6 and absolutely despise random fact #5, unless of course, canada is not considered "international"

Jacqueline said...

I adopted my dog for $20 dollars. They gave her, her shots and checked her poop. But you have to pay extra money if you wanted her to stop having babies, de-flea them, and bathe them. Oh! And trim them nails! Just make sure they do all those test for any worms or diseases. =)

PS. I misss your post! Buh I hoped you had a great thanksgiving!

wuzzyangel said...

Sorry again to hear about you Gma! *HUGS*

I left a comment on your other blog. But I LOVE STEPH!!!

itzLina said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!! Hopefully it wasn't too awkward having your mom and sis eat with your bf's family... they have to meet sometime lol. =D

Also, for the tattoo designs, I did that on Microsoft Word and Paint lol, I am not high tech enough to use Photoshop or have the money to buy it XD I will be getting it done in the spring, I can't waittttt.

Ivy said...

welcome back steph, i hope you enjoyed ur thanksgiving break :] family is very important and it sucks that your dad couldnt make it, but he had a valid and great reason. i hope ur grampy won't feel too lonely. all my grandparents are gone T.T anyways, its great that ur adding a new family member, a doggy would so make ur days more exciting. oh about ur international package issue, i agree with one of the comments above. the idea of having 10 to 15 people (maybe more depending on ur stress level) each month with the first come first serve, instead of cutting them off completely. because if you do international packages every 3 months then the numbers will be stressful. but yesh. :] enjoy what you do and be proud of it steph

DSK Steph said...

Thanks for all your advice! Maybe you girls can help me find a dog :)

SY said...

I'm glad you blogged! I was missing reading your blogs. I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving and leftovers are the best, no doubt. =D I never adopted an animal but my friend did and she just paid a fee for her cat which was like 35 dollars i think. The place where she adopted give her like a free check up. I'm not sure if its the same deal everywhere but i hope this helps =P.

Ruth said...

Hey Steph,

I adopted my puppy three years ago from the city animal shelter... it took awhile to find her! I sort of live between cities so I got to run around a few shelters, but there are definitely policy differences that you should look into for each city.

The first lesson I learned was that adoption is more competitive than it seems - there was a puppy that I liked a lot one of the first times I made a trip to the shelter, and the next day she was gone :x I was so sad! So whenever you see a dog you think is a very real possibility, don't go home and think about it right away - sit there and spend time with the dog.

At the shelter I adopted my dog from, the fee was around $75 and she had already been altered and given shots (it was the policy for all the dogs and cats there). They also put in a microchip free of charge, which I thought was super convenient... Definitely saved the family a lot of trouble so maybe those are some things to look for :) They also provided us with doggy starter packs so we had a couple days before having to actually go out and buy food, toys, and everything...

I feel like I wrote an essay compared to everyone else :x What sort of dog are you looking for? Hope things go well! :) Take it easyy.

Karen said...

I hope u dont stop shipping to Canada because every couple of months would be just too long of a wait....

stephanie.ngaii said...

aww thats so sweet, that you want to adopt/ save a dog and give it a home!!!

&& im greatly anticipating the dsk website =D

jennyxstar said...

I agree with some of the comments above about International (Canadian) orders :(

Random fact #6 > #5

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving ^^

Sheila P said...

I totally forgot to comment >__>

You should just do US and CAN only, I live in Vancouver, only like 3-4 hours from you... technically we're closer to you than Florida, haha =P

Anyways, I love your creations, and I would be very very sad to see you become US-only =(

Asa said...

that wolf bracelet is SICK

reeannany said...

Ahh. Please don't stop international orders! I am only just scraping up the money to order something for the first time! xD

And the wooden wolf is so cute ^^*

GildaღFish said...

Super cute! The more I look at the this the cuter it gets!!


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