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Triple Pink Hearts & Moonlight/Lil LA Hearts

Two Necklaces Necklaces for Sale

I'm catching up on my work & falling back in love with what I do.
You know I can't resist blogger, it's almost an addiction.

Although, only "add to cart" button orders are "do-able"
at this time. I think this way it will help me stay more organized during this season.

I'll try to update randomly when I make something for sale ~ this way there's still time & opportunities for those who wanted take advantage of the Free First Classing Shipping & to order for Christmas.

"Triple Pinks"
Crystallized Swarovski: Clear, Light Rose (Light Pink), Fuchsia (Darker Pink)
16 inch Thai Sterling Helix Necklace

Ships First Class Everywhere Free
Sold Out

"Moonlight LA"
Crystallized Swarovski: Medium Moonlight Heart, Small Light Amethyst (Light Purple/Pink)
16" Thai Sterling Helix Necklace

Ships First Class Anywhere Free
Sold Out

*Special thanks to my boyfriend Minh for making me a more beautiful add to cart button!*
I think the yellow paypal button was also something that stressed me out each time I would visit my jewelry page. lol
I couldn't stand how it made my blog look!
I am a very picky person, fact.

Side Note: If you go to buy the necklaces, and they're sold out, I cannot be of any help ~
Stay posted for future updates, I guess that's all I can tell ya right now.
I think I'm back in the groove of things =]

I just needed a day to reflect & to catch up on my holiday work load.
Progress is being made & orders are being shipped.

I know I'm delayed on selecting a Charity for DSK Jewelry as well as announcing the winner of the "Honey Comb Cluster" Necklace, I'll keep you updated.

As well as the DSK Logo Contest (although I have already firmly decided on the one I'm using) & the DSK Model Search
I just want to take my time with these things because the decisions I'll be making are very important to DSK Jewelry.

Don't forget about the DSK Lottery Prize, a winner will be selected November 31st.
The prize is on the right side panel, the Pegasus Necklace

See you soon ~!



Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love the new button that Minh made you! It looks perfect with your page :D

Angela said...

it's nice that you're still making necklaces even though you have so many orders =]

wuzzyangel said...

The new button Minh made you is sooo DSK! Does he know his gal or what?! LOL!

I missed out on the custom order deadline, but it's okay. I'll just order my friends' earrings for her Bday in June! :) SO it still works out! LOL!

ATL said...

Yay new jewelries to drool over and to keep me entertained by reading your blog! I received your siam butterfly earrings! They are so adorable. I love your candies too! Yum!

TOFU said...

Missed you lots Steph, so glad you're back to blogging here and designing new pieces! They're beautiful!

brandee *=) said...

I am in love with the triple pink's.

Cindy said...

Whoo! Steph's got her groove back. Hell to the yeah. And she comes back with an amazing triple hearts necklace, which is pretty awesome, if I might say.

Oh, and Minh's button is pretty gosh darn cute.

iluvcandy2126209 said...

There are only 30 days in November...
This is my first time to your site! Very cute stuff and gorgeous models! I will be ordering soon! :)

GildaღFish said...

<3 them. But honesty there isnt anything on here that I wouldnt love.


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