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12.10.09 [Introducing 24K Gold Hearts]

I felt like being more colorful these past two days

"DSK's Rainbow Hearts [Bracelet]"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Hearts

One of each pair of the following earrings are available apart from the AB's because I have made two pairs of those :)

"Lovely Hearts"
Sterling Silver
Swarovski Crystal Hearts
(Medium AB pictured to show size comparison to the Small Rose, Jonquil & Aquamarine Hearts)

"Lovely Hearts"

"Lovely Hearts"
Sterling Silver
Swarovski Crystal Hearts
From Left: Peridot, Tanzanite, Moonlight, Fuchsia

"Lovely Hearts"

"Lovely AB Hearts"
Medium AB Hearts
Sterling Silver Earrings


Welcome back "Inland Marine [Bracelet]" !
By popular request.

"Inland Marine"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link
Swarovski Starfish & White Pearls

Now to Introduce my new 24K Gold [Plated Copper] Hearts.
They originate from Namibia, Africa.
I got to shake hands with the owner of the company that makes these hearts at the Gem Faire back in November at the Tacoma Dome.

I'm still exploring my options with gold as it's somewhat rare that I make gold pieces.
These are two pairs that I put together with the new finding.
I will definitely try to make more pieces, but I'm still hesitant to work with 24K Gold & 14K Gold-Filled Materials.

It's very hard to "experiment" with finding that are more precious. LoL I think that's a better way of putting it. Because each time I make that decision to cut something, it cannot be undone.
Sometimes it hurts my heart to mess up, but if you don't try you never know what you're capable of --
Am I right? :)

I'm a pro at mastering Sterling Silver (.925)...14K Gold & 24K Gold...I'll get there soon :)

I am introducing 14K WHITE GOLD Necklaces soon.
Those are 14K...and not plated. Can't wait! :)

Happy Holidays & Stay Warm Shopping!
It's been crazy out there these past few days!

"DSK's 24K Love Bait [Earrings]"
Swarovski Fuchsia Crystals
14K Gold Filled "Love Bait" Earrings
Measures 2"

"Rich Pearl"
24K Plated Copper Hearts
14K Gold Filled Level Back Earrings
Swarovski White Pearls


Lovely Hearts in Gold

From Top Left: Fuchsia, Jonquil, Light Amethyst, Light Rose, Golden Shadow

"Lovely Hearts in 14K Gold-Filled"

"Lovely Hearts in 14K Gold-Filled"

Sorry, Quantities Limited
I will try my best to update the inventory when I make more pieces.
Keep checking back often for updates.

Like I mentioned previously, I'm not accepting Christmas Orders.
If you place an order please understand it most likely will arrive after Christmas!
All you late shoppers, sorry I cannot help!
The Christmas Cut Off Date was December 5th, 2009 as I've mentioned before.

Orders will be process & shipped anywhere from 2-3 business days to 7-14 business days.
It depends on how busy I am with my orders.

Please make note of this when shopping! Thank you!

Love & Peace,



Jan said...

Congrats on your new 24K Gold Plated Copper pieces, very pretty! Love the Inland Marine bracelet and LOVE the colors. Would also be pretty, in an all seashell bracelet...my apologies if you already have, and my apologies for missing it *blush*. Looking forward to seeing the launch of your new site. CHEERS!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

yay for the 14k white gold 24k and 14k gold!!! You know I've been waiting =D

Shiseiten said...

Those 24K gold love baits are sooo awesome! I will definitely want some of those down the road!! :D

wuzzyangel said...

It's like a sparkling rainbow of eye candy!! Brings very bright & cheerfull thoughts to my mind!

Yay for you branching out into gold. I don't wear it, but I can't wait to see more creativity from you with this new medium! :)

jessalyn said...

i am at work and literally just went "ooooooooo" out loud when i saw these!! more beautiful pieces!!!!

Kristine said...

ya know how i always wanted a gold based jewelry. as much i would love silver, my body's reaction to it is very negative.. i would love to see 14k white gold soon.. :)

Sandra said...

I can't wait to see the white gold accessories when you make them =)~! I love the rainbow heart bracelet! It's beautiful =]!

Anonymous said...

The gold pieces look pretty! :)

sherryberry said...

I looooove the lovely heartsi n 14k gold-filled. haha, your imagination is awesomee. keep up the good work :D .

Jewelry By Jessica said...

I love "Rainbow Hearts" bracelet it is so gorgeous it would be really pretty in gold too. I love all your work ^_^. Congrats in your new 14k gold I can't wait to see your white gold designs. I love white gold because it looks like silver but it doesn't turn, what more could you ask for <3

Anonymous said...

I love the rainbow heart bracelet!!
Steph, can you make some earrings with hook too?, not just lever back. :D Thanks

KimKims said...

these are so pretty ^.^
i will order them soon if i get enough money
temporarily im trying to get my boyfriend to buy me them :)
keep up the great work :D

Noriki said...

L-O-V-E your DSK's 24K Love Bait Earrings, girl !!!! *10/10*

Phallie Chea said...

I received my package today and I love the earings/necklaces! They're so adorable. Thanks and happy holidays =)

hannah cho said...

i adore the awesome colours steph! theyre sooooo beautiful <3 actually i love all your pieces!

Jenny said...

hey stephanie!

bought the lil plump star earrings from you before and they were gorgeous! There is a medium heart earring and there are the smaller ones, and I want to know their sizes. Thanks. =)

Anonymous said...

Your gold piece's look GORGEOUS!.

Linda said...

I love your jewelery Steph, your my role model

TrangyPoohツ said...

Omg Steph! Your rainbow hearts bracelet reminded me of these cute little germy things we were looking under a microscope at in Bio! They were my favorite to look at because they looked so cute and colorful! One of them looked like a butterfly wing and the other one looked like a crown (: And who said germs were icky? xD

GildaღFish said...

The Rich Pearl earrings are soo cute!! >.< && the Lovely AB Hearts earrings!!

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