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Hey everyone,

Someone asked me if I still make cell phone charms. I figured I clear out the cell phone charms that I do have. It is the end of the year you know ;)

They're .925 Sterling Silver & Crystallized Swarovski. To purchase, select from the drop down menu. If an item is sold out, it really mean it's sold out. I just have one of each of the moons available, and a few starfish crystal charms. I don't intend on making more of the accessories or lil stud earrings for a while. I have some new pieces in the works as always. I am very productive when my boyfriend works 80 hours a week (including the day after Christmas!) How about that? lol, I don't suggest you date an attorney until they're well established. haha that's just a fact of life. This may sound weird, but I want to go back to college. hahaha, I think I'm bored.

.925 Sterling Silver Charms
Crystallized Swarovski --*New Large Moons!*

From Left: Amber Moon, Silver Moon (about 20mm), Golden Starfish (16mm) in size

Golden Crystal Moon
Amber Crystal Moon *SOLD*
Silver Crystal Moon

Rose Crystal Moon *SOLD*
AB Crystal Clear Moon

See how the AB Crystal reflect different colors?
It really is a mystery crystal imo (in my opinion)

AB Crystal Glacier **SOLD OUT***
Aquamarine Crystal Starfish ***SOLD OUT***

Golden Crystal Starfish

Crystal Clear Starfish ---Avaiable!

Select from the drop down menu:
Happy New Year's Eve!

DSK's Accessory Charms


Anonymous said...

Aww these are adorable!.

wuzzyangel said...

AB Crystal Glacier is LOVE! :O

Anonymous said...

so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

the cellphone charms are gorgeous steph! hope you have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

The cutest cell phone charms. <3 I love your and Eki's charms. So freaking kawaii.

sherryberry said...

the best cellphone charms i've ever seeeeen !

Trinity said...

you're AMAZING! i've been dying for months without a cute phone charm! thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO much for making these!

Truc said...

I really do hope you'll make more cellphone charms in the future! They are really simple and nice..too bad they are all sold out..=(

ChLc said...

*sigh* If only I had a cellphone :(

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