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Dear Nonners,

Dear Nonners,



If you remember my first "Nonners' Keys" Everything Bracelet, it was a bracelet I dedicated to one of my closest friend Whit (we go allll the way back to Explorer Elementary School).

Nonners is her nickname, and keys are one of her many wonderful obsessions & according to Whit, very much in this season. (I confirm that). I told her one day that I would make a collection and name it after her...from now on anything relating to "keys" is made for you Whitney. Luv you!

Whitney also owns the first pair of ear threads I ever made. I still remember the day I gave them to her for the first time ( I was nervous because she didn't know I ventured into jewelry crafting because nobody knew but my cousin who taught me my basics). Anyhow, it was my first time visiting Whitney's family cottage in Holland, MI. Her cottage is one of the most memorable places because not only is her cottage decked out (It was featured in a magazine too back in the day from what I remember ^_~). Her back yard is Holland beach, but their private part of Holland Beach.

=^_^= We had a great summer that year, fo sho' (well...I'm sure they have great summers there every year). lol

I keep reminiscing. Scroll down to see some photos of us from that wonderful summer 3 years ago.

Friendship is beautiful if you forgive, forget, and just have fun with your time spent together.


"Nonners' Flowers"
(Inspired by the design on her polish --refer to our toes in the sand)
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Various Swarovski Crystals & Pearls

Antique Silver "Nonner's Key"

"Stephy's Dots"
I picked the Golden Shadow Hearts to represent me because of my tan that summer ^_~
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Various Swarovski Crystals & Pearls

Antique Silver "Nonner's" Key

"Wooden Wolf"

7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized AB Heart

Wooden Wolf Charm


I'm posting this piece again because Taylor "Jacob" is from our hometown! Whit & I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan woo reppin' the 616! We both no longer reside there, haha. Taylor also is my little sister age and used to play baseball with her friend in Hundsonville. (our high schools are rivals) lol

Since my post is inspired by our soft pink toes in the sand :)
I hope you like the light pink on gold below.

"Light Rose 24K Hearts [Love Baits]"
24K Gold plated copper
14K Gold-filled "Love Bait Earrings"
Crystallized Swarovski


My friend Whitney-Nonners-Blue Bear

Monroe Center's where it's at!
We took a summer computer class together downtown Grand Rapids, and spent our days exploring the LA "Local Area" hahaa.

haha, we were in class messing around. all checking our MYSPACE
lol back in the day when that was the cool online social network.
Pardon my hair hahaha


Our professor ADORED us cause we were always first to finish projects & we offered to help other students [& still had time to goof off]

Our class was from 6PM-10PM
Yeah..we had LOTS of time in class to do whatever we wanted after our projects were done.

We both got "certified" in all the Microsoft programs. haha as if I can remember how to make a query on Excel.

I'm proud to GLOAT that Whit & I had very impressive GPA in all of Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College.

I think we both have always prided ourselves in not being stupid.
I mean..if you get 4.0's throughout life. It's something to be DAMN proud of...even if it doesn't mean anything after you get a job. lol

Grades are meaningless after you've mastered THE REAL WORLD.
But that's ok :) Self-Pride is WORTH THE HARD WORK!

LOL, it's so funny to think about how we went to all the same schools!





Now..a preview of Whitney's BEACH
And it seriously is WHITNEY's BEACH lol
Private Beach in her backyard... Gotta loves it!

Holland, Michigan

Now time for our "walk on the beach" ;)

(^^ That's me!)
These three pics look really sweet on facebook b/c if you click through them fast, it's pretty damn sweet. (or at least we thought so haha)

One of my most favorite pictures of all time shared with Nonners!
I definitely want to get this one framed one day ^_~
Looking at this picture makes my smile grow bigger.

lol jk, but man..checkout my CARROT TOP hair
What was I thinking...sighhh
Lunch @ some cute lil cafe in Holland.

Eatting her camera again, sighhh
Whit's Facebook caption: "Steph's ride got PIMPED"
Pimp My Ride was big time back then.
Whit + Shady Liquor Store = ?_?

Downtown Grand Rapids is FILLED with these statues.
They're a map of them and it's almost like a scavenger hunt to find them all and take pictures with them ^_~

At least that's what our goals were!

In case you were wondering what my ass looks like. ;)

Which one of these is not like the other?

Are you hinting something Whit?

I had a Lincoln obsession back in the day. I don't know why, I was just so interested to learn everything I could about him. Did you ever have interests like me...about someone from the past?

I just read Whit's Facebook Update just now, lol her sense of humor is GRAND.

Whit: Apparently my dad bought an Escalade hybrid. My sister made sure to accompany him to the dealership and ask all the relevant questions: "Can you put those neon lights underneath? 26 inch spinners and hydraulics come standard, right? It is important that the vehicle move not only up and down, but also left to right. Are the rap singles from 2001-2007 included with purchase?" My family = absurd

They always have the nicest stuff, and who doesn't like nice stuff?
Whit, can you ask your dad to borrow his car and come visit me here in Seattle?
It will only take you 3 days of driving.


Now for the most unfocused picture ever (not taken by me) lol
Can you guess which one is Whitneys? LOL
OBVIOUSLY the one with a ton of chocolate & random ice cream FINDINGS.

lol, the best yogurt in Michigan is found inside the Amway Grand Hotel. Their cafe Cornacopia is where it's at! I used to work for Amway :) Did you know all Laura Mercier cosmetics is distributed by Amway in Ada, Michigan? Hehe check your Laura Mercier boxes ladies!

That company has a big place in my heart. I use to work for them MAKING MAKEUP!


I used to want the project manager's job. I remember I was on the team that help introduce Amway's new $250/jar face cream. One of the best experiences of my life.

This was before I picked up jewelry again ;)

My life obsessions are good music, good people, good crafts, and good makeup!

Happy Holidays girls!
E-mail me if you need me for anything, or just to say "hi"
I got the sweetest e-mail yesterday & it meant so much.
Thank you for making my day so much better ;D
You know who you are!


P.S. I got my tickets to see Michael Buble in Concert on April 3rd, 2010
The freaking day before my 23rd Birthday!!!
I got floor seats! ^_~

Tickets went on sale 12/11/09

Michael Buble
Key Arena, Seattle

I'll be there, will you?!

I'm going to punch Minh if he falls asleep.
Our tickets cost us $221
But Michael Buble...SO WORTH IT! I'd even pay more. lol

I've loved his music since high school!
I can't believe that his concert is on my birthday weekend.
I couldn't ask for a better birthday present.



Sandra said...

weee! I like to reminisce about the past too! =)

Anny said...

It's always fun to reminisce. Memories are the best part! And about getting a 4.0...sadly enough it doesn't mean anything in the real world except during the interview. However, you are right, self pride is all worth it. Gosh those pictures makes me miss that vacation I went on on the summer! By the way, I love the Nonners bracelet!

April said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post!!! It was so fun to read and look through the fun pictures! :)

h.tea said...

Haha, you guys are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Awesome statues ;D

Omg, I love "Nonner's Flowers" <3
Will defs be buying your jewlry when I get a job Q_Q .. Job = $$$ = all the jewlry I want .. kind of =]P

Browsing through both of you blogspots has sparked an interest in jewlry making =) Just wondering if you could give me any tips? Where did you start off buying your little gems? It's just that I have three months to laze about the house and thought this could kill some time and I'd have something unique =)

E-mail me at h.tea@live.com.au
Thanks =)
Looking forward to hearing from you =D

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I won't but I hope you have fun! At first, I didn't even notice it was you, the first pic of you with the computer. haha. It's nice to remember a memorable past with your friend. hehe.

Carine said...

aaaw sweet ^^

DABE HAN said...

awww that is so cool that u have a long lasting friend like whiteny. its a hard thing to do bc all my friend from elementary school and high school are all gone starting thier new life.

DABE HAN said...

awww that is so cool that u have a long lasting friend like whiteny. its a hard thing to do bc all my friend from elementary school and high school are all gone starting thier new life.

Whitney said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Carrotman I adore you! We have had some great times throughout the years... remember how we used to decorate everything with gelly roll pens? we were always creative with everything we did! I loveee this post!Im going to print it and save it with some notes i saved from you. OMG I should scan the note you wrote me with the cut-out of the mexican man! funniest thing ever!! <3

KimWen said...

is so nice to reminisce the past. i do miss a lot of things from the past! omg i had a carrot top hair too and i seriously did not know what i was thinking back then! I'm so super happy you got Micheal buble tickets!! love the feet pic so artistic!!!

Esther said...

Man, this post is great. I've been wondering THIS WHOLE TIME what your butt looks like and now I know. Then again, the curiosity is all gone now so I don't know if I'll ever feel like coming back.. Totally kidding. ;D
I don't have many memories with any close friends but looking through your pics makes me hope I will .. later in life, I guess. I shall start on my quest to make some college memories.
Also, I love keys. :)

Jewelry By Jessica said...

The "Nonners' Flowers" bracelet is soooo pretty. I'm sooo happy that you got your concert tickets ^_^ I'm sure it'll be awesome. I think this post is one of my favorites, I love how it had awesome jewelry and awesome stories ^_^ Your stories always make me feel like I was there with you. I would love to have memories like that ^_^ Make sure to post about the concert, I wanns hear all about it since I can't be there. Love ya Steph have fun and stay sweet <3

Stephanie said...

awww this post is so sweet

personally i find it so hard to keep in touch with my friends once i change schools
cuz ppl change, shit happens etc

but beautiful post
its lovely how you incorporate a piece of you in each piece of jewelry you make

lol you had cute statues we had moose =p

Shiseiten said...

Friends are the most important thing to me, and for the longest time it was hard for me to make ones who I really felt comfortable with. But after finally being a little less shy I was able to find and stay with people I would now consider my family. :) I think that friendship is one of the most important things to people and it is wonderful when we can find the ones who we can be that close with.

As usual your bracelets are super cute. I love the nonner's flowers one. :D the pink flower charms look cute on the bracelet. kinda reminds me of cherry blossoms.

wuzzyangel said...

Whooo for Buble!! :) I'm sure Minh won't fall asleep! LOL.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of you & Whit with us! It's great to see the inspiration behind the piece. She sounds like an amazing person! :) And Whoo beach!! LOL! Haha at the dad's Escalade too!

Tiffany said...

Hey Steph~
I just purchase a bracelet and earrings from you and you mention you had a cousin with the same name as I do...
I just wanted to say thank yuou for the quick response and shipment...you are ROCK!
Now I wish I waited, the pink 24k heart earrings...I will get them next time! I got laid off before Thanksgiving...so that sucks...
Well thanks again! Hope to do more business soon! I can't wait till you are able to do custom orders!
Happy Holidays Beautiful!
Tiffany Nguyen

Anonymous said...

The bracelets are so pretty! Isn't it great to have a friendship like that? :)

Hooray for Michel Buble! :D Hope you have fun, and be sure to take pictures!

GirlAboutTown said...

that so sweet...its so hard to find friends who are true these days =] and you guys are too cute!

Cara said...

hi!! this is my first time on your page, and i must say that your jewelry is CRAZY beautiful!!! everything is so pretty and sparkly =DD

DSK Steph said...

aww thanks Cara!

DSK Steph said...

I treasure the friends I do have, and all the new friends I make each and everyday. I encourage you all to reconnect with an old friend. It doesn't hurt, you were all friends for a reason and it's great to reconnect & talk about all the great shared memories you had together <3


DSK Steph

sherryberry said...

I think its so awesome that you have a friend like that, who you can keep for a lifetime.
Yah know, lifes hard and people break away because of things.
But you guys are amazing friends and thats just awesome (: <3

sherryberry said...

I think its so awesome that you have a friend like that, who you can keep for a lifetime.
Yah know, lifes hard and people break away because of things.
But you guys are amazing friends and thats just awesome (: <3

Soli/IIceydoll said...

Those are some beautiful pieces Steph :) I just got mine in the mail today! They're beautiful! <333 I cant wait to order more from you :)

Caroline :] said...

such a sweet post! :) precious old memories with beloved friends make a person feel a warm and fuzzy inside--especially for us girls! ^_^ it clearly looks like you and your friend Whitney had such beautiful times together and it's a lasting friendship for sure! Thanks for this cute post, Steph! I will definitely drop you a line via e-mail sometime, now that I know the addy! hehe ^_^ and Mr. Buble is DEFINITELY WIN!!!! His music takes me back to the Sinatra days! >:D

I just love that jazzy, big band swing kind of music...it's classy and just never gets old! I always imagine myself out for a night on the town in Vegas or some other lively city with songs like "Come Fly With Me," "L.O.V.E," "Save The Last Dance For Me," etc. playing in the background as my theme songs! hahaha...yeah i know...i'm such a DREAMER! I guess it's a given though, because Pisces love to daydream ;P Love Love LOVEEE Michael Buble music. How do you like his latest album?

<3 caroline

<3 caroline

Anonymous said...

This is a really cute post about your friendship. I absolutely love the gold earring's.

chubbybuunny said...

Thank you soooo much! I just got my Nonners' Flowers bracelet! It is so beautiful! I love it. Happy Holidays! xoxo

flyyingdinos said...

That's so nice that this is dedicated to your friend. Can you make a special "Stephy's Dots" in 6 inches for my little girl? She has a tiny wrist. :P. She loves looking at these jewelry as much as I do and she craving for this!

TrangyPoohツ said...

{Late post} Loll I used to have an obsession with Lincoln too! x3 (I still do) Ironically he was born on the same month and day I was born on x3 {Sigh} Good times (:

GildaღFish said...

My goodness, this blog was a trip!! :D I <3 how it's all kinda random but cleverly placed information of enjoyment between childhood friends. <3 <3 <3 this blog post.

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