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DSK Steph in the FLESH on Youtube

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So I got over the fact that random relatives are checking out my videos on youtube. That was a big reason why I deleted all my videos. But I'm over it, and going to start posting on youtube again. I made my first attempt to upload a video and FAILED! Can you believe it? lol

So I made a video of how badly I failed...
Here's my personal youtube channel where I keep in touch with my friends: www.youtube.com/dsknguyen

DSK Jewelry youtube channel: www.youtube.com/dskjewelry

P.S. I know my hair look like shit, hahaa it's cause I half-assed straightened it this morning.
I hope my sales don't go down now. lol


HT said...

Loved the video. :) I thought your hair looked cute!

mariflor said...

I cut my hair to that length just recently! :)
I personally like blip-videos like that. They make it more personal. :)

SY said...

I'm so glad you started making videos again! =] I'm trying to grow my hair out too lol... it's taking a bit too long probably cause i damaged it so much by dying it so many different colors.. =P

Jeanette said...

BAHHAHAHA AT "i hope my sales dont go down' LOL such funni humor you have!!!

ATL said...

you are funny in your videos!

Chommie said...

i saw the video and i thought it was funny!

i hope to see more videos from you again :)

wuzzyangel said...

Not and EPIC FAIL! Silly! LOL but you know I love watching your vids! I've missed them! And your hair looks fine!

Sandra said...

Don't worry!! You'll still have my sale =)! Although I am a new shopper to DSK, I WILL be coming back for more ^.^!

Stephanie said...

losing sales from a bad hair day XD
you're so funny =p
you look fab!!! don't worry about a thing!!!

GildaღFish said...

DSK twitter!! && a fail video by Steph! :p


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