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Last DSK Pegasus' Until Next Year!

I can't believe it's NYE (New Year's Eve) tomorrow!
Last year, I spent in out here in the Northwest :)
Minh & I were in Vancouver, BC (Canada) with his sister and her bf celebrating at a random Chinese Casino! lol
It was freezing cold, and icy...and we spent the weekend there exploring Vancouver, BC. I haven't been back there since, I heard that it's wonderful in the summer time. Definitely a town filled with delicious restaurants. I know a lot of you girls are from Canada, shout out to my Canadian Shoppers!


This year has been good to me.
I turned 22. I graduated college. I moved to Seattle, Washington. I made my little DSK Jewelry Company my number one priority. I'm living on my own. I definitely grew a lot in 2009.
I think the best part of 2009 is meeting so many new great friends.

I may take some pictures of new pieces that I've been working and post them later tonight. Minh's going out for dinner & drinks with his fraternity (yeah, he's still involved! He's 27!!! Do they ever grow out of it?)

Anyhow, daily life aside~ I have the last few pegasus necklaces left that you're welcome to purchase (might as well take advantage of the free shipping offer :)

I forgot to include an "add to cart" button on the Peridot & Moonlight Necklace a few days ago, so may I present to you today...

"Peridot & Moonlight Female Pegasus"
16" (40 cm) .925 Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
.925 Sterling Silver Findings
Crystallized Swarovski
*Last One*

"Golden Shadow & Jet Pegasus"
16" (40 cm) .925 Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
.925 Sterling Silver Findings
Crystallized Swarovski

"LA & GS Bracelet"
Measures 7" Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski
*Last One*

When will my www.dskjewelry.com store be open?

Answer: When I'm ready. I'm kind of a perfectionist, and I want it to be perfect. Not much will change apart from having all my pieces displayed in a gallery / store style. I personally like hosting my jewelry on blogspot because you all stay updated with my newest posts & pieces. I don't have infinitely many pieces because I do handcraft everything myself and I prefer it that way. :) I understand that my pieces do get sold quickly, but it's sold fairly in the first come, first serve manner. My advice to you is to check back regularly because I do try to update when I can. I personally like to keep it fun and fresh with new pieces because I like change. I know it sucks when you miss out on something you liked, but if you leave a comment requesting the pieces you missed..and if enough people request the same thing, I definitely can bring it back. I just like to spend my time creating new pieces. :) Thanks for understanding. Happy New Year! -DSK Steph


"Teal & Silver Shadow Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver 18" Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Moonlight Jet Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver 17" Small Helix Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Emerald & Crystal Clear Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver 16" Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Moonlight Rock"
As Requested : )
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
.925 Sterling Silver Pegasus
Crystallized Swarovski
*1 Avaiable*


hannah cho said...

yeah! canada rocks! today's the eve of new year's eve.... waaaa! :'( im gonna miss 2009!

SY said...

Happy New Year to you too Steph! =D

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Hercules Pegasus necklace! haha! :)
But really, you're doing a fantastic job, and I can't wait to see what next year has in store for you!
If I don't get around to it tomorrow: Happy New Years!

Jacklin Nguyen said...

So pretty! Hope you have a great New Year's! What frat is he in? I know some guys who are in their 30's and are still involved haha.

Kate Gene said...

Congratulations! You've had quite an eventful year!

Don't you love that Vancouver is just a short trip away? My husband and I always have fun up there. I want to stop at the outlets the next time we head up north. I hear they have a CCO!

I love that your bracelet links are in the shape of hearts! How cute and girly!

Happy New Year!


xoshellie said...

Awww 2009 is the best year for me because i was introduced to DSK! i absolutely loooove your jewelry and i'm happy that i've gotten to know you! i miss you and happy new years babe! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Steph!!!!.

Winnie said...

peridot color is pretty! happy new year! :)

Angela said...

the teal and silver shadow pegasus neckalaces looks so nice o.o sold out already! =]
happy new year

PixyEla said...

You've had a wonderful year, here's to another one!!!! Happy New Year Steph!! ^_^

wuzzyangel said...

Pegasus is SEX baby! Even when the colors are light and girly! LOL!

And I anxiously await your website launch! I know it's worth the wait! :)


Shiseiten said...

I love the teal heart color. It is crazy how much this site has grown, even when I've been watching since august. XD Congrats on such a successful business Steph, and I hope you see even more success in the next decade. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm really in love with your whole rocker series thing going. It's really hot and sexy girrrl. ;D Definitely gonna buy some of your gorgeous jewelry when I get off my whole 'no money' grounding. Lol.

Have a safe and happy New Year darling. (:

sherryberry said...

is an amazing color (:

disilluzional88 said...

I love love love the teal and silver shadow pegasus. Hopefully a lot of people request this so I can grab it next time! I know you said you're always making new pieces, but please bring teal back. It's just so pretty... and my favorite color. Hehe. Happy New Year!!!! Can't wait to go back to school because I had my pearl and bows earrings shipped there. -_- Excitedddd! =)

hannah cho said...

omg still love your rocker collection! i <3 the teal and peridot hearts! also, i was thinking if you could make pegasus earrings? i dont wear earrings, but your pegasus necklaces are really popular!

Anonymous said...

Whoot!! Canada! Yeahh!! *two thumbs up!*

fantabulousfrankie said...

OMG the teal heart is such a pretty colour, no wonder that piece has already sold out. I would love to see the small teal heart with a bigger rose/pink heart on one of your gorge heart link chains!

Keep up the amazing work Steph :D

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