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Limited Pegasus

A post for the Pegasus fans!

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today. ^^
Something came to my mind earlier this morning ~

Because I can't honor custom orders, what I may be able to do is honor your requests.
I don't have much time available to accept custom orders anymore because of the demand & popularity of my handcrafted goodies :)

I have gotten wholesale offers for retail stores & boutiques, but I'm picky. lol
I want to learn as much as possible about the store or boutique before I commit my time, and creativity. I prefer a business relationship rather than just business.


If you're a retailer interested in a custom DSK design for your store, please e-mail me:

I only work with registered business in the United States.

Back to the *DSK Requests*
So if there's a DSK piece you like from the past that you want to see back, just leave a comment.
If you have ideas that you want to see come to life, leave a comment.
I'm posting more Pegasus' Necklaces because of the e-mails I've received from my readers.

Let me know what pieces you like, and I'll try my best to honor your requests by posting them when I can. What do you think of my solution? =]

Happy Holidays!

I'm going to try to post more pieces before the year is over so you can take advantage of my free first class shipping before it ends.

"Tanzanite & Golden Shadow Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver
18" (45cm) Italian Stardust

"Jonquil & Amber Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver
18" (45cm) Italian Stardust

"Peridot & Moonlight Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver
18" (45cm) Italian Stardust

"AB Heart & Jet Black Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver
17" inch Italian Helix Necklace
***1 Available***

"Tanzanite & Black Diamond Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver
17" inch Italian Helix Necklace

"I Belong with You"
(Bella & Edward Necklace)
.925 Sterling Silver
17" inch Italian Helix Necklace


"Siam & Golden Shadow Pegasus"
.925 Sterling Silver
17" inch Italian Helix Necklace


"Black Moon & lil AB Star"
16" .925 Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

I may restrict Australia, New Zealand & Singapore from order in the near future.
I had a talk earlier today with a friend at the post office.
Packages take much longer to reach Australia, NZ, and Singapore.


Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore have very strict customs, rules & regulations when it comes to International Packages.

Just thought I'd mention that to my Aus, NZ, & Singaporean readers.


Julie <3 said...

The Pegasus necklaces are beautiful. The request idea sounds fantastic :)
I hope you don't restrict orders to Australia - I won't mind waiting ^^

Esther said...

I really love the Pegasus necklaces! The shape of the pieces are so unique together and unlike anything I ever see. I think the request idea is fantastic. We can all understand how busy you must be normally and especially during the holidays. :)

wuzzyangel said...

PEGASUS!!!! <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiseiten said...

i like the green and white pegasus. :D and the cute star and moon are also great. thanks for doing the "request" type thing. :)

Anny said...

I'm a little bit late on this but since you made that post on the whole Greek mythology and what not, that Pegasus jewelry started making more sense to me! I really do love how your jewelry have more than just a title on it, but moreover a story or thought behind it!

cutesquid said...

The Tanzanite & Golden Shadow Pegasus is so beautiful!!!

Carmen said...

I check this blog EVERYDAY no seriously I check it religiously. I had my credit card ready and everything but the few pieces I want are sold out, actually going to cry :( I like the green and white pegasus.. actually i love them all.. :P. I was wondering if you still do any of the bubbi collection? I loved the remix of bubbi's necklace.. I hope you still do them:)
LOVE your work.. actually in aw most of the time :D.

Rubix said...

Loving the Peridot/Moonlight, though all of them are adorable :) My favourite colour is green so it would be cool to see more peridot pieces :D

flyyingdinos said...

I check this blog like everyday :D I really love your work and was wondering if you can make the autumn story necklace as seen on Jen Frmheadotoe back?

Mimi said...

Wow, all of the Pegasus necklaces look wonderful.

I especially love the peridot and moonlight one, that is just a gorgeous shade of green. I'd love to see more peridot pieces in the future. <3

helen said...

I check your website every day for updates and I am amazed by your creations! Unfortunately, they're almost always sold out because they're so popular! Anyways I would really like to see your winter collection again; the pieces in that collection were so gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Could you make some more Flowa Powa necklaces ? They're sooo pretty (:

Trang said...

Lovely! Just so very lovely! I just got the moon and star and can't wait for the next pieces :)
PS. I would love to see stud earrings ^^

Jewelry By Jessica said...

I think that is sooo cool that stores are contacting you to have your items in their store.I love your jewelry sooo much. ^_^

Angela said...

the ab heart & jet black pegasus looks great together =]

sherryberry said...

o.m.g. STEPHH , DID I MENTION I LOVE YOU? the BLACK MOON & LIL AB STAR is pure genius! How do you come up with things as cute as that? I think im going to get it with my best friend, unless something CUTER comes out xD but seriously, GENIUS!

sherryberry said...

oh and also , bella and jacob ftw :D <3

Christine said...

I would love to see "A Love Like Ours" and "Triple Pinks" make an appearance again in the near future :)

DSK Steph said...

Hey Christine! "A Love Like Ours" is available now! :) Check my older posts!

Natalie said...

steph is so talented rite... steph! i love all yr creations!!!!! i <3 dsk !!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

PLEASE don't restrict Australian shipping! It'd be awful! I don't mind waiting for things, and I'm sure no one really minds! As long as they get the necklace ^_^

So pretty, and if you restrict shipping, I might never be able to get them!

bettyb0o said...

Hi! Your pieces are gorgeous.
I guess i'm making a request for a rose and moonlight pegasus.
I think thats how you would call it? basically like the peridot and moonlight pegasus but with the heart piece in pink? Please let me know if that will be available. Thank you.

Michelle said...

I went to order a AB Flower & Leafy Green necklace but it said it was sold out :[
Could you make some more ?
It's my favorite

Anonymous said...

Aww poo. I have to wait till i'm registered to make a custom dsk piece. I'm positive it will be worth the wait though!. The "I belong to, together forever & the black moon & lil ab star necklace's" is the one's I wanted I swear everytime I'm with my sister i'm alway's spending all my money.

Hannah said...

What?!?! O:

No! Don't restrict orders! I don't mind waiting longer!!

ChLc said...

I'm absolutely in love with the "Black Moon & lil AB Star" necklace! I can't wait til more are in stock <3

CATHLEEN said...

has the restrictions been made to Australia yet? :( i want to buy some but i live in australia.

GildaღFish said...

"I Belong with You" Bella & Edward necklace!! How awesome is that?! Why isnt this sold out?! It's perfect!!

<3 <3 <3

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