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"A Love Like Ours" Helix Necklace - SOLD OUT

Hey everyone, just a quick update. I notice that I have two "A Love Like Ours" Necklaces at my workshop ~ For those who missed it the first time.

Will try to update more this week.
Also, for orders that were shipped 11/24- today, please be patience with the USPS, they're a little behind on scanning in packages that were dropped off. I think the Christmas season also delays their process. If you recently made a purchase, please keep your eye on your e-mail. Paypal will send you a confirmation the day your package ships, not the day you made your purchase. Hope that helps clear up any confusion.

Please note, any orders placed from (today) 12-2-09 are expected to be finished & shipped 12-15-09 (if I can get to them sooner, I definitely will send them your way.) Just make a note of this before you order. I'm not guaranteeing that packages will arrive in time for Christmas if you select the Free First Class Shipping.

"A Love Like Ours"

18" Sterling Helix
Small Fuchsia Heart
Medium Moonlight Heart

Sorry! Temporarily Sold Out

Happy Holidays!


Sandra said...

Thanks for letting us know! =) I've already received 2 paypal messages in my e-mail saying that my package has shipped and there is a confirmation number. But like you said, I think USPS is really busy for the holiday season because when I tried to track it, there is still no update as to where the package is =\. Oh well, but I'll be checking everyday =)!

I can't wait to receive my first purchases;) Thanks Steph!!

DSK Steph said...

It should be in the system soon, they always tell me to allow 48 hrs from the day I drop them off ^_~

Anonymous said...

The USPS is very busy, because my orders have been delay too:(. That is what happen when you order stuffs around the holiday season. There is nothing Steph can do about it, but be patience and wait for it to come in the mail. I know all the ladies can't wait to see there cute jewelries to arrive, including me too! Thank you Steph for keeping us inform. Also, thank you for answering my email concerning about my orders in a timely manner(quick respond).

wuzzyangel said...

Stop making me want to spend money I don't have! LOL! USPS Is gonna be a bitch this season I can feel it! LOL! But I pray for everyone's packages!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the reply Steph =)!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed the first time you posted this.

Stephanie said...

i can't get over the name!!!
i absolutely ADORE IT!!!

GildaღFish said...

OMG!! Are you going to bring this back? It's to die for!!

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