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My Bff Nonners Shows Us How To Wear DSK Jewelry (Sense of Humor Required!)

My friend Whit, shows you how to wear bling. hahaha
I seriously about fell off my bed because I was laughing so hard!
My friend has the best sense of humor doesn't she?
hahaha, I guess we all have our own way of wearing DSK Jewelry hahahahaa


Nonners (Whit) or Whitney is starting to fall in love with Youtube, haha she made her 3rd video already! (and against her bf's will). I love the fact that she's making videos anyways because she wants to. I LOVE ANYONE WHO DOES WHAT THEY WANT! lol I'm glad she's vlogging because it's a great way for us to stay connected. We live about 3,000 miles apart, a little more when she's in West Palm Beach, Florida (that snob!). Her neighbors include Donald Trump and alligators.

hahaha (WARNING: you need a good weird sense of humor to get her...sometimes I'm like wth or wtf too (it's normal)) :) ---Yes, this is the same Whitney with an fro! She just straightened her hair, isn't that crazy? Her curls are wild.

Anyhow, check out Whitney's latest, I sent her some earrings for Christmas (mostly gemstones cause I know she's an earring addict). You all know your best friends are always going to be the most blunt honest people with you. Sometimes you need that in your life to keep you in check!
I need to step up the game with earrings cause she's my #1 critic! I make all and any gemstone pieces with Whitney in mind. :) (awwwwwww)

I live to impress my friends (well..when it comes to jewelry anyways!) well...I take that back..if I make something I think is great and they don't...well I cry myself to sleep those nights. jk, I'll be like whatever you are so behind the times :P

I found some pics of her cottage in Holland, I told you she owns a beach! I guess she has a lot of ICE CUBES during the winter time.

Whitney is currently living there, but tomorrow she's off to Florida for a week (to enjoy the lavishness of her other home). Scroll down

I love that staircase!

hahaha flattering pic NONNERS!

She owns that ahahahaha
I'm so jealous.

Her back yard in the winter time.
Basically, I've been there :P

Now her West Palm Beach home (that I haven't been to yet!)

Talk about gorgeous, man I wanna be a rich person so I can have a winter home to stay at!
Whitney, lets trade! haha

Basically, too sweet for words --we're all freezing our asses off and you get to fly off to West Palm Beach tomorrow. *Is Jealous*


Whitney said they have fences to block out the alligators

My childhood friend is now pimping my jewelry, ahahahahahahaha
Have a safe trip South!

For those who are interested in weird humor hahaha

Snap photos for me of the all the glamorous West Palm Beach Bead Boutiques!


Anonymous said...

Oh...at least she know's how to put the bling in it's finest potential!!. ha ha!. She commented me back and the first time I read it I started laughing then I was like huh?. I had to read it 3 time's to understand it lol. Wonderful picture's!. I'm loving the sunset one!. Oh btw I can't see the video...

Esther said...

Oh my god. It's like she owns hotels.

Vanilla said...

lol.i love ur new funny 'model'?
hehehhe'those earrings are beautiful !

wuzzyangel said...

Sorry Nonners.. but if I had her nice boobies I'd wear um like that too! LOL!

Kate Gene said...

Ha ha ha! Your BFF is funny! Y'all are my kind of people!


Karen said...

Crazy nice houses!

sherryberry said...

Amazing housee O____O .
haha she is very funny <3

hannah cho said...

omg her house is amazing... and lol i love how she's wearing her earrings!!!!

April said...

That is soo cool she seems so interesting! Hahaa I love how she wears bling! OMG I am in love with your new slides! Those are soo cool! :)
Happy happy new year buddie! :)

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