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Nonners Video about DSK Jewelry (even though she lost all her DSK Jewelry)

Nonners -Blue Bear - WhitterSnitter Whitney
*cough cough those are not DSK EARRINGS MISSY!*

Whit's MUG SHOT, jk, we were just webcamming hahaha

^^ j/k that's not Whitney! That's her dog Grendel A DSK Jewelry Fan who sky dives!!!

Hardworkers wear DSK Jewelry

(I so took this pic of her with her "Russian Hat" back in college (freshman year!)

***I forgot to mention this earlier, Whitney & I were in a movie together when we in college!***

Haha, I'll never tell you which movie, but Whitney had a pretty big role!

She was the "love interest"

I was just her friend aka an "extra"


Fact: Whitney & I were in a movie together back in college, HAAHAHAHA
I'll never tell you which movie! The movie did win 1st Place at a Film Festival :)

One day, I will share ^_^
A "screen shot" of me from the movie, lollllllllllllllllllllllllll

Haha there's Whitney!

I love my Katy Perry look-a-like Nonners Whitney Friend. haha
Who remembers Nonner's Keys? This is the chica I made it for. She texted me earlier that she made a Youtube video and I flipped out, haha I was racing to get home to see her video.
We haven't seen each other since we moved out of COLLEGE!
(Back in May 2009).

Facts about Whitney if you've missed it in the past posts,

She lives on a Beach in Holland, Michigan

She's a baller. (whether she admits it or not :P)

We've known each other since we were KIDS

She's a NEAT FREAK, seriously if you want to learn to clean anything, visit her blog: mrscleanest.blogspot.com
warning: if you visit Whitney's blog..you will see a weird ass screen shot picture of me webcamming with whitney while eating whistle candy....you've been warned.
More importantly,

She owns my very first pair of earring threads ^_^
Red Siam Checkerboard Earrings

Whit's Twitter: www.twitter.com/therellbesnacks
Introducing Whitney in 3D!

It doesn't get better than Whitney reviewing DSK Jewelry without physically having DSK Jewelry.

P.S. I forgot you had natural curls LOL
P.P.S She's not drunk, just had a lot of caffiene...I think...
yeah, meet my real life childhood friend Whitney who has the best sense of weird sophisticated humor. I try not to hang out with her too much cause she might use big words. hahaha jk

LOVE YOU FOO! & It's not my fault the DSK Models were BORN ASIAN!

For the record, Whitney bf's is Korean. Haha she love Asians :P


Mrs. Cleanest said...

AHAHAHA "(even though she lost all her DSK Jewelry)" I totally have it! It's in my closet I know it!!

"I try not to hang out with her too much cause she might use big words."

AHAHAHA yeah right! omg you just killed me. R.I.P. Whitney.

I love you Steph!

alittlebitofevrything said...

this post is so cute! you are so lucky to have such a good life long friend like this :)

and merry belated christmas and i hope you have a happy new year!!<3

Mrs. Cleanest said...

P.S. you should tell your friends that I'm basically asian cuz all my friends are asian and I'm dating my 3rd asian boy! AHAHAHAHAHA

Jen said...

lol, that was a really cute video. can't wait to see the cleaning vids! ^^

Kym said...

"i just wanna clear up some of the nice things she said about me... " hahahha, gorgeous, funny AND humble! haha! awesome that you have such a friend steph!

Anonymous said...

Aww...Stephanie your post about your friendships are adorable!. lol and she's funny!. Heyyyy...If she got any single asian guy's tell her send them my way!. I love them too!. lol jk...no seriously!. ha ha. enjoy the rest of your night steph!.

Lena said...

Your BFF is gorgeous and very hilarious =). It's always nice to see good bonds like this.

Iyah said...

She is real pretty!! ^_^ and I still wanna know what movie you guys were :) That's pretty cool!

happy holidays!

wuzzyangel said...

LOL "I've know Steph too long to think she's that great!" LOL! THat cracked me up! Hahah!!! Whitney is very cute and bubbly! Love the personality that come off her vid! :) I love all the LOVE you feel in this vid! :)

LOL All your models are born Asian! LOL!

Oohhh what movie?!

Jewelry By Jessica said...

Awww she seems sooo sweet ^_^ I can see why you two are freinds. I hope she finds her DSK stuff so we can see how gorgeous they are ^_^

Julie said...

hahahaha Nonners... ur vid wuz funny!
heart d asian model comment! =D

mim said...


I got my first dsk necklace and I am loving it! I can't wait until I receive my other orders. I am really enjoying your blog~ your work is soo beautiful and you are so honest.

Keep up the good work!!!

GildaღFish said...

Haha!! <3 this post Steph, Whitney is great here!!


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