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[Swarovski] Crystal Clear & AB Baller Pendants

Crystal Clear & AB Baller Pendants for Sale

I'm currently out of stock of the "Thai Rope Necklace," or any Sterling Silver Chain that I have that's strong enough to hold the Baller Hearts. I've been getting a lot of requests for these, so I decided to just post the Baller Pendants for sale.

I am running a bit behind on answering my e-mails this week because I've been getting a lot of Holiday E-mails. I'm answering your e-mails in the order they were received, I appreciate your patience : )

[Swarovski] Crystal Clear Baller Pendant

Sterling Silver Bail
Free First Class Shipping

[Swarovski] Crystal AB Baller Pendant
Sterling Silver Bail
Free First Class Shipping

(pictured above for size reference)

The difference between Swarovski Clear & Swarovski Clear AB is apparent :)

This is the first time I'm introducing the Swarovski Crystal Clear Baller

Also, the inventory has been updated for the
Bubbi Necklace,
Bubbi Moonlight Necklace,
and K-Drama Snowflake.

I'm going to try to make more and update the quantity daily, please check back often if you'd like to purchase one. They do sell out usually within the hour I post.

Will be back with more tonight or tomorrow


Peace on Earth!



wuzzyangel said...

Oh look at that AB BALLA SPARKLE!!!

sherryberry said...

the clear AB one is gorgeouss.
love youu !

Christine said...

wow the Clear AB pendant is gorgeous :)

do you have any other chains that you can sell separately?

Jewelry By Jessica said...

I love huge pendants like these ^_^ I think the crystal ab is my favorite.

luv of beauty said...

i know... these are sooo gorgeous!

Ashley Elaine said...

Hey Steph! I've been asking my boyfriend for some DSK Jewelry for Christmas very discreetly (ok so I lied, I very obviously emailed him links to ur blog, lol). Everything I wanted seemed to be sold out, but he did manage to get the strawberry frost- I'm so excited! Can't wait for you to bring back some gold cause I'll be buying more!!! :o)

hannah cho said...

i luv the ab baller.... i really want one!!!

Aalina Eden said...

wao double heart pendants looking most beautiful and lovely thanks for the post

Vintage Pendants

Kate Gene said...

I think you just blinded me with all that bling! Gorgeous! :D

GildaღFish said...

Ive never really noticed how baller this necklace is, but I guess that's why you call it that. :]

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