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Interlocking Hearts

A bracelet for the lovers.

"Interlocking Hearts"
.925 Sterling Silver Bracelet -Custom Cut by DSK
Measures 7"
*2 Available*

I wish I could make more but I don't have any more of the .925 sterling chains.
I do have sterling silver round link chain, and I'm planning on pulling that out to work with right after this post.

Please remember that I'm going to be wrapping up Valentine Orders on February 4th, 2010.
If you're paying with eCheck (they're usually a 1-2 week review period before Paypal clears your check), please note that I will be away from my workstation around February 4th-March 4th, 2010. If your eCheck clears after February 4th, your package will be shipped Early March.

All pieces will be available for purchase, but they will not be shipped until after I get back in early March. ***Please note when shopping*** I will be answering e-mails while I'm away. I just am not physically be in Washington to work.

I will be making new pieces and posting from Michigan. I can't wait to visit my old workshop. I still have 25% of my DSK Jewelry in storage. I'll keep you all updated. February 4th is still a week away.

Thank you for visiting ~ ^_^ ~

"Alice's Love Baits"

"Love Alice's Blue"
3" Sterling Threads

"PH Moonlight Pegasus"
18" Italian Sterling Fine Helix Necklace

"Sea Blue Stardust Necklace"
Crystallized Swarovski Large Heart
16" Thai Sterling Stardust Necklace

"Thai Sterling Snowflake" --had a few requests a while back
18" Sterling Fine Helix Necklace
SALE: $40.50

"Dainty AB Star Bracelet"
Measures 7"

"Large Golden Moon & Dark Teal Starfish"
18" Italian Sterling Fine Helix Necklace
*1 Available*

"Earth & Silver Crescent Moon"
18" Italian Sterling Fine Helix Necklace
*1 Available*

"Golden & Silver"
18" Italian Sterling Fine Helix Necklace
Sale: $38.50

"AB Flower Accessory Charm"
.925 Sterling Silver Cell Phone Charm
Crystallized Swarovski

"Girlfriend Bracelet"
Brandon contacted me and asked if I could fuse the Bubbi Necklace with the Bubbi Bracelet. I thought it would be a great idea. I really like how it looks, how about you? Most importantly, Brandon, what do you think?

Light Amethyst Star 3" Sterling Threads

AB Star 3" Sterling Threads

Peace on Earth


christina said...

The bracelets are super adorable :) i love them!! The thing to lock the "interlocking hearts" is so cool and cute xD
the "dainty AB star bracelet is so simple, yet adorable and sophisticated :) and it's also very afforadable :D

~ christina

Anonymous said...

"Large Golden Moon & Dark Teal Starfish" looks amazing! Love the color combination! The bracelets are super cute!! :D Oh, how I wish my boyfriend would get me DSK for V-day hahaha :P

Melina said...

Steph, i think you do a wonderful job with all of your jewelry pieces! Everyday after school, i check to see what new pieces you have :) I will definitely buy more from you! I convinced 12 of my friends to buy your jewelry. keep it up ^_^

Forgotten said...

I'm in love with the Sea Blue Stardust Necklace! It's absolutely stunning & the chain for it is amazing. (:

I had an idea for a new piece; I know everyone is thinking about Valentine's day but Chinese New Years is on the same day this year! So I was thinking about a piece that incorporated the traditional Chinese colours such as ruby reds & deep golds! Since it's the year of the tiger, you can't also play on that (since I'm sure you can make it look more tiger-esque & not to much like a Halloween piece).

I love all your pieces though! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

ChLc said...

Gorgeous as always Steph! I'm always happy when you bring back more cellphone straps, they're so cute >.< The girlfriend bracelet is stunning (:

LinCua said...

The Alice's earrings are so pretty! My husband thinks I am a stalker going to the blog everyday. Hehe and the Sea Blue Stardust looks so shiny and pretty!!! I have to resist my temptations!!

DHFSD said...

Hey Steph! omg i love the new pieces esp Alice's love baits earrings.

I like your idea with the rose colors on a necklace. I want to request you make it w/ pink hearts too. B/c i like pink roses better then red ones haha b/c pinks my fav color lol

cant wait to see more!

Kate Gene said...

That snowflake pendant is ballin'! You'd definitely get some attention while rockin' it! :)

I still absolutely love that you're arranging your products into the shape of a heart. SO CUTE!


P. S. My laptop charger is supposed to come tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'm finally going to have my DSK photo shoot! I'm gonna pimp the heck out of your product! Heh heh heh!

Line said...

Gah, I love the bracelet! Why couldn't this have been posted on Friday when my paycheck arrives? Aww, this makes me a sad panda :(

Amy said...

The girlfriend bracelet is sooo sweet. And the Alice items are so cute!

I can't buy any of your jewelry, because the shipping to Australia is just too much :( One day! When I'm visiting America I'm gonna go on a spree with your jewelry!

Lena said...

O wow look at those Alice pieces!! Just wonderful!! My fav colors together =). Love your creativity hun!

Anonymous said...

Hey (:

The fusion of the Bubbi Necklace and the Bubbi Bracelet looks brilliant! Very cool :] Ah, I can't wait until I saved up enough money to order from you again! (I ordered the Bubbi Bracelet January 17th (: Soo excited!)

Have a nice day!

Haneul said...

OMG All of the pieces are so cute and beautiful! O.O
I adore the "Sea Blue Stardust Necklace", PH ones all the time, and the combo of the bubbi bracelet/bubbi necklace combo <3
wah~ there is so much to choose from xD I'm wishing u the best of luck on each one <3
I hope to see maybe one of my ideas being made one day <3
Keep up the awesome work~
Maybe u should also do something for ur grandpa to make him happy!

sherryberry said...

LOOK AT THAT BRACELET! It's just SERIOUSLY gorgeous! I also love the alice earrings, they're amazing too. I love Alice and her colors, she's amazingly cute[:

Haha I'm a great disney geek, What about you get colors from the disney princesses and create pieces of those? Those would be beautiful :D

carms said...

love your jewelry!

Just wondering if you could tell or link me to the necklace that Holly is wearing in this video?


Thanks :)!

DSK Steph said...

@carms it's the baroque necklace in gold, I won't have gold again until March :)

AnieAristocrat said...

Ahhhhh!!!!! February 1st!!!! Paycheck!!!!! Bracelet!!! Nyuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! >.< if it's still Available, I call dibs!!!!


I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the heart clasp on the bracelet. I don't think I've ever seen a bracelet like that.

The BEST as ALWAYS Steph!!!! <333

Trang said...

Oh dear! I wish I won the lottery :/ You do your job too well!
I really love the golden and silver combo. Very pretty!

katie said...

your colors are always amazing, i love the pink and the champagne colored ones! ive asked my brother to get his friend to order some for me (me paying for them of course) cause she has a credit card. hopefully it works out (:

wuzzyangel said...

Love how you kept the hearts all the way to each end of the clasps too! :) Very Vday! :)

And the Alice line is soo cute!! That baby blue just screams Alice's dress! :)

Have fun when you get home!! You deserve a drama break!

klquan said...

omg, the pegasus is SO beautiful and captivating~ im like in love with it!

ur pieces are so beautiful and unique Steph! keep up the great work work! =)

Angela said...

the love alice's blue thread earrings and the girlfriend bracelet look really pretty

Amy Leigh said...

All this looks really great!

I was thinking that it would be cool if you did a piece using an Earth heart with one of the wings from the rocker pieces. You could call it "Earth Angel" like the 50s song by the Penguins. lol Just a thought.

Shiseiten said...

yay for alice theme! I still love my wonderland bracelet. :D The gf bracelet is super cute too. I love the little stars you have on it. the Earth color is one of my favorites, and I hope to see more things with it in the future! ^_^

Awesome said...

I really like the Alice line! I was wondering if you were going to do a White rabbit, Queen of Hearts, or Mad Hatter themed line too! Will it only be Alice? B/c I think the other ones would look GORGEOUS too!~

Flip flop girl said...

love the bracelets, hope you could make a version of the interlocking hearts using hearts with a purple hue such as the ph blue/violet or titanic with small ab crystals (teardrop?) in between to brighten up the hearts....

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