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Champagne & Strawberries, anyone?

Hey DSK friends & family : )

I've been getting a lot of hints lately about Valentine's Day.

I do know its coming : )

In approximately 1 month from today Valentine's Day will bless us all with its love.

Who's excited?
Who doesn't want to get get a SURPRISE. lol
To be honest, I love surprises.
I can't emphasize this enough to my guy friends.
"JUST BECAUSE" notes, small gifts are seriously the most meaningful.
EVEN IF IT IS A GLASS OF ICE WATER when you know your significant other is thirsty is the most delightful gift of ALL TIME. (" of ALL TIME" *Think Kanye*)


Maybe that's just me. (I'm thristy right now) haha, and hoping my boyfriend who is working downstairs read this).

I know I have a lot of gentlemen who visit (for their lady friends)
Whether they found me from youtube (randomly...example, you accidently clicked on a beauty tutorial), or from their girlfriend always telling them to come to the computer to look at a DSK Necklace. I love all the e-mails and stories I get from you guys. I know for a fact that romantic guys EXIST.

Some guys even pretend that they don't know DSK Jewelry exists (when their gf does) and then surprise them with a necklace or a pair of earrings out of the blue. Those are the most exicting days. Guys, I applaud you because ya do remember what us gals always look up or point out : ) I see it in my boyfriend as well. He "pretends" to never be paying attention, or say something like "that's a waste of money", but sometimes he surprises me with his "knowledge" of my interests out of nowhere. It's quite appetizing to know that he understands my material desires. He better know to get me what I want! lol jk jk

Valentine's Day for us (Minh & I) has always been interesting. I don't think we've shared Valentine's Day together together in person. Last year he was studying for the February bar exam, so we were in different Coasts. He sent me something nice as always. lol..to be honest, it was a box of chocolates, a letter, and a drawing of me. lol Minh's good at art (even though he doesn't admit it). Drives me nuts! If you have artistic ability why not flaunt it? I would be drawing pictures and hanging them up everywhere if I had the artistic drawing abilities that he has! He can draw you, and your picture would look like you! He can do it in a few minutes too. It's always amazing. I think he supresses his creative side since he's a lawyer.

I have a friend Danielle, she's in law school right now in Philly, and she agrees that law school & the material (law) itself really does suck the creativity out of you. lol I told her that's okay. I said to her recently, "You're on your way to become someone very important to society." She excited to start her clinic, and get to work with clients. I think I would panic. lol People's real lifes in your hands.

My blogger friend Casey, who's wrote to me. (paraphrased) "Can't believe you didn't go to law school. But you creative type wouldn't last in law school anyways." lol I still remember that comment to this day. I did get accepted to law (probably something I pride myself on A LOT more than anything just because I worked my tail off studying for the LSAT's). I even went to visit the school, shape some hands...and I had my photo professionally taken for the school I got accepted to this past fall! lol I haven't even tried to look for the pictures. They were going to be used for advertisment (I think diversity was their goal). I got to sign a consent form and everything. I felt pretty damn cool that day. It was me and two Master of Law Students (law school graduates who continued their education).

Ok, I don't know why I'm rambling about not going to law school. My friend Danielle is in law school, so I'm living vicariously through her without having to study day and night. : ) Speaking of Danielle, she has helped me come up with a piece for Valentine's Day. I don't have a picture on hand, but we came to the conclusion that it will be called "Strawberry Champagne."

Who doesn't love the taste of Champagne & Strawberries?

Sorry, I don't have anything to post tonight. I took a trip to visit Minh's parents on Tuesday-Wednesday. Now I just have to get caught up with the jewelry orders before I introduce anything new. Most items are on the edge of being sold out, and I won't have more posted until I'm ready. Please help me and be patient, I can't give you an exact date of when I will have more gold necklacs available, nor can I give you an exact date that I will have the Flowa Powa Necklace back in stock. Everything is handcrafted by yours truly. ^_^-->I am only one DSK-Kind with two human hands. Ever package you recieve is created with my energy & spirit. :D

I can only hope you keep you all very happy because that's what I strive for each and every day. On the day when I'm not happy, you can probably tell because I don't post an update.

I've been terribly homesick this week, and I'm glad that you all are here for me. I do reach each and every comment, and try to get back at you when I can. It's a bit harder when I can't track you down (if you don't have a blog where I can leave a comment back). Sometimes I may even leave a reply to a question in the comment box. I must say I am loving the requests, if you have a request please leave it in the comment, becuase I refer to my comments before I decide on what piece to focus my energy on next.

And it sounds like several of you would like to see jewelry sets.

Is that right?

Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings?

Let me know your ideas & I'll try to implement them to the best of my ability.

: )

Stay tuned for a Valentine's Gift Guide Post!

& it won't be just DSK Jewelry related!

Honestly, gifts that come from the heart are always the most meaningful : ) What does the gift represent? Explain it to your loved one, write them a card!

MAKE THEM CRY tears of love when they read it. : )

Jewelry is a very personal gift, and I'll try to write a post for the guys who are fearful of buying jewelry for a lady friend.

What's appropriate, what's not appropriate for each stage of a relationship.

Let me put in a word now ~ you all know how busy & booked up I can get with orders so if you do plan on making an order for Valentine's Day ~ select Priority Mail.

The USPS does make it a bigger PRIORITY to sort & delivery those packages first.

Some may say, First Class, Priority oh it's the same thing. Honestly, it's really varies. It depends on your local postal carrier as well. I've come to learn that Los Angeles' post offices are quite slow, and terrible at being organized. If a package gets misplaced, it's usually an LA post office. So I highly suggest spending that extra few bucks for Priority Mail just for peace of mind. I don't often have problems with First Class Mail, but the delivery time is less preditible than Priority mail.

I talk to the postal workers daily, and I'm trying to get a full understanding of what goes on at the post office here in Bellevue/Seattle, USA. Let me just tell you this right now, Priority packages rarely get "misplaced". Just because it stands out from the rest of the other packages. At the post office they know to encourage Priority mail sales so they do make it their Priority to sort, scan, and ship.

Anyhow, that's just my tip for online shoppers ~ especailly international customers (from outside the US) go priority, it's more guaranteed than first class mailing.

Overall, aren't you guys glad I don't offer many rings? hahaha

A ring has a lot of meaning especially when it's a gift from a guy to a girl.

I'm still learning the rules here myself...lol

Until next time, gnite!


Jessica said...

wheee! i love the name of the new collection! sounds yummy! i got my stuff in the mail today! beautiful! thank you! <3

DSK Steph said...

@Jessica, why thank you miss barbie loves nija turtles : )

<3 <3 <3

Marie. said...

Martin ALWAYS surprises me. I can never figure out what hes going to get me. He always pulls the "oh we dont have money for that" and I end up getting it as a gift, so I never know if hes plotting against me or if hes just trying to get me to save money lol! And not only does he surprise me, but he'll wrap his gift in hella different boxes to throw me off lol.

Martin's an amazing artist but he doesnt draw! Instead he sits around and plays video games! It drives me insane. I cant draw if my life depended on it so I try to get him to draw all the time and he just wont! Ugh, if only I could suck the talent from him lol. I'd love to know how to draw!

Carine said...

No gift for me this year at valentine's day ! I wouldn't really care if the media/shops weren't trying to make you feel like being single is shameful ^_^

jessalyn said...

i share my valentines day with my mans birthday!! booo. haha he is really good about trying to focus it on valentines day, but i always try to make it his birthday. its hard!
can't wait to see the new pieces!

Mare said...

i love the name too. & hope you get to see your fam in michigan soon so you dont feel so home sick! keep up the good work!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I'm home sick too and I was back home last week =[

I reallly like the Strawberry Champagne name for your next jewelry piece =]

Esther said...

Hahaha.. I laughed out loud to the glass of water thing. I was like, why would I be super happy about a glass of water... I mean, it's thoughtful and all but.. lol, anyway yeah. You slay me. I am slayed.

mim said...

you're so sweet Steph with this valentine's entry. Awesome advice. I just got my moonlight necklace yesterday and it's so beautiful! I can tell you put your dedication to it so thank you.

PixyEla said...

Strawberry champagne I love the name!! I can't wait to see that piece. Ohhh jewelry sets would be amazing!!!! I love that idea <3
Have a great weekend Steph!! =)

Ivy said...

Ooolala I can't wait until I see the strawberry champagne collection. It sounds so romantic and perfect for valentines day lol my boss has his bday on feb 14 lol isn't he lucky xD I thought it was sweet hehe
I love ur blogging. Ur personality shines ;) and shows ur sweet and interesting self. I wish u to have a great and lovely time with minh this year together!

wuzzyangel said...

Haha I love how this turned into a semi instructional post for guys! LOL! But soo true!

DSK is the sheeeeet!! That's why even men are getting the hint and purchasing for their SOs! :)

mariflor said...

love the strawberry champagne idea! I'm going to be looking for that :)
I've never had a "valentine" for valentine's day, but I so like your gift ideas and the deeper concept behind it. :)

ChLc said...

Oooo can't wait to see Strawberry Champagne X) I hope you have a fantastic Valentines Day with Minh :)

hannah cho said...

ooh.... strawberry champaigne.... it sounds amazing! (as usual!)

Naomi said...

I just received 2 of my pieces and love them both! Thank you Steph!! My daughter is trying to snatch my candy. I am wearing a piece as I type. Love it! I wish my husband knew of DSK so he can buy me more for Valentine's day. Ours is always very simple: dinner & a movie, not really gifts involved, but I would like DSK jewelry to be a tradition ;) Can't wait for my next piece to arrive. Have a great weekend!

saints said...

yea yea..sets sets..if possible steph a request..can i have a set in blue..i mean blue crystals...the girl i would like to buy for..her fav colour is turqouise..well blue being the closest..

katie said...

strawberry champagne sounds adorable, you always come up with the best names. i hope this year that you and minh can now spend valentine's day together (:
last year i spent it with someone, and it was the first time. but this year, i'm by myself. :c hahah oh well (;

- Renée - said...

strawberry champagne! Sounds yummy!!

Angela said...

very interesting post =] surprises are always nice

Apple Hu said...

Strawberry Champagne! I can't wait :)

As for jewelry sets, could you take an existing piece and "separate" it?
Like, with the Rocker necklaces for instance have the heart as the pendant and the wings as earrings?
My lame contribution.

Sour Lollipopp said...

i'd love it if u can make rings too!
bet they'll definitly turn out pretty!!!!

Stephani said...

I just received my Infinity Circle necklace in the mail yesterday and haven't taken it off since I opened the package (other than to shower, don't want to ruin it ;p)! It is even more dainty and beautiful than I had expected it to be. I've been a long-time admirer of your stunning creations, and I am so glad that I can finally own one =D Thank you so much!!!

Kate Gene said...

You have every right to be proud of the fact you were accepted into law school! My best friend just passed the bar; I was soooo excited for her. I saw how much she went through to get to where she is today. Hats off to you both!

You should also be very proud of the booming business you have! :) You've got a huge following... Everyone loves DSK! I will be the first in line when you open up your store. :) (I'm actually going to your 'hood next week to get a tune-up. I miss the 425 sometimes!)

I love Valentine's Day! I don't ever want to do anything fancy; a sweet treat or a heartfelt letter is better than any gift my husband could buy! :)

Strawberries and Champagne is too cute for words! You always come up with the best names!


fantabulousfrankie said...

Aww your valentines day post was so sweet, you really seem to care about your followers :D

You should definatley feel proud about getting into law school, I did law A-Level for two years and that was hard enough lol

If I had a valentines this year I would definately be hining for some DSK, maybe next year hehe

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