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The Classic & 2010

Hey ladies!
Thank you for all the new year wishes! I hope we all have a very prosperous 2010!

I wish the best for every one of you : ) If you're in school, I hope you 4 point all your classes (without having to study too hard). And if you're in the working world, I hope you love every project that comes your way!

I spent the last 3 hours watching The Classic (Korean Movie) with my bf Minh. It was most likely my 5 or 6th time watching it, but it was his first. I started crying right before all the sad scenes, 0_0 lol. Minh was laughing at me (he's so insensitive!) He didn't shed one tear. Not one! He told me that I cried too early, so he knew what was coming. lol [Yes, we watched it with subtitles, it's in Korean). Shout out to my Korean readers!

If you haven't seen The Classic, I suggest you watch it! It's one of the best stories I've ever come across in my lifetime. You never knew love could hurt so bad until you watch this movie.

As my friend Yuan would say, The Notebook got nothing on The Classic. It's just THAT good, and you won't be able to hold your tears back. *heavy sigh* The Soundtrack to this movie is also the BEST! It's all so memorable to me because I first watched the movie 4 and 1/2 years ago when I was a college freshman at Michigan State. I was surrounding with a great group of friends & we shared our addiction with Korean drama's and Korean movies. (Note, that group consisted of 75% sensitive college guys!) :) Good memories & Great friendships. Man, I miss college!

Anyhow, enough of my rambling ~ I've attached the Music Video to The Classic, I really hope you find the time to experience the story yourself. You'll laugh, you'll smile, and you'll cry. The last 20 minutes of the movie is the ABSOLUTE BEST. BRAVO the Classic cast & crew!

As you can probably tell, I'm emotionally attached to how awesome this movie is!
Special thanks to Yuan for sending us the movie in HD : ) You're the best! He attached a light yellow sticky note, with perfect penmanship that said, "Make Minh Cry."
It's the little gestures like that sticky note that count. Thanks buddy! You're one of the best friends I have. ^_^

The Classic OST

In jewelry news,

"Amber Star & Fuchsia Heart"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Large as Joon-ha's Heart!"
(I just had to!)
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Triple Pretty"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Make U Smile x 3"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

It's Back!
"End of Summer"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
Quantities Limited

"Medium Siam"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Medium Olivine"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
1 Available

"*NEW* Silver Moon & Teal Starfish"
***I really really like this combination***
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Elegant AB"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
1 Available

"Elegant Aqua"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Elegant Soft Amethyst"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Rose Teardrop Love Baits"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
1 Pair Available
Sale: $12.50

"Little Yellow Flower"
Sterling Silver Cell Phone/Key Charm
Crystallized Swarovski

The true art, craft, & skill of jewelry making is in your wire wrap.
Wire wrapping is one of the hardest skills to master.
Ask any jewelry artisan : )

When we (my jewelry maker friends & I) look at jewelry, we can tell the quality & skill level of a piece by the wire wrap.

There are a few out there who are the MASTER of MASTERS in wire wrapping.
They often travel to jewelry shows to teach upcoming jewelry makers how to perfect their skills.

Definitely pay attention to a jewelry maker's wire wrap. Or just any wire wrapped jewelry you come across in daily life. With a detailed eye, you can tell the quality, time & care someone puts into their work.

Symmetry is Beauty.
"Lemon Drops"
Natural Lemon Quartz (Gemstones)
14K Gold-Filled Earrings
Gold Wrapped by DSK Steph
(wrapping gold is the hardest, because when you mess up, you literally slap your forehead) lol
Sale: $20.50

"Real Amethyst 14K Gold Love Baits"
Amethyst (Gemstones)
14K Gold Filled Earrings
Gold Wrapped by DSK Steph : )
*Final Pair*

"24K Fuchsia Love Baits"
24K Gold plated copper Hearts
Crystallized Swarovski
14K Gold-Filled Love Bait Earrings
*Final 2 Pairs*

"Green Lovely Lady Earrings"
Swarovski Pearls
14K Gold-Filled Earrings
Gold Wrapped by DSK Steph
Sale: $13.50

Left: Lemon Quartz Cube Earrings $22

Right: 24K Gold Coin Lemon Quartz Cube Earrings $32

"14K Cream Pearl Love Baits"
14K Gold-Filled Love Bait Earrings
Swarovski Pearls
Antique Gold Bows

"Round Lemon Quartz Lovely Lady Earrings"
14K Gold-Filled Earrings
Gold Wrapped by DSK Steph
Natural Lemon Quartz

"Real Amethyst Lovely Lady Earrings"
Amethyst Gemstones
14K Gold Filled Earrings
Gold Wrapped by DSK Steph

From Left: Swarovski Rose Gold Earrings
Swarovski Jonquil Gold Earrings
Swarovski Light Amethyst Gold Earrings
Sale: $20.50 each

Crystal Heart Earrings

Random Makeup Blurb:
Most of you know my favorite color is purple by now :)
My all time favorite dark purple eyeshadow is most definitely Magnetic Field by MAC
I highly recommend it!
(dslr photo ~ much better than my webcam pic like the one below)

I've been getting quite a few emails about my makeup lately :)
For the girls who don't know me well on blogger (yet!).
I have a personal blog, www.stephanie-nguyen.blogspot.com
Although, I rarely do make up tutorials or reviews ~ a lot of my friends there do.
You can find their link on the right hand side of my personal blogspot.
There are definitely some SUPER awesome beauty guru's out there on youtube for example...
Bubzbeauty! Holly Ann-Aeree! ahanhbarbie34! Eki! Pink! Lena! The list goes on!
:) They're my girls & I learn from them. There's nothing more fun than sharing beauty tips, tricks, and secrets ;)
Check them out for makeup tutorials.
As for my makeup ~ I learn from the guru's!
Thank you for such sweet compliments, ya'll know how to make a girl blush!
(obviously, a webcam pic!)
Wearing my "Moonlight Rock" Necklace (18")
Told you it would hang right above your....... ;D

DSK Steph signing out! :)



Shiseiten said...

loving the amethyst lovely lady earrings! I find that Korean movies are usually better when it comes to love stories. :) one of my favorite korean movies is 200lb beauty. as for sad love story, A Millionaire's First Love always sticks in my mind. I'll have to check out the classic. Oh and for some good Japanese love story movies, I suggest, "Heavenly Forest/Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru" and "Hatsukoi no Yuki" (it has Lee Jun Ki!). :D

DSK Steph said...

I loved 200lb Beauty too!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the great recommendations! I definitely will be looking them up!

Happy New Year babe!

Esther said...

Ah! I haven't watched The Classic in such a long time that I've forgotten the plot. I tried to remember while watching the OST you posted up but that just wasn't happening due to my horrible memory. I'll have to rewatch it sometime before the spring semester starts!
The make up gurus are so interesting to watch but I can't really relate to their videos due to my lack of an eye lid flap. Did that sound nasty? Monolid? Kekeke..
I really liked "Make U Smile x 3" The green added a nice pop! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

I've never watched The Classic. will watch it one day :)
there's a korean movie that i love too, 'A Moment to Remember'. It's really touching. Love all your jewelries as always!

hannah said...

i like my sassy girl . lol the notebook has nothing compared to the classic.... my american friends always say notebook is the saddest movie ever,,, but i always used to think in my head ' girlfriend let me tell you something about korean love story movies..' u should watch speedy scandal

sherryberry said...

Ahh , 200 lb beauty . Love that. I'm definatly going to watch The Classic. You make it sound so good (: I totally get you because when I watch something awesome, I always convince my friends to watch it too, so we can share it!

sherryberry said...

And your right. the Teal is awesome! I love your teal crystals, so preeeetty > <

Kate Gene said...

LOL at you crying before the sad scenes! The Classic is really better than The Notebook? WOW! I think I need to see this! (I'm Korean, but I'll need subtitles, too. LOL!)

Your lemon drop and amethyst earrings are lovely!

You look awesome in both of your pictures! I laughed when I read: "Told you it would hang right above your..." Ha ha!


Line said...

I love all the new pieces!
I was a little bit bummed about the free shipping offer being over but then I found out that shipping to Denmark is only $5! I'll definitely be ordering loads more jewelry soon :D

MeiBelle said...

Hmmm I will have to check that movie out, I am a sucker for love stories! ^^ Again great stuff Steph! And I love your makeup, makes me want to get that eyeshadow!

Deborah said...

I really love the lemon quartz, can't wait for mine to arrive!

Dee said...

How odd, I'm addicted to Korean movies, yet I've never watched The Classic. I'll have to add that to the list of movies! Some of the sad movies I've watched are A Millionaire's First love along with My Girl & I and Lover's Concerto. Taeguki was a good sad movie too, but its about 2 bros (you should watch this if you haven't!).

I absolutely adore Amber Star & Fuchsia Heart and Silver Moon & Teal Starfish! The colors compliment each other very nicely.

hannah cho said...

omg, im korean! lol
love the teal and clear combo!

Maritza said...

i love your cell phone charms. I love stars and purple :)

jujubooo said...

mine mine mine, i loved The Classic as well! Must have watched it more than 6 or 7 times, but maybe it is time for a refresher!

Love all the jewelry too! Gorgeous and sparkly as usual!

Happy New Year! :)

Jina said...

I am korean and I am glad that you watched classic! It is an awesome movie<3 I love your pieces too as always they are fab<3

...SimMiChikO said...

steph!! happy new year to you, too! btw, not sure if you saw it yet, but jlo has a new song out called "louboutins." it's pretty lame, but oddly catchy. anyways, just thought i'd share with you since we're both louboutin lovers...haha! <3

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!. The first piece's of 2010!. Woo hoo!. I loved my little bride...and 200lb I recently watched one liter of tear?. I think that's how you spell it. I have more korean drama's then korean movie's so if you have any suggestions let me know ^_^

Ivy said...

OMG steph...
I'm soooo obssessed with ur jewelries...lol I have to stop myself from spending so much money over the winter break....but since it's not quite over yet...I'm gonna purchase another one again LOL :P

Jade said...

The Amber Star and Fucshia Heart necklace is gorgeous - I'd love to see it in different colors <3

Karen said...

Love all your jewelry... Just wanted to drop by to say I got your package and I love the earrings. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Though I'm totally not Korean, I'm in love with their dramas/movies as well. I really went through a phase a while ago and still kind of going through it. Lol. At least you had some people to watch it with. I only have myself and some buddies that live oh so far away. D:

Oh wow and your jewelry for the new year is absolutely fantabulous! Well, of course, I mean, it is DSK quality. ;D I really adore how the colours go together so well. Can't wait to see more from you!

And, I get what you mean with the wire wrapping. I tried it in one of my classes (I was experimenting) and it's definitely a skill that one needs to master and it takes so much time. Haha. I applaud you though darling. ^^

Hope your new year is going splendid so far!

Mrs. Cleanest said...

I have the "Real Amethyst 14K Gold Love Baits," the "14K Cream Pearl Love Baits," the "24K Gold Coin Lemon Quartz Cube Earrings," the "24K Fuchsia Love Baits," (and another in the light pink) and "Swarovski Rose Gold Earrings" (except in silver).

I assure you, all these earrings are 100x prettier and SUPER SPARKLY in person! They shine like you wouldn't believe. You can see them in a video here starting at 2:20 http://www.youtube.com/user/therellbesnacks1#p/a/u/0/Z9n4LRKVZVk

Thera said...

Now I will def watch The Classics, you make it sound so good. Have a great start to the new year and I hope it treats you well.
See Ya babe :)

pfefi said...

My best friend made me watch The Classic and I cried like a baby. Two months later I romanced him with it.* We've been a couple for a while now and we're moving in together in a few months! n_n If I said this movie held a special place in my heart it would be an understatement of the year. I got wet eyes from just watching the music video. T_T *sappy*

*Over the course of the week I wrote letters to Joon-ha, signed them Joo-hee, and put them under his door. I also left a "karate-chopped" watermelon, and at the end, the necklace on his doorknob! The pendant was the hardest part! If you could design anything to represent the necklace in the story and look good on a boyfriend's neck that would be awesome... *_*

Anonymous said...

Lovely pieces! Always loving the End of Summer necklace!

wuzzyangel said...

Stephie Cleavage!! O_O Whooo!!

Yes all those gurus are amazing women! ;) And your makeup is HOT Steph! That's why you're getting all these emails!

Aww 'Cheese' makes fun of me too when I cry over movies! Men just don't know! LOL!

PixyEla said...

I like the silver moon & teal starfish combo too!!!! Please bring it back if you can and put one on reserve for me haha. :D
You look gorgeous in those pics!! & not to mention, the necklace hangs perfectly where it should. ;)

Jewelry By Jessica said...

"Amber Star & Fuchsia Heart"
is soooo pretty, and of cource I love love love the triple heart necklaces. you've been such a busy dsk bee latley I love it lol. Hope to see tons ^_^

Anonymous said...

Okay.. so I gave in and ordered the End of Summer necklace... It's sooooo pretty!! :D

SharBEAR =) said...

I just finished watching the classic! it was such a great movie! Thanks for the recommendation! Though it was pretty sad, the ending was very good! =)

If you want to watch something that's inspirational, touching and sad. I suggest the Japanese drama 1 litre of tears if you haven't already heard or watched it.

beautiful new trio pieces! I hope you have more leaf and flower combos!


Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...

ohhhh i want to watch the classic now!!!
i absolutely ADORED the notebook!!!

&& i love Amber Star & Fuchsia Heart
the color contrasts are amazing so funky fresh =]
&& the sharp star is definitely the bomb diggity
(i know ... bomb diggity ...WTF?-_-' i can't believe i said that but in my defense i just watched the bring it on again )

Mandy Wang said...

i totally agree about wire wrapping!

except i didn't see anything you made with wire wrapping! D: unless you count wrapped loops on headpins?

you should try selling on etsy. :]

DSK Steph said...

@Mandy Wang - I use to wire wrap, but I lost my fancy.

I'm not a fan of selling on Etsy --I'm not hippie enough haha

kalai said...

aww.. the classic is beautiful. i'm going to have to watch it again though^^ i've forgotten so much of it~~

the end of summer necklace is so pretty^^ xx

Asa said...

pretty gal~

reeannany said...

:o "Amber Star & Fuchsia Heart" is so awesome!

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