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The Collabo in Sterling

"The Collabo in Sterling Silver"
16" or 18" Italian Sterling Fine Helix Necklace

The Collabo in Sterling


~*~Eureka~*~ said...

This necklace is sooo pretty!!!
I love the color of the briolette pendant <3
Keep up the fabulous work Steph

Pearlholy said...

So cute~ Peach theme, yummy! ^__^

wuzzyangel said...

O_O Ai... sooo sparkly!!

Issy said...

I don't know if it is just me, but I find these colors to be VERY soothing

joey said...

love love love!!!
so elegant!

its actually 2 AM right now where i live & im up doing homework (BLAH! and DORKY!)

im so glad i checked your site (been wishing for a new post
it really made (will make?) my day =)

Angelique said...

aww beautiful! <3

Dina (XYYan) said...

It's really pretty! love the color combination :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks really romantic I have to say (:

Kate Gene said...

You know how much I love briolettes! Purty, purty, and purty! Did I mention that it's purty? LOL! My husband is a fan of your jewelry; he especially likes the necklaces that have two crystals on them. Even men want a piece of DSK! :D


Anonymous said...

Lovely colors! :) I find the Collabo necklaces very interesting!

Emmeline L. said...

Wow, I really love that color!!

AmberJ said...

I lOvE Bubbi's moonlight necklace! Soooo pretty(:

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