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Discontinued Baller Pendants and a Little Behind the Scenes into DSK's Desk, Help Haiti

Hey all,

I have a short post for you tonight. I've been spending my time organizing the jewelry room & trying to clear out some of DSK Jewelry's Swarovski Crystal Collection. I've decided to discontinue the following pendants in these particular colors. They're my "Baller Size Hearts (about 1 inch in diameter). I'll still carry the Light Rose & The AB Baller Hearts, just not the ones you see below.

*I am well aware of a lot of the imitation jewelry blogs out there. I know they exist. My fellow bloggers know they exist. Thank you all for letting me know : ) I don't really let it bother much anymore because you all pretty much know who's the original, and many of my bloggers are all well aware. We all have our own opinion, so we just ignore them. Not only are they mimicking / imitating my pieces, but they're copying a few of my respected bloggers' jewelry art & crafts as well. It's such a shame, but ladies you all know word of mouth travels fast in this tight knit blog community.
They're not worth our time to care right ladies? Plus, if they're in the United States & they're running a "black market" style business, they will get caught one day or another. Nothing goes away because there's always a paper trail & the bad guy always get caught. Lets ignore them, and live for love.

Live with morals & give back to the world.

DSK Jewelry donated $250 to help the people of Haiti. I hope you all are helping in anyway that you can. Every bit counts in times like these. We're all very blessed to spend out extra time reading blogs. I donated through the UNICEF USA if you're interested, http://www.unicefusa.org/ to make your donations. Help the children of Haiti. Every bit counts because we all count. The power of one is very strong!

DSK Jewelry also recently donated $250 to the students of East Kentwood High School's "We The People" Team because my younger sister is fund raising and came to me for aid.

EKHS is the high school I graduated from in 2005. It's also the high school where my younger sister Julia is a senior & a team member of her AP Government class. Here's a little something she wanted me to share.

The primary goal of the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's students. This program enhances students' understanding of the institutions of American constitutional democracy. The culminating activity is a simulated congressional hearing in which students "testify" before a panel of judges. Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of constitutional principles and have opportunities to defend positions on relevant historical and contemporary issues.

On January 8, my team competed with high schools across the state and won the Michigan state title. Help us raise $24,000 for the trip to Washington, D.C. so we can kick ass at the national competition!

I made an announcement on my Facebook to get all my fellow Falcons to help our little Falcons compete at Nationals in Washington, DC. They deserve to go because they worked hard and won the state title! How impressive is that? The economy is so rough that the high school can't afford to fund them for this trip. I'm a strong believer in giving back, this is my high school, these students are THE FUTURE of the United States.

All-in-all, it doesn't matter how much you contribute to any cause of your choice, as long as you take that effort to donate that old shirt that you never wear anymore, or spare a dollar for the Red Cross whenever you go grocery shopping. The power of one is unbelievable. You'd be surprised. : ) I also love to donate all of Minh's clothes that he doesn't wear (or the clothes I don't like) to Goodwill (without him knowing of course). lol

Lets live to love, and not waste our precious time worrying about the copy cats. Lack of creativity & copying gets them no where in life because those with true passion & true creativity will always step up the game. Plus, why would these girl want a whole community of bloggers to think less of them? I'm not sure, but my fellow blog crafters & I definitely have no respect for people who lack business ethics & respect. Lets forget about them, and focus on the better thing in life like love. : )

Topaz, Light Violet, and Crystal Clear
They're all attached to the hour glass style .925 sterling silver
Clearing Out Price: $35.50

Baller Pendants

I have the regular size starfish as reference. ^^Large Golden Starfish, Large AB Starfish Pendants
I believe these are my last two (if I have more I will definitely let you know).
Sale: $28

Large Starfish Pendants Sterling Silver

I read a comment requesting to see more of the DSK Behind the Scenes : )
Today, I share with you my "equipment!"
They're my jewelry tools, but when you organize your business on paper, they're categorized as equipment (that actually depreciate over time).

I met with my accountant today and she's super cool. We had a good 1 and 1/2 hour chat about how the business is running & all that jazz. I basically take everything to her, and she prepares DSK's balance sheet, and profit/loss statement for the quarter.

With every business, you definitely need to find great people to help you & your business excel & do things right in whichever form of business you may have or aspire to start.

Knowledge is power, and sometimes you do have to pay money for other people's knowledge. It's part of life, quid pro quo, something for something.

I'm fortunate to have found my accountant through Minh's fraternity brother.
His father is an eye doctor who owns this office building where my accountant is located.
They've also been doing the eye care's office taxes for years. So we got really lucky to have found a trustworthy firm.

Again, I can stress how important it is to network. Someone always knows someone ; )
& you never know when you may need their services.

I'll share with you more fun "behind the scenes" of DSK Jewelry in the near future when I have an actual workshop again, right now a room is not that exciting, trust me!


Nancy said...

you have such a good heart steph! the people in haiti definitely could use whatever help we can offer whether it be $1 or $1000. and it's great you're helping your sister and her school too!

you're pieces are amazing as always =]

Miss P said...

I agree with you on helping Haiti! I donated some mula to the American Red Cross...every little bit counts! I love the starfish pendants...they're super duper cute!

P.S. My brother's middle name is Minh too! What a coincidence!!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Wow, you're seriously maturing from not caring about copy cats anymore. I'm glad you have those thoughts now of not caring and that they will be caught (in the US) one day or another. and LOL at donating Minh's stuff without him knowing. I'm sure he'll go through his closet by the time he reads this blog or when his sister shares it to him. lol. It's nice of you to donate and I agree with you that every little thing counts because it all adds up later =]

Mrs. Cleanest said...

THANKS FOR BEING AN EXCELLENT HUMAN BEING, STEPHANIE. Also, hope your grandpa's situation improves :(

PixyEla said...

I'm all for donating money and clothes whenever I get the chance. We drop off a bunch of clothes to Goodwill & some non-profit organizations every 6 months or so. I also made a contribution to Hope for Haiti last Friday. :) You're right, every little bit counts!!

Haha, it sounds kinda funny that jewelry tools actually depreciate. XD Ahh, balance sheets and all that talk remind me of accounting classes hehe.

CHEECHUN™ said...

it warms my heart to know that you've donated to haiti. especially with a thriving business you aren't "selfish" with your success. you give back and that is one of the reasons i will stay a (future) customer with you :)

Ephrath said...

You're so awesome for donating to Haiti and helping other out...you're a true inspiration.

ting RN said...

such a sweetheart for donating :) -ting <3<3<3

Kayii said...


I have been following your blog for some time, and your work is great, it's also so good that you aren't put down by these copy cats! The originals will always out rule the fakes :)

I have been making jewelry for some time but never had the confidence to show them off online, but you are one of the fellow jewelry bloggers (if not, the main one lol) out there that has given me confidence. So there's a positive side to everything.

It's lovely that you are donating aswell, you are more than just a business!

DSK Steph said...

@Kayii, thank you ^_~ I appreciate your kind words!

wuzzyangel said...

I'm glad you've got good people helping you out with DSK! DSK TAKES THE WORLD!! :)

And kudos to you for donating! I did the text donation. What goes around comes around, and that's why you get great biz & lots of love. Bcuz you're a great generous giving person! :)

Moon.Ink said...

$250 are a lot of money, you're fantastic! (: The school where I passed my final exams is run by sisters and I still know a lot of people there and made a donation, too. :) Of course not $250 ;) But, as you said, every Dollar (Euro (: ) counts!
I really hope that the people in Haiti get our help soon!

- Renée - said...

It's amazing how the whole world has come together to help the people of Haiti. Every little bit counts.

As for the copy cats out there, it's them I feel sorry for. They can't possibly feel good for copying someone else's designs.

Lena said...

Yay for DSk Steph!!! Great to see that DSK is helping others by all means <33. Love your saying "Let's live to love" =D Boo for those imitators!! There is only one DSK!! It's wrong to imitate people. You can make jewelry, but just don't copy other peoples designs >_<. Much love for you Steph!!

SharBEAR =) said...

aww Steph! ur such a sweet person for making so many donations!

I'm happy you're not being affected by those copy cats out there!! People who cannot come up with their own ideas are stupid. If they feel the need to go copy others than that just means they know they're not good themselves.

my uncle n their family just opened up a new buffet rest. and they're being super competitive with all the others around town but the thing is all the ideas they put into their new rest. are all copied from various rest. from out of states. they're trying to act like they're the best and everything but in reality they're copy cats! I learned to ignore them and I tell my parents that too. sorry for telling you this useless info. -.-

btw great baller pieces!


hannah cho said...

omg thats so sweet of you to donate money for haiti! and i cant believe youre discontinuing some pieces! :'( theyre all so beautiful!

Kate Gene said...

I love that you donated such a generous amount to help those in Haiti. I looked for volunteer opportunities for medical professionals, but not a lot of organizations are looking to send people over there anymore. (Honestly though, until I get better I can't travel long distances.) So, Sean and I are donating through his employer instead. They will match whatever you donate! Whoo hoo!

That violet crystal is so pretty! I'm a purple-holic!


Aqua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mariflor said...

holy cow, my high school's mascot is a falcon too! :)
I'm glad that you're doing your part to help Haiti. On Saturday, I'm going with my school to help organize canned foods for Haiti. It's good to help others. :)

ChLc said...

Awww your sweet Steph. You've got good heart <3 It's so incredible how everyone is making such a difference (:

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