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DSK's Everything Music II Bracelet

My second Everything Bracelet of 2010. While I'm away in Michigan, I hope to work on more of my Everything Bracelets & put necklaces on a hold. Please remember what I noted, orders placed after February 4th will be shipped in Early March, 2010! Because I'm going home to visit my family in Michigan.

I think you've all seen a lot of necklaces these past 3 months!

Minh & I are going to go decorate his new Seattle office now. I had 3 of his diploma's custom framed..costed me close to $800 ..0_0". But I figured I wanted this once in a life time gift to come from me. He worked hard & paid a lot for his education. It was also his Birthday, Christmas & Anniversary present for 2009. I'll post pictures on my personal blog when we hang them all up. I'll show you the new office & the awesome views he has of downtown Seattle as well. He lives minutes from Pike's Place, the Space Needle, & the ultimate downtown Seattle shopping: Pacific Place. Sometimes, I get jealous that I don't work in a corporate office. But then again...if I did I couldn't wake up at 10am everyday. lol My sleep schedule has not changed since college. I think it's a bit destructive, but I can't it! Sleep feels so darn good.

By the way Michael's Arts & Craft's Custom Framing is not so wonderful.
They take forever & they won't ever admit they're wrong if they made a mistake!
I ordered them before Christmas and they failed to deliver as they promised.
They just give you 100 excuses. The only people who can and will help you is the managers.

=/ boo custom frame shop!

But now to ease your eyes,
featured is a frequently requested Music Themed Bracelet

"DSK's Everything Music II Bracelet"
7" all Sterling Silver & Crystallized Swarovski
Interlocking Sterling Heart Clasp


~*~Eureka~*~ said...

Ooo this bracelet's way cute too! I sing & play violin so I love musical stuff hehe
I really like the idea of you working with themes cuz I feel like it gives the pieces more meaning or something lol (esp for bracelets cuz you can do so much with them)
I was thinking it'd be sweet to have a series of bracelets inspired by the Disney Princesses (Idk if this is a brilliant idea but I think it'd be neat)
& also I would REALLY love it if you had a series of necklaces, bracelets, & earrings inspired by different kinds of candies/chocolates (I think that would be adorable & everybody DEF loves candy!)
P.S. I wish I could get up @ 10 everyday haha

Kate Gene said...

That was SO nice of you to frame Minh's diplomas. If I graduated from law school, I'd be posting photos of my diploma everywhere! Ha ha ha! When my best friend passed the bar, I kept telling people on her behalf. We were eating at The Macaroni Grill (where you can write on the paper tablecloths) and I wrote that she passed the bar on ours. The server was like, oh! Congratulations! Ha ha!

I love Michael's! I've never had them frame anything, so thanks for the heads up! It's cool that Minh's gonna be in the middle of downtown. It sounds like his office is seriously right next to Sean's! Crazy!!!!

This piece took my breath away, no joke! I loved the one with the seahorse, but wowza! This is stunning! Love it!


doubley123 said...

wow. this is a bracelet to fall in love in 1 second! like even without looking at it properly!

but i'm going on to HK, so i can't afford it =X

Pinky said...

Ugh if all your fans go in debt one day, we can put all the blame on you! :P All of these pieces are too gorgeous! I usually don't even like black colors on a jewelry, but you totally played with my head! This is my favorite bracelet thus far ^___^ Btw, when will the new website be open? =]

Michelle said...

Oh, such a classic, look, lurveeeeeeeeee! <3 I love the pearls, eighth notes, and treble clef! I love everything about it. ^.^

Cara said...

this is just too damn gorgeous...........

Anonymous said...

I love the black and white theme of the bracelet! It's really really pretty!

Anonymous said...

My sleep schedule is horrible! I'm a 'Night-Human', so I am always EXTREMLY tired, if I have to get up early in the morning (school xD). But I can't go to bed when it's only 9 pm. o.O Don't know, what I should do...If I try to sleep I just stare into the darkness for a looong time. :D

Anyways! :D

I loove the bracelet, the clef and the hearts look gorgeous!

SharBEAR =) said...

I'm loving these Everything themed bracelets! very creative n sparkly! great job Steph! =)

I'm happy you're going home and spending time with your family! I just went back to college after my winter break and I miss my family already! -.- hope you have a great time!


Anna said...

Woww. So pretty! Haha, I've never had a custom frame..

You're on a role with the updates right now! :DD

HT said...

That's a really nice gift for your BF! I know diploma frames can be really expensive... I'm glad you posted about Michael's! I still have to get my undergrad diploma framed (yikes, I know... It's been over 2 years, too!) and I was thinking about going there. Never mind! haha :)

Mandy said...

OMG yay! My favorite bracelets are back! lol :D
I'm defiently going to buy lots of these pieces! ..*clicks add to Cart* LOL xD
And have fun visiting your family in Michigan~ ^^

Joannababy said...

THIS ONE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! <3 i may splurge a bit as Chinese new year is just around the corner...^^ keep them coming, Steph!

Lena said...

Omgeee!! That everything music II bracelet is gorgeous!!! Love it!! That's so sweet how you got Minh custom made frames for his diplomas! Such a wonderful gf. <33

wuzzyangel said...

How sweet of you to get Minh's certificates custom framed! :) I did that when 'Cheese' got his black belt certificate! LOL!

Have fun decorating!

Ivy said...

haha congratz to minh :D and i love absolutely loveeee the new heart clasps u have :o next time u should put them onto ur necklaces if you can xD even though ur gonna focus on bracelets now. :] good luck <3 i loveeee ur bracelets they are just so pretty.

<3 sleep <3 hehe. its never a bad thing

Ivy said...

haha congratz to minh :D and i love absolutely loveeee the new heart clasps u have :o next time u should put them onto ur necklaces if you can xD even though ur gonna focus on bracelets now. :] good luck <3 i loveeee ur bracelets they are just so pretty.

<3 sleep <3 hehe. its never a bad thing

Pearlholy said...

Wow, I love the music bracelet collection. Makes me wanna take out the violin in the closet and play. ^__^

The bracelet is totally on my wishlist! It's soooo sooo cute!

Emmeline L. said...

My goodness, that is pretty! It looks quite simple, but it's soo sleek! The little music charms are adorable

I can't wait to see what else you come up with while you're in Michigan!

CATHLEEN said...

omg i love the bracelet. music ><. it's absolutely amazing. *drools* makes me feel like going to practice the violin and piano. sigh i the steps it takes to prefect an instrument is hard.

lol. yes sleep is good. :D

Noriki said...

i really like your bracelet ^_^ mesmerizing indeed <333

Phally said...

Love the bracelet! I just file my taxes.. so that means I'll get to order more pieces soon =D Can I request for the color of the bracelet? One in pink/red and a 2nd one in purple/white with the music note? The pink/red would be so perfect for my daughter when she's a bit older! She's turning 1yr old in a few days and she already know what's her color preference lol

And about Michael's.. I had a custom order on frame once (back 2005) to put a poster size family photo.. it cost me a little over $300 and I had to wait for a month and half. They didn't even bother to call me or anything.. I had to call and check up on it myself!

DSK Steph said...

@Phally, isn't Michael's terrible! I like the Pink/White, Pink/Red color combos :)

xnguyen said...

oooohhhhh I love this! It's so pretty!

christina said...

this will go great while playing piano :D

Kat said...

Really pretty, just love it! Makes me want to buy it the min. I saw it. But I stopped after I saw paypal. So sad...anyway, love your work!

christina said...

This may sound really corny, but honestly this bracelet, so far is the most beauiful bracelet I have come across. I love anything that has to do with music :)

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