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Earrings & Bubbi Necklace Winners!!!

Since I couldn't decide what to do, I figure I give both ladies a Bubbi Necklace!
Thank you all for participating ^_^ Now my question is did you Join the Facebook Groups?!

Thank you to Mai & Jill for the time & energy you have put into DSK Jewelry.
I really appreciate everything you both have done for me. :)

@DHFSD, if he ever has any questions let me know, my bf or friends would be glad to answer his questions about the legal field : )

@Linda, you aren't stalkerish, you're a winner!

Ladies, please e-mail me with your mailing addy so I can send you your new necklace!

With Love! Steph

Now time for two pretty pair of earrings. I think I will be focusing on earrings & bracelets this next month when I take a break in Michigan. February 4th is coming up!

photo snagged from Jess, visit her blog here

Swarovski Crystals & Bow Earrings
.925 Sterling Earring French Hooks

Jess of oohpretty.blogspot.com for DSK Jewelry :)
She let me use her photos to show you what the earrings look like on.


Thank you Jess! P.S. I love you blog! Best reviews, best photos, I love it!

"Light Sapphire Teardrop Love Bait Earrings"
Sterling Silver
Swarovski Light Sapphire Crystals

*They're Back!* --I had them post a few weeks before Christmas.

I'm going to take it easy the rest of the night, just watching Dr. 90210 with Minh : )



Michelle said...

Congrats to the winners. [:
Yep yep, joined them both.
Aww...cuddle time! ^.^

DHFSD said...

Oh wow, i actually won something.. haha im so excited for it now, itll be my first dsk necklace haha ive been too poor and unemployed to afford one =[ But yay im happy, thanks so much steph !!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Congrat to the other Linda and DHFSD

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

Yay I'm glad you decided to make them both a winner! That makes even me happy for some reason :)
I wish I read your post sooner cuz I check those Facebook pages like all the time to look at the new info & the new pics! I check your blog like 24/7 too, but school had me exhausted last night (Grrr bad college! Bad!)
& I'm psyched that you're gonna focus on earrings & bracelets...esp the bracelets...so excited <3

CATHLEEN said...

you figured out what to do with the prizes. good for you and congrats on the two that won.

ate your sweets today >< yumm. well i had the lychee and green tea one which btw i love. (green tea obssessed). my little sister took the strawberry one :(. i might go searching to find the green tea lolly. i hope they have it in australia.

<3 ur earings... hmm might make another purchase soon XD

Line said...

Congratulations to the winners! I was so bummed when I saw the contest was posted while I was stuck at work! So I had to use my phone to get onto facebook, and it takes away feautures to be more cell-phone compatible. Ack! However, I managed to find Mai on my break but then it ended. Oh no! Then I decided I had to try and lige onto facebook from one of our work computers (I work at a pharmacy) and had to wait until no one would see. I finally found the Jill comment and hurriedly posted on the blog! PHEW! It sure put some excitement in to my day! :-D

doubley123 said...

woop. 1st for the first time. its 9am in the UK. (if i don't take ages thinking of what to write)

i like it when you post your jewelry with the model, then you have more of an idea of how big it is and wether they'll suit you ^^

ps. how big is the parcel for the Happy necklace? does it fit in a door-post? because i may be going to Hong Kong soon and i'm scared the postman will just leave the package under the door mat again if its too big! yes, i bought the big bang big show DVD(duno if you know them, korean group) and he just left it under the door mat because i wasn't home!

doubley123 said...

4got, you had to approve your comments! i guess i am likely not to be 1st. anyway, congratulations to DHFSD and Linda.

christina said...

I joined the facebook group of DSK but not any other copycats LOL :) DSK Steph is awesome ^^ :D

sherryberry said...

CONGRATS to the winners! Also Steph, when you leave for Michigan, are you going to continue updating?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Linda and DSFSD! :)

Ohh,, I like the idea of more earrings and bracelets! It's sad, but I only have one pair of stud earrings, which are the ones I got my ears pierced with when I was about 1 year old! I'd like to see some stud earrings! I feel like changing things up a bit! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you Steph for the shout-out! I LOVE your jewelry to pieces! ♥

And I can't wait to get my hands on more! ;)

Linda said...

O.O Thank You Steph!!! You're way too nice!!! <3 I'll send you an email later and Grats to the other winner ^^

Cara said...

hey steph!!! i just wanted to let you know i got a compliment on my dsk necklace again today!!!!!! it really DOES feel really nice when it happens...and it's so sweet that you smile when we're happy too~~ yay!!

hannah cho said...

oohhhhh.......... verrrrryyy pretty earrings.... ive always adored the bows!

Ivy said...

great choice of picking the winner, I'm happy for the both of them ;) I can't wait to see ur bracelets, u put in great effort into them ^o^ plus I love to see the different styles u come up with for the earrings
best of luck steph and congratz to the winners~~
ps. I know how they feel about being a stalker cuz I check ur blog whenever I can. It's part of my life lol I feel so lame for telling u this xD it's like putting a sign on me that says "dork" haha but I'm not ashamed :o

Forgotten said...

Congrats to the winners. (:
Looking forward to seeing the earrings & bracelets, Steph!

ingrid_071488 said...

Hey Steph, I keep missing out on the bow earrings w/ the pearls...can you make more with cream pearls? I love them so much but everytime you bring them back I'm already too late :( lol

Anonymous said...

hello!!! I am a new member of your team! Just 1 week ago I disovered your jewelry and I must say that I'm really thrilled about it!!!(I wish I could buy it all!:P) Truth is I already ordered some staff a few days ago and I'm really looking forward to receiving it!!!!(Im not a US resident so it will take some time to get it!!!!)I hope you keep up your great work and always create beautiful pieces of art! love and kisses from greece! xxx

Anna said...

Grats to the winners! :D Where on earth did I get Jess from haha? xD
Can't wait for the bracelets.^^ Too bad i'm saving for summer. :/

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph, You did an awesome decision on choosing both ladies as the winner! Your Jewelry is making me drool lol! And I'm having such a hard time picking what I want- Its because they are all oh so beautiful! But I did notice that I didn't see anything with purple and pink together, and I was also looking for something in a BRIGHT royal blue- for when the boyfriend comes home I'm showing him what I want so he can buy it for me lol! hahahhahaa!

Love you! xoxoxoxo

AnieAristocrat said...

The bows are so elegant and cute! I'm super proud of the winners! Congrats!

Apple Hu said...

Congratulations, DHFSD and Linda! You guys are so lucky~
I couldn't even find Jill's XD

Those earrings are so petite and cute! I love the bows.

Mmm, this is a pretty vague request, but I wonder if you could make some more unisex jewelry that're like the Jet Pegasus for guys? I don't know what that would be like, though xD

Pearlholy said...

Wee~ Congrats to the pretty ladies who won the giveaway contest! I'm glad you've resorted to reward both Linda and DHFSD. Quite generous of you, Steph <3 ^__^

Have a nice evening/day everyone! =DDD

Pearlholy said...

And yes I joined the DSK group on facebook!

wuzzyangel said...

I wore my crystal Love Baits to dinner last nite, and EVERYONE was complimenting them! Made me feel soo popular! LOL! THANKS STEPH! ;)

Kate Gene said...

Congratulations on winning you two! Isn't Steph the best?!

Those bow earrings are SO cute! I am a huge fan of bows! I love the teardrop earrings, too. They match the teardrops tattooed under my eye. LMBO! Yeah, right!


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