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Interview Tips from Nonners

Hey everyone,

This post is semi- not jewelry related. I just wanted to share with you some very helpful interview tips (just so you all have an edge when you interview for that dream job.) : )

As some of you may already know, my childhood friend Whitney (aka Nonners) has recently started blogging more and making youtube videos of her interests or requests. Her current full time is to interview potential candidates for different positions in whichever company it is that is hiring.

I thought this would be a great video to share with you all since I know some of my readers are going through the time in their life where they could use a few pointers on how to ace that first interview. Especially in the United States right now, it's a dog eat dog corporate world. People are losing their jobs, and getting laid off right and left. That also means there is a huge pool of talent that is COMPETING with you to get hired. In this video, which Whit posted today she's going to give you a few good examples of how to answer those hard interview questions. If you have any questions for Whitney, drop by her blog, leave her a comment or comment in her youtube video, and I know she can get back to you when she can. She's very helpful & friendly (most days). So you better hope it's one of those good days. jk :P

Whitney has a lot of great connections to the corporate world even though she's just turned 23 years old. She's very intelligent, confident, and POWERFUL. lol jk the powerful, but anyhow here's a POWERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO NONNERS!!!
5 STARS cause it's Whitney's birthday!

Her father is a very successful entrepreneur (and MSU alumni just like me & Whit!), lets just say some big time company CEO's are his best friends. Whit always tells me these stories of how one of the CEO's wife has an elevator in her closet up to her jewelry closet. Isn't that sweet? I didn't even know people did that! haha, but I guess when you're family is ballin' anything is possible.

The coolest part is that we're all MSU Spartans : ) GO GREEN!

Growing up together Whitney & I never really thought about the corporate world, or any careers in general. All we really cared about was who was cuter Babu or Blue Bear stationary (since 6th Grade Middle School through Senior Year College, I think cute stationary was our favorite topic). lol

Now that we're grown, and both in the real world now ~ we both realize how important knowledge really is to be successful. And to take that first step towards your career, you need to know how to interview for a corporate job. Whitney points out a very important interview question in this video. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" I was laughing so hard at what she said because it's true...interviewee's do talk about starting a family. FAIL!

The DSK Earrings that Whit had on were these,
"14K Cream Pearl Love Baits"
14K Gold-Filled Love Bait Earrings
Swarovski Pearls
Antique Gold Bows

Whitney didn't address this yet, but I will. You also need to dress the part, GUYS, NO KHAKIS & BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS WITH NO TIE. WEAR A SUIT BLACK OR BLUE WITH TIE. PREFERABLY BLACK! I had a lot of friends in college who were Engineering majors, now Engineers...and I could not believe they were never taught then how dress professional. In the business classes, the different kind/styles of professional dress was drilled into our minds! Definitely, important that's why they emphasized how to dress appropriately for an interview.

ALSO, LADIES, NO OPEN TOE SHOES (EVER) at an interview. Do not wear hoop earrings and try to avoid dangling earrings ( you basically want to try to avoid wearing anything that will distract your interviewer or yourself ). You don't want to play with your earrings without knowing. Whitney is wearing dangles earrings (DSK in fact ;)) but she's the interviewer, not the person who is being interviewed. Pearl studs are very appropriate, they just make you look polished. No tight clothing, no cleavage, no red nails or lips! French tip nails, or neutral / natural nail polishes. Do not wear dramatic eyeliner, or colorful eyeshadow. You should aim to look conservative. They will see your personality when you speak. & ALWAYS WEAR A WATCH! I know of some companies who will throw away our resume after you leave if you didn't wear a watch to the interview.
Unless stated, all interviews are business professional.
Every look dapper in a suit, so dress for success : )

I hope this post is helpful for some.
Thanks Whit for making this video, I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate your generosity!
It's not everyday someone gives you "free" advice.

I completely forgot about DECA! lol
Thanks for reminding me Anie!
I competed at State in 2004 : )
I created a business plan for a Spirit Store for my high school.
I didn't win 1st, but I did get a certificate, I forgot what it was lol.
I just remember having to present in front of 4 judges, and selling myself and my plan!

Thanks for visiting!
I'll post new pieces soon!



P.S. Yes, I will be flying Whitney out when it's time for DSK Jewelry Company to hire employees (one day) !

P.S.S. Holly just texted me, she posted a new video on Travel Brushes and is wearing my DSK "14K Pearl Cream Pearl Love Baits" ::HEARTS:: aww Check her out! 5 STARS!
If you don't know who Holly Ann-AeRee is...then you don't DSK Jewelry! :P


Mrs. Cleanest said...

Aw Steph this is the sweetest! It's always a nice surprise to see you do a post about me :]

I adore you, and I'll take care of all the DSK hiring fo' free. Hahaha.

No but seriously, how cute do those "14K Cream Pearl Love Baits" in a professional setting? I love it.

Huggies & huggies forever! (P.S. anyone who may have read this comment don't use made-up words in interviews... you'd be surprised...)

DSK Steph said...


Anonymous said...

The timing is impeccable! I'm currently sending out applications for summer jobs! Hahah Thanks! Very helpful! :D

Maple said...

Ahh thanks for the tips ya. I'll be graduating soon and I'm an engineering major :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie!,
I was wondering if you could help me. I can't see any of the video's that you post on your blog. Is there a certain setting you have to use for blogspot?.

christina said...

The Cream Pearl Love Baits is so adorable!! :) & thankyou Whitney for the good advice. They will come in handy! :)

AnieAristocrat said...

All those tips are so true. I'm involved in DECA (An Association For Marketing Students) and we learn about all the crazy things that go on during interviews and such. My current job has to deal with marketing and these same tips helped me get the job instead of all the other people that went for the same interview. I'm glad marketing can be brought to a new light here and also showing the importance the little things have.

I looooove the bows on the earrings!!!! Super cute!!! <3


DSK Steph said...


I competed in DECA too!!! My junior year in high school, I created a business plan for a clothing store :)!

AnieAristocrat said...

Yay! Your a DECA dork too! XD Our State competition is in March, so we're really getting ready for that.

I love the apparel events the best! our last competition I had to handle customer objects to a wedding order XD there were two judges for some reason D:

Kellie said...

awe I wished I would've read this before my interview today, hahaah!! I will keep that in mind for next time :)

HT said...

I wish I'd seen this post before I interviewed for my new job! But I'm glad to see that I did almost all of the tips you listed. Thank goodness!!! I'm glad I saw this, though... definitely useful!

Anonymous said...

The tips are very helpful (: Thanks for posting this!
Wow *sigh* the earrings are gorgeous, I wear both golden and silver jewelry but in my opinion gold suites me better ;) So I might save my money for these cuties!

Have a nice day!

Carine said...

thank you (and whitney of course!!) so much for all these tips ! I didn't know any of that, so i'm glad you posted it !

Apple Hu said...

I've never had a job, and I'm applying for one now. It'll probably only be as simple as working at a store, but I'm so glad you shared these tips. So scared for interviews!

Thanks for doing the video; it's very nice of you to share :)

Lena said...

Great tips by Nonner<3.. Thanks!!! Those pearl love baits are amazing too!!

morrelljenny said...

Great tips, some should have been common sense so its scary that people aren't following them (ie talking about pets???). The best tip was making sure that you have researched who you are working for so that you can answer questions such as "why do you want to work here?" AND more importantly even, asking questions, but make sure you have listened and don't ask anything that they have already told you.

Kate Gene said...

One time, on BlogTV, I noticed Holly had some cute earrings on. I asked her where she got them, and she said she got them from you - of course! :D Your jewelry is so eye-catching. I love it!


wuzzyangel said...

She gave great tips! First impressions are key!

Ohhh Pearl Love Baits!

Nga said...

Hey.. Steph i wanted to know if u have any other way for me to pay u ,,, because something is wrong with my paypal account? thankyou please email me Bestacie@yahoo.com
thankyou so much i love ur work

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