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January 12th, 2010 (Tuesday's Post) : )

"Autumn Story -16" Sterling Heart Link Necklace"
Pre-Order Available (Delivery time frame 2-3 weeks)

"Flower Girl"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace
*1 Left*

"Soft & Gentle"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace
*1 Left*

16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace

"Triple Darling"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace

"Small Mystic Purple Baroque"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace

"Teal & Silver Starfish Moon"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace

"Great for the Office" --Dress Code Color inspired by Emmeline ;)
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace

"Flowa Powa 18" Heart Link"
***Available Again!***

**Inventory Updated** 12-13-10"Large PH 16" Heart Link Necklace"
Pre-Order Available (Delivery 2-3 weeks)

"Wooden Wolf Bracelet 7"

**Inventory Updated 12-13-10***"Bubz Remix Bracelet 7"

"Bubbi Remix 18" Necklace"

"Working Girl"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace

"Valentine Ready"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace

"Rocker PH"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace
Sold Out --Available again in March

"Autumn's Flower"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace

"Summer's Decor"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace

*Avalable* "Large Golden Starfish"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace

"Deep Romance"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace


ChLc said...

Ahh I love all of it!!! <3
*envies the people who buy them*
Especially "Flowa Powa" and "Autumn's Flower"

Lailani Albano said...

the "great for the office" one looks perfect!! it's exactly what i've been waiting to see :D

Jewelry By Jessica said...

The "Working Girl" tripple heart necklace is sooo pretty. All of them are Steph, I love your designs!

HT said...

I am so in love with that PH color... *sigh*

Jacklin Nguyen said...

I love love love all of these! Such gorgeous colors! I wish I could have them all!

Michelle said...

could you remix the "Black Moon & lil AB Star"
or maybe have a blue moon instead?
it would look really pretty (:

Rena said...

i'm tempted to purchase some of these GORGEOUS necklaces as presents! i guess i'll just have to save up!

<33 rena

Mandy said...

awww these are all so pretty it makes me want to buy more!!<3

I think I might have too soon too feed my dsk jewelry addiction! LOL :P

Shiseiten said...

I love the deep romance and earth color triple hearts. :D great job as always

kimthinguyen said...

Lol steph great job! That's it no more for me 7 pieces in two weeks. I'm addicted. Seriously, dien roi. Love them all!
Kim N

Kate Gene said...

That PH crystal is unbelievable! I love the purple hue it reflects!



Cara said...

omgggg so excited for my package to arrive in the mail!!!! =DDDDDDD

Julie said...

I thought I could control my DSK Jewelry addiction. LOL, Steph you keep making me want to buy everything. Loving the colours the PH pendant reflects, it's beautiful !~

Lorelle said...

Lovely pieces as usual! My favorite is the mystic baroque :)

Lena said...

everything is always so beautiful!! I'm wearing my autumn story right now. =)

wuzzyangel said...

I NEED CASH!! I'M GOING THROUGH DSK WITHDRAWLS!! LOL those lovely earrings you sent me for xmas was like a quick fix! LOL! It's leaving me wanting more MORE MORE!!

AHhh... I wanna rocker necklace now!!!! Do you accept favors for DSK?! ;) LOL J/K!!

Anonymous said...

:O Autumn Story!! LOVE this necklace! Thanks for bringing it back! :D I'm probly gonna get it, although I really have to stop spending my money as much as I have these past few months.. after all, I'm a student with only a part time job haha..

Stephanie said...

flower girl is absolutely darling ~

&& the bubbi remix necklace
it's SO SHINY!!! omg pure sparkle~

Esther said...

Ugh. There were so many in this post that I just LOVED. I'm a fan of darker colors and the "Deep Romance" and "Great for the Office" one really struck me. aoishdfaldfjasdf.
Also, I think my neck is fatter than most people's. 16"s fit me like an unflattering choker. Fat neck. :(((((

SY said...

I love the way you set up your jewelry then take the pictures. It comes out so sophisticated and it all looks so beautiful =]

Naomi said...

YAY! I was so happy to see the Autumn Story back up!!
LOVE it! Purchased immediately. 3 wonderful, unique pieces in one day >.< I had to contain myself, because I saw more I wanted. I'll have to wait anxiously for my first shipment to come. I'm glad I have found my new addiction. A beautiful addiction of course:)

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

Your pieces continue to amaze me!! I love almost every single one of them.. they all look so gorgeous <3

I can't wait until you have your stud earrings in stock again! I have sensitive ears so there are a LOT of earrings i can't wear :( but i was recommended to try the ones from you! I'll be keeping a lookout for them! :) xx

Line said...

Wow, you've outdone yourself, Steph. Everything in this post is GORGEOUS!

Line said...

I'm so sad I missed out on Flowa Powa again! :(

Anonymous said...

The soft & gentle necklace is adorable I love the color's!.

MeiBelle said...

That baroque necklace is gorgeous! I love looking at your pieces Steph!

Asa said...


GIRL, u are so talented.

fantabulousfrankie said...

All so gorgeoues especially triple darling and earth!!! I like seeing more bluey colours in the triple necklaces, a dark purple would be a bonus :D

I tried buying Flowa Powa but was gutted to find its already sold out, I love it so much and it has the shorter heart chain I love.
Any chance you will have any more available in the future, cos im obviously not quite quick enough :(

Anonymous said...

I like the mystic purple baroque. Steph, please create a post for pedants only. I want to collect all the colors!! Also,please make some infinity circle in moonlight, golden shadow or some other colors and pair it with a small heart. hmmmm, wouldn't that be cute?? :D (infinity circle in moonlight with rose heart?)

Theresa said...

Beautiful as always. :D

And I just noticed you have 2010 followers. How appropriate! XD

hannah cho said...

omg i still love the rocker necklaces! and the triple heart necklaces in this post are all amazing <3 especially the earth, triple darling and in the office! ive always loved shades!

sherryberry said...

lmao i would name my favorites but then I would have to name them all (: ! (my corny line of the day)
anywayss, dammn stephh, you workin hardd! :D thanksss alot!


pfefi said...

You just hit 2010 followers! :D *dork*

MeiBelle said...

I'd like to request the Baroque pieces more!! ^__^

Anonymous said...

they're all wonderful! I SO wish I could get my Bright Futures reimbursment now, haha!! xD

bunny1218 said...

This might sound lame but I visit your page many times in one day just to look at all the pretty jewelry you make. In a small way it makes me happy just to look :)

DSK Steph said...

@bunny1218 aww you're too sweet!

cutesquid said...

I really love those ph crystals!!!
I really love the Bubz Remix Bracelet, too!
I'll have to coerce one of my friends who has a credit card to help me pay for one...but then...I'd have to decide on which one I want the most first!!!

nekogotsitbaad said...

I had to smile at the "large titanic" necklace as I just watched that movie the other day! Think I might buy that one! Loving the original pieces =] Will you be making anymore of the Rocker PH or the AB baller necklaces?

Ivy said...

I knew I was missing something this week... Guess what it was :( it was DSK jewelry >o< I been so stressed lately gyahhh lol but everytime I get to see the adorable necklaces u make it always cheers me up. Just spending 5 minutes checking out ur creations brings me happiness xD I'm sucha losah ;( anyways I absolutely love the color combo of soft and gentle it truly fits it's name ^o^ and the wing pendent on the rocker necklace is LOVE it's so sweet great job steph-- Jia You!!!

ATL said...

Today I came back home from work excitedly cuz I knew my necklace would be in my mail! I received your package!!! Its funny how I immediately look for what kind of candy you put in for me instead of the necklace. Lolz. And I ate one candy while looking at the necklace. =) I was a little disappointed that the infinity circle was so much smaller than I had pictured it. But all and all, I was happy to receive your package! Have a good day!

dr.amytran said...

I absolutely L-O-V-E every single one of them <3 You are so smart with colors Steph!

purpleskittle said...

I absolutely love the rocker necklace!!! Don't stop making it! Gotta save up! XD

Sana said...

The Ph rocker necklace is beautiful I got it from my bf as a gift!
Thank you :] your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are so pretty and unique ^^

Kim said...

I <3 these necklaces!
can you make the bubbi remix necklace in 16inch chain please?

frizzbomb said...

Please bring back the Bubbi Remix necklace!

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