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January 21, 2010 [Thursday] DSK Jewelry

Happy Thursday!

"Large Aurora Flower on Helix"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
3/4" Swarovski AB Flower
**What I wore today & got compliments at my favorite store of all time Target!** : )

"Fuchsia Jet Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace

"Large Light Siam Heart"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace

"DSK / Holly Ann-AeRee Collabo: Pink Edition on Fine Helix"
18" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace
*Last One*

"DSK / Holly Ann-AeRee Collabo: Ruby Edition on Fine Helix"

18" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace
*1 Available*

18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
16" is sold out

"Moonlight & Ocean Teal Hearts"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace

"Fuchsia & Peridot Green Hearts"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace

"Fancy Avante: Dark Teal"

18" Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace
*1 Available*
SALE: $38

"Fancy Avante: Aquamarine"
18" Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace
*1 Available*
SALE: $38

*Special Thanks to Renee for the brilliant idea*
Thanks for e-mailing me girl, I'll have one sent to you this week as my gift to you.
Thanks for visiting the jewelry blog & leaving great comments ^_^
"Renee's Mother Earth Remix Necklace"
16" & 18" Sterling Silver Fine Helix Chain Necklaces Available!

"Renee's Mother Earth Remix Necklace"

Thanks for stopping by ~! : )
If you have any requests, leave a comment, and I'll try my best to full fill them the best I can.

I'm waiting for Minh to come home so we can got to Applebee's for dinner, I don't know why but I'm craving Applebee's for the first time! I usually look down on Applebee's lol

Dainty Bracelet [Small AB Heart]
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Sale: $20

Snow Crystal Bracelet
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet

They're Back!
"Crystal Ball Love Baits"
.925 Sterling Silver Earrings

"Light Sapphire Briolette Drops"
.925 Sterling Silver Earrings


Apple Hu said...

I am in LOVE with the Fuchsia Jet Pegasus. Girly with the purple, but the black complements it so well :) It reminds me of raspberries, my favorite fruit.

I hope it's still available when I finish saving up, but I doubt it :(
Job, job, job *fail*

Issy said...

That deep teal color is AMAZING! I'm loving the blue-green (EARTH!) updates! <3 I look forward to seeing more aquamarine and peridot items from you!

Susan said...

The Strawberry Frost on Helix Necklace just arrived and is stunning!!! The Fuchsia Jet Pegasus is amazing and I adore the color of the Dark Teal on the Fancy Avante necklace!! Have to wait before I order more. Hope you do more with the dark teal. Hope you enjoy Applebee's.

ChLc said...

Wow the "Mother Earth Remix" turned out amazing! Great idea Renee :) I love all the flower necklaces. They're so pretty and remind me of Spring ^_^

DSK Steph said...

@Apple Hu, remember those interview tips girl! Believe in yourself :)

Stephanie said...

blossom is pretty =]
very cute!!!

HT said...

haha, I tend to look down on Applebee's too. Hope it was yummy! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my GOSH I'm in love with the dark teal ^_^ Wonderful pieces as always!

Lena said...

OOoo I agree that Blossom is really pretty =).. WOW the Mother Eart Remix looks stunning!! Great job Renee and Steph!! hope you have a wonderful dinner at Applebee's!

Esther said...

Omg, I LOVE how the Mother Earth Remix came out! I think I was being a little slow when I read her comment in the other blog at first because I didn't understand but YEAH MAN. I TOTALLY GET IT NOW. *durr* It looks gorgeous!!!

Sally said...

Can't believe you got more of the "DSK / Holly Ann-AeRee Collabo: Pink Edition on Fine Helix" in stock! Last time I wanted to get it, it was sold out. Too bad my purse is empty.. otherwise will buy it >,< just a couple more days till pay day, so hopefully it won't get sold out soon!!! :D

Also, thanks for the previous delivery.. arrived super quick :D

Nancy said...

ahh..i wish i could just buy the pendants separately =[...i have these style chains from my other necklaces already

Cara said...

love love love fuchsia jet pegasus!! perfect combo of girlyness and mysteryness lol....blossom is awesome too!! it's SO cute!!!

PixyEla said...

Great remix idea from Renee. Loving the different leaf bails you used on those necklaces!! :) I'm currently admiring all the ocean teal & teal colours you're using so much!! I still have my eye on the teal & silver moon combo♥

christina said...

the little flowers are so adorable :)
& the colours on "Blossom" really go great with eachother. reminds me so much of spring :( i miss spring!!

AnieAristocrat said...

Ahhhh my favorite Aquamarine is back! T-T Too bad it''l be gone before I get payed.... -cries-

Maritza said...

i would love to see more simple bracelets, without dangly things on it, more like the old pearl type you used to do buy maybe with a small twist to it. I don't know I love how those looked!

Anonymous said...

First of all, all the pieces in this post are absolutely stunning!! I really like the flower pieces and the teal color.

As for the Remix, it looks even better than I imagined it!! :D I love it! Thanks so much again, girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and did I mention that I love love love the Aurora flower? prettyyy!!

Jessica said...

ooo that fuchsia is soooooo gorgeous!! are you going to have more moons or starfishies any time soon?

CATHLEEN said...

soo preeetttyy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! The Fuchsia Jet Pegasus is breathtaking! I'm TOTALLY in love with it! The colors complement each other soo perfectly! Your jewelry is always so stunning and inspiring (: I adore dark and mystic colors <3

sherryberry said...

your doing alot of my favorite color combinations (: like the teal with moonlight and pink and green flowers (:

Joannababy said...

the Snow Crystal bracelet is BEAUTIFUL! (:

hannah cho said...

omg, i love all the heart pairings!!! :) they look amazing together!!!!

Yin said...

OH Godddd... the Mother Earth Remix is what I want, I always love the Big Blue Heart...But I already wearing the"mother earth" awwww, what should I do now???

Pinky said...

I should really set aside money dedicated for DSK Jewelry ONLY!! My next purchase would most likely be the Flowa Powa or the Mother Remix!! AHHH.

DSK Steph said...

@Pinky :)

Kate Gene said...

Those crystal balls look so pretty! Like disco balls for your ears! :D

C.Lonz said...

Just got my checkered studs in! Looove them!n I cannot wait to place my next DSK Order! It will definetly be something with that gorgerous teal colour!
Keep up the great designs Steph!! I'm pimping you to all my girlfriens who complient me on my earrings!

angelusainimi said...

I love your Siam Heart necklace <33 it's gorgeous O_O! I has a recommendation to remix it but I dunno if you do that anymore XD *has been fan for like evar*
but like.. Since Siam was old Thailand, you could do that mixed with a burnt orangey charm :O and random hanging leaves! ;P

Michelle said...

Stephanie, I love your new pieces, they're stunning as always. ^.^ I'm completely in love with the Fuchsia Jet Pegasus necklace. I'm curious though...is there any way you can make matching necklaces for couples/lovers (especially with Valentine's Day approaching fast)? Possibly something dark and passionate? My boyfriend was thinking a Gothic fixture would be suiting. I don't know what else to incorporate, but I imagine there would be a variation on the hearts? [:

Line said...

Just five more days then it's payday and DSK time! :-D

wuzzyangel said...

Pretty flowers for the spring coming! :)

And Pegasus is SEX baby! SEX!!! LOL!!

The Mother Earth remix came out great! I love that you're open to your customers' opinions! It shows what a great person you are Steph! :)


I think the "Large Aurora Flower on Helix" is my all time fave :)
TOO pretty <3!

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