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Midnight Madness at DSK Jewelry!

Your favorite pieces are back in stock!
I completely forgot that I made more of the requested pieces.
It just came to me right now at Midnight : )
I think I got flowa' powa..how about you? lol
Nettie just informed me that Michael Buble is ENGAGED..sighhh
I just bought his DVD in Concert on Blu-Ray...can't wait to watch it and cry about his engagement!!! jk jk

Congrats to Michael Buble! They've been engaged since November.
He's only known her for 2 months! lolll celebs. gotta love them!
Check out this article I nosily found, here.
He's 34, and she's only 22!!!
HEY! That's MY age!

This is so cute! I didn't know his fiance was the blonde beauty in his latest music video!!!!!!
Singer Michael Buble & his beautiful Fiance Luisana (She's Argentinian, and total HOT, good pickings Michael!)

Check out his newest song from his latest album Crazy Love
"Haven't Met You Yet"
All his old songs are great too! I can't wait, I got tickets to see him April 3rd, the day before my 23rd birthday here in Seattle,WA [@Key Arena]! I was too excited I bought the tickets RIGHT when they became available, I wasn't going to risk getting bad seats because I knew Minh wouldn't buy them ASAP! Yeah..I'm a fanatic! I love Josh Groban too, thank goodness he's still available, haha jk

I hope you have a great Friday! Because I know I will! I got MB in Concert :P
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's up at DSK Jewelry's blog! Peace xoxo

"Flowa' Powa"
18" Version Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace

16" or 18" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace


"Triple Cute"
*all Swarovski Crystal Clear AB*
16" Italian Silver Sterling Necklace

Teal Starfish w/ Silver Crescent Moon
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace


Nettie said...

I love the flowa' powa.!! I was reading this article and thought of you..did you know that Michael Buble is engaged? I was in shock when I read it. He is too cute to be tied down. =(

DSK Steph said...

@ NETTIE WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HE'S ENGAGED!?!!!!!!! sighhhh...at least he's not married yet! HAHAHAA jk..

DSK Steph said...

I just bought his DVD in Concert on Blue Ray too...at Best Buy..I got the last one too --felt special haha

Nettie said...

lol yeah that was my reaction too. And of course there's time!! If he knew you, then he'd drop that argentian actress for you in a heartbeat!! =D

DSK Steph said...

@Nettie, lmaooo yeah...only in my dreams.lol

Gnite babe! <3 Thanks for the news! I can't believe he feel in love that fast! They've only known each other 2 years! I love Emily Blunt..I think he made a mistake on this one :P

christina said...

ahahah Steph, you're prettier and cuter than Luisane :)
"Triple Cute" is so cute ^-^
Flowa Powa is so popular!! So adorable!
Anyway, this question might be dumb, but are the prices different in Australian dollars? :S
Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I have no idea :(

Anonymous said...

Ah your foto is very cute (: Reminds me soo much of spring ;)

Irish said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! He's mine! This is the worst news ever! lol! But I do agree with you though she's gorgeous! I'm jealous you get to see him in concert soon.

AnieAristocrat said...

Triple Cute is back!!!!! OMGOOOOOSH!!!!

Lilly G said...

eep! I never thought I'd 'meet' another Buble fan lol. He's such a cutie. I didn't know he was engaged either I thought it was only a rumor but either way, I'm happy for him. :)

Anonymous said...

Flowa' Powa is amaaaazing!! :)

Sofie said...

Dammit so many nice jewelery! D: It's hard to keep up when school is filling all time spaces haha <3
But holy moly. The happy necklance is so cute!

And I saw you put up requests and... I wanted to do one xD
I always loved the helio shade so much! It's so unique! So a large helio heart charm on a plain silver necklance would be nice xD heehee Since the helio shines so amazingly on it's own!

Lena said...

Happy friday!! You look so cute in that flowa powa pic <3!! Love flowa powa! Wow his fiance is a real hottie!That's awesome how you get to go to his concert a day before your b-day. Great b-day present <3!!

Annie said...

Hi Steph! I really love all your jewelries! Actually, I just bought 2 pieces of necklace from you. I was trying to look for a necklace combine purple blue and pink diamond, but can't find any :-(. Will you make this kind of combination in the future? :-)

Angelique said...

aww <3 Michael Buble & his fiance IS friggin gorgeous!... Cute song too :]

Oh & I'm lovin the triple cute necklace! ;]..

DSK Steph said...

@Lilly G <3 MB!

doubley123 said...

Michael buble's fiance is equally goodlooking o.o
nway, thanks for the update. i will get my sister to buy the Happy necklace asap so that i get it b4 my birthday and wear it^^ since post may take 4 weeks, esp to the UK.

Line said...

Hey Steph,

I just received two necklaces in the mail that I ordered a while ago and they're, of course, beautiful :-)
The new pink and blue boxes are adorable as well, however, the fluffy stuffing does a really poor job at keeping the jewelry in place. The jewelry doesn't have a scratch on it, but it just kind of messes up the initial "WOW" reaction when you have to untangle the necklace and charms.
Just my two cents :-)

DSK Steph said...

@Line, thanks for the suggestion! I'm still trying to find the perfect boxes :)

Jan said...

Love the starfish & moon necklace! Love all your jewelry....Wish you also sold your jewelry, or had a store, in Canada *sigh*.

Regarding Michael Bublé. I'm Canadian and a big fan of his as well. I'm sure many Canadian women are hearbroken over his being off the market now, lol. There is new news just out that Michael will be singing on a charity single for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It will be a cover of R.E.M.'s song, "Everybody Hurts."

More Michael news: "Michael is scheduled to appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show February 10th. Michael also performs on NBC's The Today Show February 12th and on Saturday Night Live January 30th when Michael appears as musical guest! I so wish he would take part/do an SNL skit, because he has such a great sense of humor, and I really think he could pull off an SNL comedy skit.

He is rumored to be coming here to Canada this summer, and I would LOVE to see him in concert, if the all of the planets align in my favor, lol. By the way Steph, if you aren't all ready, you can also follow Michael on Twitter - I know I am! He/his people just started tweeting as a matter of fact, check it out: http://twitter.com/michaelbuble

PixyEla said...

Woooooooooh teal starfish & silver crescent moon is back & I just bought one. I love you Steph!!! Thank you. :D

sherryberry said...

thanks again for introducing his AMAZINGNESS to me .
2/3 of my all time fav's in this post <3

ChLc said...

I'm so glad you brought triple cute back, and Flowa Powa. Something about them just makes me smile :)

hannah cho said...

omg i didnt know about he was engaged until i read this!!! im so happy for him!!!

Yin said...

I am going to get the "Flowa' Powa", I've been waiting for that long long time haha...

izumi said...

woooooow, his fiance is super HOT!!

christina said...

I have a request,
Do you think you can make a bracelet with little flowers or heart pendants and have the colours of the rainbow. That would be something cute and a casual look. It's something that I would wear everyday, I'm not sure about everyone else though lol.

Kimirose said...

Yay for the triple cute being back! I finally got my job, too, and am ready to celebrate my first paycheck with a big DSK haul! :)

Anonymous said...

awwwh, i LOVE michael buble! had NO IDEA he was engaged! darn, that's a bummer :[ lol haha.

katie said...

and they re so cute :D

i LOVE the starfish piece
as well. my dream is to buy
one (well, a million) of your
beautiful pieces. thank you again
for sharing.

LinCua said...

they're hot!!! :) yais flowa powa is abck tooo :) been waiting for that!

Kate Gene said...

You look super cute in your picture! I love the flower border... So girly and pretty!

I love Michael Buble! I didn't know he was engaged! They look very good together.

As always, your jewelry looks stunning! I like the Happy Necklace. :)

Cara said...

nooooooooo michael!!!!!! he's such a cutie!!! i'm canadian too!! w00t w00t!!

Sour Lollipopp said...

THEY'RE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333
dream for life - but at least 1 of ur jewelrys - how i wish i have a credit carddd T___T

Michelle said...

Hey Steph (:
My grandma loves my new frosted strawberry necklace so I showed her your website.
She fell in love with the Little AB Baroque Necklace so she's going to save up money and get a necklace in April.
Will you have that necklace in April?

al.keo said...

Hi! I was wondering how many millimeters the the crystals on "Flower Powa" are. :]

DSK Steph said...

@Michelle, I should have them available still : )

@al.keo, the flower is about 15 or 16mm, the leaf, 20-22mm ~ roughly : )

Ivy said...

Hey steph!
I'm just wondering what are the colours for triple cute? It's kinda hard to see from the photo! but still it looks amazing :D

DSK Steph said...

@Ivy *all Swarovski Crystal Clear AB*

Shii said...

Hi Steph, totally in love with the Flowa Powa necklace! I think it would be so nice to wear it in spring/summer, even with plain outfits you'll still have that 'summer' feeling ^^ Will the Flowa Powa come out in bracelet too? And it would be so nice if you made more bracelets for the summer :D

Irene said...

Gorgeous!!! I was going to wait until V-day to get my boy to get me the "happy" necklace, but after some thought I'm just going to get it as a gift to myself...and I'm 100% sure it will make me "super happy" ;)

Love your work as always! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Hope you had fun at the concert! :)

WOw he likes um younger huh!? LOL! Age ain't nutting but a number!

You got all sorts of powa! LOL!

rtippins said...

Stephanie& Mai?

VaNyar said...

Stephanie Nguyen (michigan State University) and Mai Xing (Bishop Mcnally High School) :)

VaNyar said...

stephanie & mai

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