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Model Katrina Lomidze for DSK Jewelry [Winner of DSK Jewelry's 2009 Model Search]

"Heart's Shimmer"
16" (40cm) Sterling Heart Link Necklace

"K.Lo's Necklace"
16" (40cm) or 18" (45cm)
Available Sterling Silver Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

K.Lo's Necklace

"K.Lo's Necklace Remix"
16" (40cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
2 Available

"Large Tanzanite Heart Necklace"
16" (40cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
1 Available

"Large Fuchsia Heart Necklace"
16" (40cm) Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
1 Available

This post is inspired by our & dedicated to our new DSK Model, Katrina

Photos from Katrina's Official Website:

Visit her page to learn more about this beauty!

Katrina Lomidze for DSK Jewelry
Winner of the DSK Jewelry Model Search 2009

Her Photographer: Dwayne Tucker
DT Photography
Katrina's from Miami, Florida!

J-Work Clothing / DT Photography

Doesn't she remind you of Kim K except 10 times more gorgeous?

I will be hosting my 2nd DSK Model Search soon!
2010! Will you be the next?

p.s. the 16" (40cm) Bubbi Necklaces, K-drama Snowflake Necklaces
are available again!



L said...

Congratulations Katrina!!! <3

Love the line!

Shiseiten said...

congrats to the new model! :D

Ivy said...

Oolala another gorgeous model in the dsk family!! Congratulations girl ;) so pretty just like the jewelry.
The pink and white hearts are so lovely together and it fits Katrina image so well. Great job steph. ^0^

Kate Gene said...

The large fuchsia heart is uh-mazing! I love the look of a huge pendant!

I've been following Katrina's blog for awhile now and, yes, she is stunning! (I actually once left her a comment telling her she looked like Kim! LOL!) All of your models are soooo pretty! You have chosen wisely! :D

Good luck with your model search! If you're looking for a girl who desperately needs a haircut and Zoom whitening, holler! Ha ha ha!!!!


Cara said...

tanzanite = love!!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

congratulations katrina!

and yeah she does remind me of kim k. but definitely much more prettier=]

katrina is the best! again congratulations =]

r-neg said...

Hey Steph! I was wondering are you going to sell the Winter Sonata necklaces anytime soon or do we have to wait till December of 2010? I really like those <3 so cute ^^ thanks~

Lena said...

She does look like K Dash!! Katrina is a lot prettier like you said =).. Congrats to her!! Yes, Like everyone is saying, all your models are so pretty!!

- Renée - said...

Katrina is gorgeous! Congrats! :D

Ashley Elaine said...

Congrats to Katrina! She's beautiful!

Esther said...

Congrats to Katrina!!!
I really like the K. Lo Remix! All your pieces are always so pretty. I want to just eat them all for some reason.. Makes me think of candy.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

She really does remind me of Kim. Both gorgeous =]

jessalyn said...

i love katrina. as a matter of fact, i am wearing a pair of her jeans right now that i bought from her blog sale ;)
the pieces are all gorgeous as always!

ChLc said...

Congrats Katrina! She's so beautiful. I love the necklaces <3 the colors remind me of berries :)

Quynh said...

nice pictures :)

wuzzyangel said...

Yay another sexy new model for DSK!! LOL She does have that Kardashian-esque look! :) Very hot!

See only the hottest gals model for DSK! Can't wait to see who'll be the next one!

Miss P said...

Congrats to Katrina!! You picked a beautiful model to be part of the DSK line Steph!!

It's so wonderful to see a fellow Vietnamese girl do her thing! All of your jewelry are to die for!!


Kittynail said...

I'm glad you picked Katrina cause I really love her! She looks amazing! :)

Katrina said...

AHHHHH!!!! I love thisss! Thank you so much Steph!!!

sherryberry said...

and i love her necklace too , and the remix. the question is : WHICH ONES BETTER? xD

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