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[Monday] January 18th, 2010

Hey dolls,

I want to answer a few of the questions I received from yesterday's comment.

It sounds like you all would like to see more 18" to 24" sterling silver necklaces. That can definitely be done!

I had a few questions about gold necklaces ~ I am definitely working on bringing back Gold necklaces. It's just a bit hard right now to buy gold, since gold prices are constantly fluctuating. It's really hard to find beautiful gold chains without them being out of our price range.

I still do have the 14K White Gold! I just haven't decide what do with them yet! I may just offer just the chain necklaces for those who are allergic to sterling silver. I'll post about them soon. I'm still learning about 14K White Gold, I want to research as much as possible before I introduce them to DSK Jewelry. : )

I can definitely make more of the DSK Pegasus Necklaces for blog. What length do you girls prefer the Pegasus Necklaces on? 18"? or longer? Let me know in the comments. I really appreciate the feedback.

The shout of the day is to Renee!
I think I want this to become a daily thing, I really appreciate you girls for leaving your kind comments. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of your life (even if it is for the 1-5 minutes you spend here everyday). ^_^

I love her idea! I know that would be a beautiful piece.

Renee e-mail me DSKJewelry@gmail.com, I want to dedicate that necklace to you & send you the first one as a gift when I'm able make it ^_~

I really appreciate your support!

I'm still working on getting the listings up for my official website. I know it's taking a long time but I just want it to be complete before I launch it. My blog is my preferred way regardless ~ I just love the community & blog posts just because it's where it all started. :)

"Dainty Rose Bracelet"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link
Sale: $20

"Triple Fuchsia Heart, Peridot Starfish, AB Leaf"
18" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace

"Triple Amethyst Heart, Peridot Starfish, AB Leaf"
18" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace

"Little Light Amethyst Baroque Necklace"
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace
Sale: $40

"Little AB Baroque Necklace"
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace

"Triple Blues" - Requested to make a come back!
16" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace

Feel free to drop me a line in the comments : )
Catch you all later!

I'll leave you with my pet Betsy, she's a fancy bear hamster
I hope my readers aren't afraid of cute little critters!

DSK Betsy --my mini Panda bear



Shiseiten said...

aww. triple blues are back! :D I was wondering if there was any way for you to use that purple velvet color heart that you had previously. If it was a triple heart necklace, maybe with golden shadow and siam? sounds like a very royal combination. ^_^ great work with the jewelry as usual. :)

ChLc said...

Awww Betsy is so adorable! I always wanted a hamster when I was little. By the way the "Triple Fuchsia Heart, Peridot Starfish, AB Leaf" is so pretty. It makes me think of a fairytale :)

Kimirose said...

Hey Steph! Betsy is soooo cute! To answer your question, I would love to see the pegasus necklaces on the 24" chain. Also, if you do any more "rock" necklaces, those would look really cute on a long chain too!

Dessert Queen said...

Maybe I'm the minority here but I actually like the pegasus necklace on shorter 16" to 18" chains! I would love to see a PH heart & black diamond pegasus combo..on a heart link chain perhaps?

MeiBelle said...

I love Betsey!!! u should do a necklace based on her =)

HT said...

I only have one Pegasus necklace but I like it on an 18" chain. :)

I didn't even know that there was such a thing as bear hamsters! You learn something new every day...

Anonymous said...

Ah Betsy is soo sweet! ((: For your question: I think about 20" would be perfect :) The pegasus necklaces are one of my favorites! If the wing is also available in a smaller size I think it would look gorgeous on a bracelet, too!

Amy said...

What a cutie Betsy is! And the, Hey dolls, thing sounded pretty cool. Or I'm easily amused by that stuff :D

If you're going to do a long chain, I think Kimirose has the idea. Rock necklaces would look cool, but if they look too sparse, what if you got some really mini hearts and a bit of chain? REALLY rock-y :L

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Thank you soooo much Steph!! Ahh! You just made my day!! You're the best! :D

Line said...

The "dainty heart" bracelet is perfect for Valentine's day. It's so pretty.
Betsy is so adorable. I had one too when I was little. He moved out, got married and had babies :-D

Kate Gene said...

The fire in that AB crystal is insane! It almost looks fake, it's so brilliant! I heart it!

I love that you made the dainty heart chain lie into the shape of a heart! So cute!


P. S. I'm excited that you're getting a new site, but love that you're part of the Blogger community. :D

Ashley said...

i love reading your blog as well as shopping for pieces...if there was a way to like on the left side show every piece available and have a scroll bar...that would be awesome! that way you can read and all the pieces that are available are shown, so some people dont scroll around to past posts wondering if it's still available? idk how complicated that would be, but just dropping off a thought,<3
Love your stuff!

LoonyPlatypus said...

I totally agree with ChLc, the Triple Fuchsia Heart, Peridot Starfish, AB Leaf, necklace is stunning, I love that colour combination! Those colours would look cute with heart-shaped crystals as well :)
And I also agree that the Pegasus necklaces look cooler on the slightly longer chains :)

Aqua said...

Hi Steph,
I wanted to submit a request! :)
I was wondering if you could bring back the bubbi bracelet? But maybe with a pink crescent moon? If not no worries! :) I would just love to get a bubbi bracelet! It's so pretty! :D
Thank you,

SharBEAR =) said...

that little hamster is soo adorably cute!! when you can't own a panda lol a small lil look-alike is still nice

got your package today! thanks soo much Steph! you are awesome!

your new pieces are very pretty! they just keep gettin better! the AB leaf reminds me of a fairytale but more so Avatar! hehehe =)


SharBEAR =) said...

that little hamster is soo adorably cute!! when you can't own a panda lol a small lil look-alike is still nice

got your package today! thanks soo much Steph! you are awesome!

your new pieces are very pretty! they just keep gettin better! the AB leaf reminds me of a fairytale but more so Avatar! hehehe =)


jessalyn said...

heart betsy- soo cute!

i love all the pieces you make- i'm totally not creative enough to come up with any ideas- i love love the triple blues though- what about those in a bracelet similar to the twighlight bracelet?
i can not wait to buy my first dsk piece (as sad as it is, i have to save up. stupid mortgage eats my money.) :)

AnieAristocrat said...

Hey Steph!! Love the New pieces!!!

Love the idea of the the Mother Earth Remix btw Renee! <333

The Pegasus necklace chain would be nice longer I think, since the style works well with dressy outfits. 20-24" bould be nice.

I really like the idea the Valentine Ready necklace. It has such pretty colors, and I also really like the Champagne color heart on the Strawberry Champagne necklace. I was wondering if the champagne color would look good with the dark red and pink colors. Since Valentines Day is such a romantic holiday I thought they were very romanic colors.

Lena said...

OMG steph your hamster is soo cute!! Should definitely make a piece dedicated to Betsy like MeiBelle said =). Yes longer necklaces would be great!! I think 18" is an awesome length. I feel like the 16" are too choker like. As always everything you make is marvelous!! Absolutely adore the triple blues<33 I love baby blue hehe. Much love!!

Lay Tiffany said...

You should do something for Asian new years! Like something with a red and gold pendent or maybe on with a dragon! That would be sooo cute and it would be a nice way to represent our culture!!

Helen said...

Betsy is adorable!! I've always wanted a panda hamster :) I have a pomeranian, with similar colors.

I think the Pegasus necklaces would look great on 20" chains-they are all so beautiful

Also, I got a really cute pair of bear earrings from chinatown a while ago-they were long stick-like dangly studs with a slightly shorter piece attached to the curly part of the backs so that there was a chain coming down from behind your ear as well! It feels really good when people notice and ask you about it :)

I would love it if you could try something similar to these, except maybe with a heart or flower crystal in the front and a little decorative silver piece dangling on the back part-just an idea

hannah cho said...

awwwwww!!! <3 <3 <3 betsy is soooo cute!

and i love the fuchia heart, peridot starfish and ab leaf combo! how do you get so creative?

oh and btw, now that youve got some valentines pieses going, why dont you try getting some pastel-coloured spring necklaces?? of course greens are in there and maybe some light tanzite, violet, amethyst, etc!

Cara said...

awwww betsy is so cute!!! i want a hamster too!! or a cat...but i live in an apartment...and i think my mom is allergic to a lot of animals =*(

Katie said...

18" are perfect, 20" wouldn't be bad, i think the smaller pieces of jewelry would be best on 18 and the bigger pieces like the pegasus and the strawberry would be better on the 20. Thank you so much for addressing this!!

Alma said...

Hi Steph,
I literally squealed with delight this morning when I read that you'll be doing more 18"-24" necklaces. My sis and I are excited! The hardest decision will be which one to choose from and trying to snag it before it is sold out, hahaha. We're trying to hint to our hubbies which one to get ...

I'd like love to see 'Flower Girl" in an 18", preferably heart linked chain ...

Eeek, so excited!

Susan said...

Love the Mother Earth Remix idea - Thanks Renee!! Looking forward to the Pegasus Necklaces with longer length! Hope you do a lot of variations on the Jet Black Pegasus. Would love to see more of the Moons too!

LinCua said...

You should make a children's line!!! i think my baby girl would love it tehehehe

Mandy said...

Awww! DSK betsy is adorable!<3 LOL xD
Beautiful creations, like always! I'm loving the earth necklaces! Also I love Renee's idea! I'm looking forward to that necklace ;D
When I can, I am 100 percent sure I will purchase another gorgeous necklace from you soon.(; And just a little idea even though I think its uberly lame, how about making a necklace for them single ladies out there on valentine day xD?
Also I think its really cool too how you live in Washington! Since usually washington isn't always a special place to visit like california or hawaii.. LOL (:<3

Ephrath said...

Betsy is so cute and is like a mini panda bear! you should totally design a piece after her.

lys.lara said...

love the new pieces, not love. adore! =)

question: when the cute studs will be back?

i had a thought come into my mind. actually a craving... for ice cream themed necklaces or candy. just a thought=)


Angela said...

Betsy looks so cute. you should do a panda necklace(black and white) that'd be cute since it could remind u of your hamster =P

disilluzional88 said...

Your hamster is huge! I used to have a hamster named Maniac and thought it was big but yours is even bigger. Must be easier to catch if he escapes, huh? Haha.

Very beautiful pieces as always. Your "Great for the Office" reminds me of little Betsy by the way. Were you inspired by her? lol.

SY said...

She's adorable! =D

bettyb0o said...

the hamsterrrr!!! -squealsssss!- its so cuteee!

Naomi said...

I love you mini Panda bear-CUTE!! I also received my necklace today: The Autumn Story--LOVE! I can honestly say it is my favorite one. Perfect color combination & length for me. I also love white gold so will look forward to see what you have in store for the future. I have faith in you! P.S. I enjoyed the candy! Like candied jewels. YUM! It was delicious. Thank you again:)

Alison said...

hey! what about the strawberry frost necklace with a small green leaf! or you can mix it up and make the strawberry red with a yellow leaf to represent the yellowish seeds =]

betsy is so cute!

Pearlholy said...

>_<! I really like that 14k white gold idea! And props to Rene for that brilliant idea!

My skin is really sensitive and I have a hard time wearing jewelries that aren't gold. I'm still wearing my AB star and moon necklace on the sterling silver necklace though and I haven't gotten an allergic reaction yet (so this is a good thing).

But if you do sell the necklace, please let me know!

And I gave that K-drama snowflake to my best friend as a late Christmas gift. She loved it! Thank you so much!


Anna said...

Ahh..so pretty. :D Triple Blues is awesome. ^-^

Pinky said...

and it obviously shows that you love your "children" :)

christina said...

ngaww DSK Betsy is so adorable!! Steph, you should use her to model your jewelry LOL.

Stephanie said...

omg lol
your hamster looks so LONG haha
is she stretching??

Kate Gene said...

I just saw your "mini panda bear". OH EM GEE!!!! I want her! She's so cute!

wuzzyangel said...

After sterling silver, white gold is my next love! LOL! Haha.. I'm a dork..

Renee gave a great idea! Everything is gorgeous as always Steph!

As to Kate Gene's comment above.. Betsy does look like a lil panda! LOL!

_ said...

Hello Steph! I just wanted to ask if sometime in the future will you be making a pH heart with a helix chain?

_ said...

Hey steph! I just wanted to say I love your jewelery line. I was wondering if in the upcoming future will you be making more pH hearts with helix chains?

Jin Chen said...

Hello Steph,

I am new to your site (my gf actually hinted me here) but I really like your Dainty Rose Bracelet and was wondering if I could get it in a different color gem? a light blue color like the "Fancy Avante: Aquamarine."

Thank you,

Jin Chen said...

Hello Steph,

I am new to your site ( my gf actually hinted me here, haha) but I really like your Dainty Rose Bracelet and was wondering if I could get it in a different color gem? a light blue color like the "Fancy Avante: Aquamarine" instead?

Thanks you,

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