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Monday, January 4, 2010

"Crystal Key"

"Aquamarine Flower"
Sale: $10.50

"Aqua Glacier"
Sale: $12.50

Charm Accessories

I found some more Crystal Studs that I made in a box from Michigan!
I didn't know I had them with me in Washington.
Enjoy :)

"Big Daddy Light Sapphire"

"Mix Match Aqua & Fuchsia Butterflies (12mm)"

"Big Daddy Golden Stars"

"Big Daddy AB Stars"
1 Left
"Big Daddy Topaz Stars"

Big Daddy Stars

"Golden Checkerboards"

"24K Accent Earrings"
14K Gold Plated Love Bait Earrings
Cream Pearls
24K Gold plated copper accent
1 Left

"24K Moonlight Hearts"
14K Gold Filled Love Baits
24K gold plated copper hearts
1 Left

"AB & 24K Gold Lovely Ladies"
14K Gold Filled earrings
24K gold plated copper hearts
1 Left

"Sterling Silver Love Baits w/ Purple Swarovski Pearls"
Sold Out


Anonymous said...

Awesome cell phone charms! Love the aquamarine flower and the crystal key.

sherryberry said...

Look at that keyy , I gotta buy some of your cell phone charms. My phone is looking too dull D:

Dina (XYYan) said...

love those earrings! esp. the accent earrings :)

Esther said...

The Aqua Glacier charm is really pretty and I really like the Checkerboard earrings. It's so unique!

SY said...

Those are very pretty Steph =D I looked up the glass shoes for you and there's apparently 50 episodes lol I don't remember it being that many o_O but it is the drama =] here's the link if you want more info http://www.spcnet.tv/Korean-Dramas/Glass-Shoes-review-r794.html It's really good lol Let me know if you like it if you do watch it =]

Anonymous said...

Oh Steph, those charms are amazingly gorgeous. Makes me wish I had my phone... well, one that works. LOL. I definitely adore those earrings too. Both studs and the gold ones and the bow ones. ;D Everything is gorgeous of course. It's DSK quality.

Karrooolove. said...

I love your phone charm editions and your earrings are so charming every time!
You are so talented.
I can't imagine cutting these shapes!

Amyness said...

I just got your christmas card (late I know, but I was away for awhile) and was so surprised! thank you! and I love the "crystal key". I love keys in general.

wuzzyangel said...

The crystal key is love! Steph you are the queen of sparkle that makes you blind! :)

Kate Gene said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous! I really like the "Crystal Key" piece. Keys are very in!

Fabulous work, as usual! :)


Cara said...

purple swarovski pearls = <3

Jewelry By Jessica said...

Wow I was just searching for key jewelry lol I think that key would be soo pretty on a necklace with a crystal heart ^_^ Love it as always <3

Maritza said...

oh man I need to get one of your cell phone charms! hopefully you still have some when I get some money!!!

Kellie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are trying new mediums! your new creations are beautiful :)

Kate Gene said...

I gave you another award, Steph! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your cell phone charm's there so cute!. ^_^

hannah cho said...

i need a cell phone charm... itll spice up my phone a bit!

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