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^_^ Monday Post (1/18/10)

Hey everyone,

I opened my laptop for the first time since yesterday (can you believe it? I went all day without being online), and started to read the comments from yesterday's post. I really felt like posting some earring threads after reading Amy's request. Thank you for the requests : ) I try to fulfill them when I can. I do read each comment that arrives in the DSK Jewelry comment box. If I get more and more requests of a certain piece, I definitely will bring it back to this blog. It doesn't hurt to request it everyday, the more I read something, the more I remember it ; )

I hope you like them Amy!

From Left, PH (what I call purple haze), Titanic (purply-blue), Moonlight (crystal frosts with pink and purple reflects).Shout to Amy!
This post is for you ^_~
Thank you for visiting the DSK blog!

Titanic Purple Blue
PH Light Purple / Silver
Moonlight Crystal Frost with light color reflects

In dimmer light,

DSK's Crystal Heart Earring Threads
Measures 3 inches, (7.62cm)
.925 Sterling Silver Earring Threads
Crystallized Swarovski
*Moonlight Available*

DSK's Sterling Silver Ear Threads

Triple Titanic.PH.Moonlight Necklace
16" Fine Italian Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Quantities Limited*

Told you, I've been feeling Earthy : )
For your viewing pleasure, DSK Jewelry.

"Mother Earth"
16" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Triple Starfish: Crystal. Peridot. Teal."
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace

Limited DSK Pegasus Necklaces
DSK's Pegasus Necklace, displayed beautifully on our lovely DSK Model Jen,
Visit Jen (if you haven't already ^_^V), cause she's super awesome, super sweet, and I just love her to pieces!


Jen's wearing the Light Amethyst & Moonlight Pegasus Necklace, her particular piece is not currently for sale.

But the follow are!
"Tanz & Moonlight Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace

"Ocean Teal & Black Diamond Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace

"Royal Fuchsia & Golden Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace

"Ocean Teal & Crystal Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace

Small & Medium Hearts ~ size comparisonLovely Lady Crystal Heart Earrings : )

Lovely Lady Crystal Heart Earrings

*NEW* "Modern Rose Heart Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

A unique angle to your everyday pair of earring dangles
*More Rose Pieces Coming Soon*
"Lovely Lady Fuchsia Crystal Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

"Lovely Lady Crystal Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

Rose Moon & Crystal Starfish
16" Italian Sterling Silver Fine Helix Necklace
*Now 1 Left*

"Big Baroque on Sterling Silver" --It's back!
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace

"Queen of Hearts"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swaroski

Extra Blurb of the Day
by DSK Steph

Did you know that I use to gamble a lot?
It was almost an addiction, but I'm recovered now lol
I say NO to the casino.
Minh & I were super lucky in 2009...to the point that where it's dumb to even set foot inside a casino because all that would happen is losing that money we won from the casino in the first place!

Even though we had our fair share of losses, the cash that went through our hands at the casino was quite a bit.

Minh's 2009 winnings roughly $18,000-ish
Can you believe that he won a $4k jackpot on the SAME machine 3 different days?

Steph's 2009 winnings roughly $4,000
I'm obviously not as lucky as Minh ~ but whatevs, it was enough for me to pay some of my college debt. Seriously, when I needed money in college...I'd hit up the casino that was 2 hours away almost every weekend. I was bad, but lucky : )

The only lame thing is if you win over $1200 in the US, you get taxed (it becomes part of your income).

Unfortunately, we never really see that money cause it all goes back to replenish our bank accounts from the money we initially took out to "play with."

My advice to you...go play the slot machine, and not just any slot machine, play the $1, $5, $10, $25 slot machines (you must play MAX BET! or else you'll be super pissed if you hit the jackpot and do not get paid a multiplier (as in your jackpot is not doubled, tripled, or however many times). I think only a casino enthusiast can understand what I'm discussing right now, but I'm telling you if you decide to go to the casino : Play big, either you leave a winner or a loser.

Be sure to know exactly how much you're willing to lose, well..how much you can afford to lose. You also have to have the mentality that the money you bring to the casino to "play with" is already gone, or spent. That way you won't feel this terrible void when you actually do lose it all.

Be sure NOT to visit the ATM, that's evil + you get charged a service fee! Don't do.

Don't play what look like "affordable games." They eat up money really fast. Everything else (pennies, nickles, quarters) is a waste of time, and the pay out is too small, not worth you're time just sitting there and inhaling 2nd hand smoke.

I don't want to be a bad influence, but people DO win, and Minh & I have witness A LOT OF PEOPLE win jackpots in 2009 and all over the United States this past year.
We really don't understand how so many people can say that you can never win at the casino...cause you really can win..

Or even the lottery --people do win, rare that it may be you, but it COULD happens (if you play the lottery. ; )

Where have we see lucky winners?

Windsor, Canada -Favorite Ceasar --the beauty of playing in Canada? You don't have to pay taxes if you win too much : )

Detroit, Michigan -Favorite MGM Grand --some dude won $27,000 right next to me on a $1 slot (but his max bet was x 45, so that means each bet cost him $45 bucks, baller...).

Las Vegas, Nevada -Favorites Bellagio --Bellagio $5 slots payout, witnessed it!

Snoqualmie, Washington -Favorite Snoqaulmie Casino, where Minh won his $4k over and over!

It's super fun when the people you're sitting next to win, everyone's giving each other high fives, and everyone is super happy and smiley. lol People who walk by you all stare and congratulate you. It really brings people together haha, and you see the twinkle & dollar signs in their eyes.


Anyhow.......I'm not religious (at all), so I don't feel guilty to play.
It's fun ~ ; )

I just fell in love with the thrill & risk of winning and losing.
My flaw has always been never to hesitate when making a decision.
~ I think I just luck out each time! I just don't feel the need to waste time making any decisions when it comes to purchasing something or picking out something. Go with your first instinct, lol it's like taking a multiple choice exam, and you seriously do not know the answer ~
Just go with your gut!
I follow this philosophy when it comes to life, love, and family.

: )
Time is valuable & it's definitely something you can't get back, so just live! If you want to do something, do it.. If you want to buy something, buy it.. If you want to travel the world, get going!

I wish I could follow my "so-called" philosophy with everything in life.
It's not perfect!
But I do know that I adore everything DSK & and I know my life is what I make of it.

I hope you like my post today!


Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!

& Don't forget to live your Dream!


Karen said...

The ocean teal heart is such a pretty color! Do you sell them as pendants alone?

Natalie said...

OMG i love those thread earrings!
what colour is the PH one?
are they small hearts or medium hearts?

so pretty!!

Sparkling Motivation said...

Hey Steph ^_^ I can't believe how much work you get done... it's like in a record time!! @_@ Well done and chapeau :)

I just wanna know something though.... How do we know which one is which from the thread earrings? :(

Are they named respectively in the paypal scroll?

Love and hugs

Sparkle ^_^ v

jessalyn said...

the pieces are amazing as always- and that was a very inspiring extra blurb! i worry sometimes that i am not living each moment to its fullest! its a good thing for me to work on in 2010!

yinna_do said...

Hi, I am a new member since today, I bought the "Mother Earth"...waiting for it. I hv a request ... Can you please make some more 17"-18" heart link necklace?

sherryberry said...

My all time favs from you are the starfishies and the bubbi necklace combos <3 (:
You really have that EYE for color lmao . hahaah nicee steph <3

Line said...

Fanbulous earrings! Shout out to Amy for requesting them :)

Esther said...

Your "If you want to buy something, buy it.." comment is really convincing me that I should buy those earrings which I can't afford to because I just bought 3 birthday presents!!! I'm getting a feeling that this blog is a trick.. :(
Anywho, I've never been to a casino. I don't think we have that many here but I definitely took in some tips today for possible future casino trips!

Kate Gene said...

Those PH crystals are the prettiest ones I have ever seen before! Every time you post a piece of jewelry with one of 'em, I swoon. LOL!

Snoqualmie's casino is so nice! We've only been there once, but we really liked it. I can't believe how much you and Minh have won! WOW! My husband won $600.00 on a slot machine with $40.00 in Vegas, and we thought THAT was huge! LOL! (It was so funny... Every time I stood next to him, he lost. I walked away and he won $600.00. He was like, "Go away again!" LMAO!)

Like you said, knowing how much you can afford to lose is extremely important! I think it's okay to play, as long as you know your limits. My husband and his buddies will play friendly games of poker for $20.00/game... Not too bad for an evening of fun!


Kate Gene said...

P. S. I think we need to head out to Snoqualmie and use Minh's machine! LOL!!!!

Jellybaby said...

Awww the crystal heart threads look SO nice need to decide wich ones to buy or maybs all three haha =D...imm also lovvings the triple titanic,PH,moonlight necklace its sooo pretty =]! Time to feed my Dsk addiction soon hehe :p xxx

Noriki said...

that was an awesome post! made me laugh, smile, and i look forward for the things that will happen to me. it really cheers me up, thanks Steph:)

I should try one day Casino...bwahahahhaha....im so chicken LOL

Cin said...

Love this site, I'm checking it a lot lately :3
Umm here are my requests...sorry it's alot I know...
I saw the most beautiful necklaces before it was a pink heart necklace with a smaller white heart together thought is was called rose & lil ab heart on a cute sterling heart necklace :)
And the other was strawberry frost on sterling heart necklace omg I love pink and white XD Especially pink lol. And could you make pink earrings too, I know ur gonna make more of them so I look forward to it^^ I've seen very cute ones before it was called Crystal Rose Mini Love Bait earrings, I was about to order it but I was late again :( Same goes for the Rose heart bracelet and snow crystall earrings...*blush* Sorry to leave such a long comment XD
Anyway keep up the good work I'll keep visiting ur site:)

~X~ Melody

PixyEla said...

You are right, everyone can win at the casino. It's just about how much you're willing/can afford to lose. I go a couple times in the year just to get away, enjoy myself and test my luck. ;) Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but I don't kick myself after because I know that I'll lose some before stepping foot into the casino.

I especially love this line you wrote:

Time is valuable & it's definitely something you can't get back, so just live! If you want to do something, do it.. If you want to buy something, buy it.. If you want to travel the world, get going!

I totally believe all of that & live by it everyday. Life's too short so live in the moment and enjoy every second of it because you only get one chance!! :)

Anna said...

Ahh...so pretty. Jealous of whoever grabs them. :P The triple Titanic/PH/Moonlight necklace is so pretty.

And I just love Ocean Teal, it's one of the prettiest colours I've seen!

The whole gambling thing was pretty funny to read. Sounds like fun. xD ^-^*

Ivy said...

haha steph i just love ur extra blob of the day. you and minh are very lucky people, its prolly because u have such great karma ^-^ great example of having a dream and going for it!

i love the thread earrings o.o they're just as amy said, gorgeous. the starfish and moon combo is just absolutely my favorite, i really needa get my hands on one of them D:

katie said...

gambling is pretty addictive haha
ahhh i wish i had a credit card,
i've been wanting triple starfish with teal and white for foreverrr. and the peridot is amazing. ♥

Kimirose said...

Pretty threads! I'm excited about those. :) I have a couple of requests for you, too... First, would you consider doing more necklaces on 24" chains? I love that long style. Also, I would love to see more necklaces and bracelets that have the little plump stars on them. Those are just too terribly cute! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with your work! You're brilliant! (:
Normally I'm not the girl that loves sparkly things but when it comes to these I can't say no ;))

nancy said...

Could you do the earrings you sent to Liz(myfreewill). She did a video about the earrings on Youtube , it's like a black star and a red heart. I can not find them in your older post

Lena said...

Ooo Yes yes! Ear threads!! they look amazing as always! OOo the earthy tones gives such an avatar feel. hehe Love your extra blurbs of the day, let's us get to know you more =).

AnieAristocrat said...

Beautiful threads Steph! And the Mother Earth is gorgeous!!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I guess you can win big at the casino but you can always lose big. haha. What's your limit when you go to the casino? Obviously, I'm not old enough to play... or am I? If I go, I think my limit will only be $200... if I win, I win, if I lose, I'm a big loser. lol. It would be nice to win some big bucks to pay off tuition. lol.

Line said...

I really shouldn't be spending any more money this month but your pieces are just too adorable! My weakness isn't gambling, it's DSK Jewelry :-D
I'm already expecting four pieces in the mail so I should really try to be sensible - at least until the first piece arrives! ;-)

Crystal Yuki said...

oh man~ these are georgeous~!!! lol...
can't decide~
i'm still waiting for my pay check bfor i can check out on anything on ur site steph~

but i put the earrings in my cart just in case that i lost it as u update~

have a nice day~!!

hannah cho said...

could your pieces get any more gorgeous????i really thought that the queen of hearts bracelet and the mother earth necklace were brilliant!!!! sooooo beautiful....

Anonymous said...

Triple Titanic.PH.Moonlight Necklace is gorgeous!! I love that the PH color is in the front. lovely!

Mother Earth is very cute as well :D

ChLc said...

Everything is so sparkly :O I could stare at it for hours. I think I just fell in love with the "Queen of Hearts" bracelet. Alice and Wonderland = one of the best movies ever.

Boe Yee said...

Hey Steph

Thanks for the casino tips haha

I want to request some more Ocean Teal & Crystal Pegasus

Either dark or regular crystal Pegasus will be fine, I just woke up and check and it's gone!


Mrs. Cleanest said...

I rock my lovely lady pink heart crystal earrings all the time! Seriously, ask Tae. I even sleep in them because they are comfortable and I feel like it makes me look less like a bum sleeping. HAHAHAH.

wuzzyangel said...

Yay more threads!! THey look so different with the hearts! :) And that Mother Earth necklace is STUNNING!!

LOL Steph you and Minh are my gambling IDOLS! LOL!

Mac It Pink said...

LOVEEEEEEE your pieces and as always i have a hard time trying to find ONE that I want to buy! lol

Thanks for the comment, I LOVEEE her, my car, my Gigi. HAHA

Ohh glad the lasting power is long! Hate those hair dyes that fades within a few weeks. :)


Alma said...

Love the new earring threads!
Wish that more of your necklaces were in the 18" and 20" chains tho. I can't quite rock the 16" necklaces comfortably. And my sis would love it if you had more 20"-22", she's on the more curvacious (sp?) side if you know what I mean.

nikki said...

hi! i love your jewelry! i was wondering if youll have more gold chains in the future because i love the way it looks on your models on the side! anyways great work, keep it up and i love how you always update!

Susan said...

WOW!! Your earring threads remind me of the Tree of Souls in Avatar. The Mother Earth necklace is a GREAT color combination!! Hope you do more in 20", 22", and 24" necklaces.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just had an idea about the Mother Earth necklace. They say that the earth is covered by 2/3 water (70%) and 1/3 (30%) land, so it might be interesting to remix the necklace! Just an idea :)

Viv said...

Everything in this post is sooo pretty!! I wish I could own ALL of it =)

I love the threads and the Mother Earth pendant, and the Pegasus pendants, and the Starfish one too. All of them have such nice colors!

I guess I like it all....hehehehehe. LOL should have just said that instead! ^^

Cara said...

omg, yes gambling is addictive!! last time i went to the casino with my bf, we won like 200 bucks and i was already SOOOO happy!!! but we went another time, and we lost...but i haven't given up on casinos yet!! xD

btw...the triple heart necklace is CRAZY beautiful...

chris said...

Hey Steph,
I would like to request
"Ocean Teal & Crystal Pegasus" for my girlfriend for Valentine Day which lands on Chinese New Year this time.

I know she will love this necklace, the first time I set eyes on it, I hope you will be able to put more in stock soon.


chris said...

Hey Steph,
I would like to request
"Ocean Teal & Crystal Pegasus" for my girlfriend for Valentine Day which lands on Chinese New Year this time.

I know she will love this necklace, the first time I set eyes on it, I hope you will be able to put more in stock soon.


Stephanie said...

i love your lil gambling blurb!!!
ill try to remember these tips when i go =D

Issy said...

I'm really digging the Pegasus and Leaf necklaces! =] All I have to do is wait for the right color combos to fall in love with!

I know you're busy but some birthstone inspired sets would be amazing! =]

CATHLEEN said...

finally activated my card :) and made purchases double :D :D. is extremely happy right now and can't wait to receive them. gambling was your addiction? hmm i think mine will soon be your jewelry ><

Kimirose said...

Ha ha Cathleen, my addiction is totally DSK jewelry! I should post a pic... an entire side of my jewelry dresser is filled with it :)

DSK Steph said...

@Natalie, they're small hearts : )

Amy said...

Oh wow, I got mentioned xD I rock. And you did them so quickly!

And I was thinking, what if you used an AB heart, a PH heart, and the green crystal from Mother Earth? How would that look? Don't do it if it looks strange, I just thought it'd be really cool, reflecting and all that jazz.

Thanks for the shout! <3

Tania said...

First off... i LOVE the mother earth necklace! what a combo! And the ph, titanic, and moonlight necklace is so cute for that someone who loves to rock purple! And the PH threads are soo cute! Hey do you think you could do small love baits or the heart leverback earrings with the PH and Titanic hearts...that would be cool! But I'm def. eyeing the mother earth necklace! I just can't get over how pretty those two colors go together! <3

Ivy said...

everything is soo pretty like always :P but I'm just wondering if you can still sell "pink in punk", I believe it's a pink or reddish heart & black pegasus :P it's soo pretty! but everything gets sold out soo fast! :P becoz ur jewelry is amazing steph :D

Sparkling Motivation said...

Thanks Steph ... you da best!! ^_^ v

Yin said...

I got my "mother earth" ...just love it, and the earrings are great also...They're all my favorite. Thank you so much Steph. :X

mintylovee said...

i just found the necklace i have!
i'm like suuuuper bored with nothing to do, so why not look at DSK jewelry? ;D
i was skimming and then was like, "I have one just like that!" but the stars look so big in the picture. O.o
i also miss the pegasus necklaces. the one with ocean teal is purrty. xD
mother earth is also so pretty. (:

sorry for our of the ordinary comment on a post over two months old. -.-
i need a life. _-_

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