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More Interview Tips & Nonners Tells it Like it Is Video

Whitney aka Nonners aka Therellbesnacks1 aka my bff whenever we feel like bff-ing just updated her youtube with another video about interviewing.

And Yes. We have the option of choosing when we feel like being best friends forever, sometime just friends, and /or strangers. We've basically gone through that most of our lives but at the end of the week, month, months or year we're like magnets! We always seem to humor each other & talk about random life events & the weather. We just share a really great bond & understand each other on a level of AWESOME. We don't talk on the phone 24/7, 7 days a week. We used to see each other every damn day in Elementary School & Middle School PLUS HIGH SCHOOL, then she stalked me to the same college. SHEESH! jk, Besides the point, you can have a great friendship even if distance, or time has distracted you from one another every once in a while. : )

I thought Whit's video is a great update on my previous post about Whit's interview tips. Also, you get to see her awesome back yard in Florida! ::JEALOUS:: But not really because I live closer to Edward Cullen here in Seattle. BOOYAH!

I love how her video cuts off and she said my name.
Thanks for the shout out, but not really hahaha

My boyfriend Minh has a great answer to the question that was asked.
How do you reply when an interviewer asks what you're strengths and weaknesses are?
I'll ask him to make a video lol doubt that's gonna happen but his tip helped my little sister at her interview with Harvard.

I will post the Bubbi Necklace Winner later tonight : )
I'm trying to see how I can make this fair because the first person who answered correctly doesn't have a blogspot =/ And the second person to answer it right answered 4 minutes after them...but has a blogspot and therefore is a follower/reader.

What should I do?

I leave you with a collage of DSK Jewelry that Cathleen made me : ) Thank you girl!

"Ruby Briolette Crystal Tear Drop on Helix"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
*2 Available*
& yes I did wrap the crystal in .925 sterling. I hope you like!

My adorable customer Paulina, she's not wearing the Briolette Necklace, but she is wearing the Fuchsia Jet Pegasus Necklace. What these two pieces have in common is the 17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace. This necklace is pretty awesome in look & quality (those of you who already own one are the ones who told me), and I can assure you won't be able to find this chain in any stores for the price I delivery it to you. You may find the chain in a great jewelry store, but the price will definitely be more treasured & without the Swarovski Crystals.

The sweet Paulina for DSK Jewelry : )

"Fuchsia Jet Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace


Pinky said...

Ahh well, I think the first person who answered who doesn't have a blogspot should win. I definitely go to your site multiple times everyday, but I don't have a blogspot! :P Doesn't that make me a follower/reader? ^_^

sherryberry said...

I think the first person should win, because she was the first person. AND Paulina is gorgeous, I LOVE THAT HELIX CHAIN [:

Pearlholy said...

I am seriously jealous of Nonners when I checked her video; she's wearing a short sleeve shirt, enjoying the hot and pleasant weather. And I'm outside freezing outside at -22 ºF with wind factor. XD

And awww, pinky beat me to the first comment. Oh well XD<3 And yay! I'm on the front page~ *happiness*

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

I need interviewing tips! I'll have to pay more attention for when I interview for med school (scary!)
Hmm this is a toughy. I feel like both people deserve a little bit of something so maybe one person get the Bubbi Necklace & the other get like a smaller or different prize? Idk I just like it when everybody wins in some way :) lol

Apple Hu said...

*_* What a backyard! I am so jealous. Where I live, a pool would be frozen more than half the year! And need I mention that I am insanely grateful for all the interview tips? And if Minh could share his advice, too... all our futures would be brighter!

Ack, choosing a winner fairly... Tough decision x.x <~ no help.

The Briolette Crystal reminds me of a purse! How cute :) And, ah, the Fushia Jet Pegasus is definitely one of my favs.

Christina said...

I banished myself from the internet for a few days to study and I come back and you have all this gorgeous stuff for me to drool over! The pegasus and brio necklaces are my all time favorite! I know most people know your work from the Bubbi necklace but I consider the pegasus and brio necklaces to be ~DSK classics~ too (in my opinion).

Love you stuff, girl :)

Mrs. Cleanest / Nonners said...

Ahahahaha so true about the optional BFFs! I think we have a "binge & purge" type friendship... I mean that in the least scary-eating-disorder way possible. We go on spurts of talking (on AIM mostly, we were huge nerds in middle school... AOL chatrooms lol!)... and then we don't really see each other for a year. It's nice. We always come back on the same page though. :)


*I don't always give the best advice**
**But I usually give the best advice


CATHLEEN said...

XD got a shout out WOOHOO! :D

i was wearing you're necklace today. i was like omg omg omg sooo preettyy *eyes sparkle*. i can't decide which to wear tomorrow ><. maybe i'll alternate.

the Ruby Briolette Crystal looks soo adorable. it actually looks like a tiny handbag. so cute.

as for the winner for the necklace question. girl you are in a pickle. hmmm... have you tried making a pro con list? that sort of helps me when i can't choose between two options. sorry i'm no help. but you'll figure it out in the end. YOU'RE STEPHANIE!

Noriki said...

ummm first person should be the winner, but next time, you can be strict about it by mentionning clearly (bold letter) on each giveaway title xD

I look forward for Minh's tips. for real, i really am curious about Minh talking in front of the camera xD LOLL it would be sooo hilarious..i dunno hes not a clown, but it's funny to me xD
*my imagination is really big* it would be cool to see some bloopers too >:D bwahahahhaha

joeey said...

paulina is such a cutie!

btw, i love all these interview tips you and nonners are giving out
theyre incredibly useful!

i knew you should dress well, but ive always have problems with answering the questions in a way that will really showcase who i am

thanks steph!

Haneul said...

I also agree with Pinky, I wish I could have won or got the chance I checked ur web like until 12:30 ish and I also live in US, but there wasn't any update and when I got home I saw someone already won =(
and I checked the question and saw that I wouldn't have won anyways cause I don't have facebook, I heard it was addicting and it would bother my studies plus I didn't want more drama in my life, and choose between friends when they have fights >.<""
recently some of my friends fought but thank god I don't know half the deal or don't have to choose sides cause I'm not part of the drama phew~
but Steph honestly I think ur a great and hard working person, the first time I sent you the msg I was really scared cause naturally I'm not a confident person and still sometimes I feel scared talking to u, but everytime I get a lil courage speak out the way I am to u, when u take about ur hard work and how comments make you happy.
I am a writer myself not the greatest and beginner so I know how it feels like how the good comments and bad comments make a difference everyday and how my fanfic made some people really happy I understand how u feel when u said that people telling u ur pieces made them really happy, I'm sure they did <33333333 and cause it's true <3
and idk how the commotion going on about bubbi necklace since I just came but I know enough that u would NEVER EVER do something like that ever, cause if u r such a hard worker and idk seeing so much about u, I can NEVER doubt that u would something like that.
Wannabes and fake two face people I dislike the most cause they try to be someone that their not and bash other people.
I had a "so called friend" do that to me not so long ago which is why I'm usually scared now to ever reach to anyone for help and to be honest it was over the simpliest and stupidest thing...
But please don't ever feel down though I haven't got or can't afford ur pieces ur smile ur msgs, and ur pieces itself bring a smile and a tiny bit of courage everyday to let me talk to and make a new friend <3 TY!

Susan said...

WOW!! The Ruby Briolette Crystal Tear Drop Necklace is gorgeous!! I love the Briolette Necklace with this color combination, and this picture really shows the quality workmanship!! I hope you will make more of these. I would love to see this on one of your models. Also, Paulina is sooooooo CUTE!!!

Gee said...

Wow I wish I had Nonners' backyard, instead I'm in Canada freezing my but off :P

I love all the pegasus necklaces but i must admit this is one of my favourites, lol its probably because I'm in love with the colours :D

Hmmm as for the winner I agree with Eureka, I think they both should get something. The first person could get the bubbi necklace and the second person mabey a pair of earinbgs or something small just so they both can feel the love :)

peace <3 gee

ATL said...

The fuchsia jet pegasus is so beautiful! I would love to win this! =D

SharBEAR =) said...

thanks for the helpful tips Steph and Nonners! it would be great to have Minh do a video too hehehe

as for the winner, I think both of them should win! everyone deserves a lil bit of DSK love =)

nice new pieces! the briolette definitely reminds me of a mini purse so adorable! great job!!!

paulina's very pretty!


- Renée - said...

I love Helix chains!! They are so classy!

Like Gee, wish I was in Nonners' backyard too.. I have to get out in town today, after a 24-hour snow storm and a foot-and-a-half of snow more on the ground. Today, the weather feels like -25C (-13F) with the wind. Brrr.. I'm cold just thinking about it! :P

wuzzyangel said...

YOu and Nonners are too cute together! Even through blog post collabos you can tell how close you guys are! :)

Haha... You live closer to EC! LOL!

Kate Gene said...

I think it's so cool that you and your best friend are able to maintain a strong relationship, even though you live on different coasts! And yes, we are closer to Edward. Woop woop! My friend wants to take a road trip to Forks and see where he lives. LOL!

Your jewelry, as always, is too pretty for words. Your customer is super cute! You're right; you're not going to find a better deal on high quality stuff like yours. When I received my bracelet, I could tell it was well made and sturdy. (That's definitely a good thing since I'm extra hard on everything!)

I hope you enjoyed your baby burrito at Gorditas today! Those burritos are HUGE! That is one of our favorite places. Even Sean, who is built like a linebacker, can't finish a whole burrito! LOL!

That collab you received is so nice! Your fans/customers love you, girlie!

xoxo xoxo (Yep! You got two xoxos! LOL!)

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