DSK Jewelry is handmade/handcrafted by me! [D.S.K.] in the Seattle, Washington, USA

US, Canada, UK and all other International Orders Welcome! DSK Jewelry LLC is a Registered Business in the USA.


To answer Pinky's comment/question: Which piece represents me?
They're all my "children!"
I make pieces that I like, and love to flaunt. : )
But I wear my lil plump crystal studs, and my "Luxury Living" heart necklace most!
Fun question!

Two bracelets that were out of stock, now available for Valentine's Day.

"Rose Hearts & Moonlight Briolette Drops"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet

Valentine's Edition
DSK & Bubbi Custom Bracelet
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet (adjustable)
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
.925 Sterling Silver Findings

The following were highly requested, they'll available for pre-order, they'll be ready to ship in about 1-2 weeks : )
"Tanz & Moonlight Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
*Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship*

"Ocean Teal & Black Diamond Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
*Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship*

"Ocean Teal & Crystal Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
*Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship*

Small & Medium Hearts ~ size comparisonLovely Lady Crystal Heart Earrings : )

Lovely Lady Crystal Heart Earrings

*NEW* "Modern Rose Heart Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski
*Last Pair*

A unique angle to your everyday pair of earring dangles
*More Rose Pieces Coming Soon*
"Lovely Lady Fuchsia Crystal Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski

The following, now available in 18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Chain Necklace
"Large PH 18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace"

"Large Titanic on 18" Sterling Silver Heart Link"

I was going through my old myspace picture (I haven't be on myspace in a long time).
These photos were posted 2-3 years ago!
I used to do custom orders for friends or friends of friends.

I started with beaded Swarovski bracelets, just thought I'd share!
This was before I created DSK Jewelry.
I used to have displays at beauty salons in the Grand Rapids, Michigan areas back in the day. It got a bit harder when I moved away for college so I had to put it on pause.


I was in school, hence the notebook paper : )
For those who dont' know, I learned my jewelry basics in 2005 on vacation in Orange County, CA from my cousin who is a jewelry designer (her and her sister-in-law were very savvy).

I didn't think much of it, I just started making pieces for myself for fun.
I took about a 4 year break from jewelry for college. I went to Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

I felt like sharing with you a part of my life that probably gets over shadowed by DSK Jewelry.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Retail/Merchandise Management from MSU. Some of our Alumni in my degree program include, the CEO of Bath & Body Works (I met & talked to her :)), the Richard Golden (creator of DOC Optics) -met him too! Because the CEO of Bath & Body Works is still very involved in MSU's program, I had the chance to fly to New York City to visit their corporate office. I got to sit at Harry Slatkin's board room/office! (founder of Slatkin & Co Candles--sold at Bath & Body Works).

That is The Harry Slatkin (better known as "The Nose" because he's the brilliant creator of all his Slatkin & Co. candle scents!) in his beautiful NYC office, I felt like I was living the Devil Wears Prada this entire trip!!!

My classmates & friends in Bryant Park, NY

I initially wanted to be a Buyer (in case law school didn't work out), and get into buying for department stores, jewelry stores, etc. I did have a connection through another MSU Alumni at Cole Haan's corporate to get an opportunity to interview with Tiffany & Co. but it would have required me to move to NYC, which i wasn't planning on so I never followed through.
It never really hurts to talk to someone about your future goals, someone always knows someone who knows someone : )
I really valued my experience in college. It was definitely a stepping stone to where I am today. I hope to go back to school just so I can have more opportunities to shake some more hands :)

Since I'm going through my photos, let me show you what the Corporate Office of Cole Haan looks like (famous for shoes). They offered us an internship opportunity too, but again I didn't want to live in NYC.

Beautiful view of NYC's Cole Haan
They had tons of pennie's in a bowl
It's just beautiful in there, I would love to have that table!
Isn't the office just super trendy?
I love being in a board room.
They had walls of fabrics, textures, skins!

Back when Minh & I just started dating. He was always studying his law books, and I was always beading in my free time since I was an undergrad.

hahaha, Stephanie Nguyen Design! lolllll


CATHLEEN said...

it seems that coming to your blog is a daily routine for me now XD.

i noticed that you have necklace themes for each type of season but not winter. i was wondering if you could put together like crystalised snowflake, leaf and flower for the frosty wintery go as an example.

i miss the cold. australia is boiling hot right now :(

love your work <3

christina said...

I just love them all! This is my first time commenting btw :)
Your designs are just so unique and beautiful! Keep up the good work! :)

DSK Steph said...

@Cathleen, I did have a winter collection! It sold out really fast, so I removed the post because everyone kept asking about it lol It will be back next year!

christina said...
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christina said...
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christina said...
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Shiseiten said...

it's cool to see how you started out. :) that ocean teal color is amazing!

Pinky said...

Ahh you have a natural talent!! All of these look gorgeous! This is really random, but I've always wondered.. which piece really represents YOU? :)

Can't wait till you have your own actual store!

AnieAristocrat said...

Awww! Your initial designs are adorable too! The DSK and Bubbi Custom Bracelet is sooooo cute! The two charms reminded me of Bubbi putting together two of her bracelets to make the chain thicker. XD

I'm surprised you wanted to be a Retail Buyer! :D I'm going into college to major in Retail/ Merchandise Management as well, to become Retail Buyer hopefully pertaining to fashion.

That really made my day knowing that's what you got your bachelor's in :)

Keep up the good work!!! ^-^

Kimirose said...

Yay! Thanks for bringing back the Bubbi bracelet. I love the lil' plump stars! :)

Line said...

I've never been that into Valentine's Day since it hasn't caught on in Denmark yet, but with all the shiny and pink DSK items, it's hard not get in the mood for Valentine's :-D

Cara said...

those heart clasps/ends are REALLY REALLY pretty xD

Kate Gene said...

What a cool toggle bracelet! It's so cute that the end piece (I'm sure that's the technical term! Ha ha ha!) is in the shape of a heart!


CATHLEEN said...


awesome :D

HT said...

Do you still have some of your original pieces? That'd be awesome! :)

PS. I got my Bubbi necklace yesterday and it is *gorgeous*!!! Eeeee!!!!

Lena said...

wow you've had some amazing experiences in college!!! I love Cole Haan and their Nike air shoes lol. It's amazing getting previews of Steph before the creation DSK Jewelry! You are mighty talented <3!!

Anonymous said...

The DSK & Bubbi Custom Bracelet is sooo pretty!! :D

jessalyn said...

i worked for bath and body for like 5 minutes (well, a summer)- i liked it, but always left with a headache from being around all the scents...

i would love to work for cole haan- but thats just because i am show obsessed and all i can imagine is having access to beautiful shoes with an employee discount :)

the original pieces are awesome as well! i love going back through old pics- its fun to reminisce

Miley said...

Hey Steph!
Just wanted to say I received my package, shipping was super fast! Waiting until Saturday to open it because that's my birthday...It's so hard not to open it, it feels like Christmas! The pieces in this post are gorgeous as always, I love visiting your page! =]

ChLc said...

YAY! Bubbi Bracelet :) I noticed a lot of your bracelets use cool colors, I was wondering if you could make something using the colors of the sunset.

hannah cho said...

lol i always get embarrassed when i look back at old pics. im always like, 'did i really like that before? cause now its really ugly' or 'omg that was funny before but now its just embarrassing!'

kayanne said...

I'm studying Retail Management at university in the UK and your advice about being polite and respectful for networking so true!

You are an inspiration to me for having achieved your own jewellery line and for being such an awesome business woman with loads of business and retail knowledge o(^_^)/

I love your work and your pieces are amazing ♥ I even had to tumble about it: http://kawaiikay.tumblr.com/

Love Kay xx

ChLc said...

Wow I don't think I'll ever get over how stunning that "Ocean Teal & Black Diamond Pegasus" is <3

Benee said...

Hello!!! haha remember me? i sent you the email...(oops.)sorry about that! anyways me n my my friends were talking and we kinda came up with a really cool idea for your v-day piece! so since valentines day is coming up
it would be a great idea to do a "First Love/ Love at First Sight" Necklace?

We just thought it would be cool if u made this valentine day collection special
and make it into a whole 4 different customized ones:
Summer: heart and flower pendant
Spring: heart and raindrop pendant
Fall: heart and Leaf pendant
Winter:heart and snowflake pendant

and so the buyer buys the season where they either met their current bf, met their unforgettable first love
and for the girls out there that have yet to find their love
i thought a good idea was to make a "good love charm" necklace
so it would be a clover and a heart
so it's like wearing a goodluck charm on ur neck for finding love and happinesssssss ^^ ^^ ^^

Thank you for listening to my suggestion! I would love to see this made <3

DSK Steph said...

@Kay your tumblr is soooooo cool! I've never seen one before! Thanks for letting know about your page!!!

sherryberry said...

haha steph <3 : "They're all my children"
it must be hard selling yourr childrenn , but don't worry, we all love themm ! Love the valentines day bracelet!
Lmao you really inspire mee . . making all this lovely jewelry !

mayhoua said...

Hi! just wanted to say you have very lovely jewelry!! I'm going to buy some. i was just wondering if you made any rings?

Noriki said...

the two posts (this one and the most recent one) are really helpful to me! thanks for sharing great things about life! reading about your experiences back in college makes me look sooo like a normal kid here. tsk tsk tsk :P but actually mine is more like a drama life than an adventurous life like yours >_<! I encourage you to post more post like this too. it really helps "balancing my life"...if you know what i'm talking about...lol Thank you again :)

Nancy said...

steph, i would love to see some of your lux pearl pieces back again!

DSK Steph said...

@Nancy, I was thinking about making more DSK Lux pieces : )

christina said...

I really like the bracelets. I think you should make one with colours of all the seasons. That would look funky and cute ^-^

doubley123 said...

Pearl pieces are really nice. would like too see them back too. i was wondering if you still have the Happy necklace available?

Theresa said...

Seeing the Bubbi bracelet made me think back to the AB star bracelet. Any chance we'll be seeing that any time soon? :D

Mandy said...

Hey Steph!
Do you think you can bring back the pieces "DSK's Seattle Bracelet III"
or "DSK's Fantasy Bracelet"? Or any similar pieces? LOL. I thought those bracelets where very cute ^.^

Stephanie said...

if you moved to NYC your life would have been so different =0
its like opposite sides of the spectrum...

Anonymous said...

Changed my name (I'm jasminlye ;D) xD Just had a little idea (: A starfish on a Pegasus necklace would look great, too. What do you think? ;)

wuzzyangel said...

Valentines Love!! LOL! I really want a Large PH now too! Damn you Steph! LOL!

How cool is it that you got to go the corporate offices! But your education helps you with DSK too! :) You're a marketing smartie!

carms said...

Beautiful jewelry!

Just wondering if you could tell me or link me to the necklace Holly is wearing in this video?


Thanks :)

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