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Requested by SharBEAR =)

"Girlfriend's Rose"
Crystallized Swarovski Light Siam Red Heart & Leaf
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
*1 Available now*

"Romantic Red Rose Stem Necklace"
Crystallized Swarovski Siam Red Heart & Leaf
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
*1 Available now*

Dear SharBEAR, really awesome idea!
I just have 1 of each available right now, if you guys like these two pieces ~ leave me a comment & I'll let you know if I can make more by February 4th. : )

Have a great day everyone! I'm going home hunting today.
I hope the sun comes out in Seattle!

Bubbi's Starfish/Moon Necklace
16" Sterling Silver Cable Necklace
Sale: $38.50

"Silver Moon & Medium Rose Heart on Stardust"
16" Sterling Stardust Necklace

Large Crystal Moon & Small Titanic Heart
1 Available

Gold Pendants for Sale
*I am trying to get more gold necklaces, I'm thinking I'll have them again in Mid-March : )

Large Crystallized Swarovski Hearts on Gold
Tanzanite Purple Pendant
Light Sapphire Blue Pendant
Fuchsia Pink Pendant

$34.50 each

Large Crystallized Swarovski Hearts on Gold

I'll try to make more pieces this coming week in honor of Valentine's Day.
If pieces get sold out, they most like won't be available again until early March.
I just want to let you all know in advance to save you time before we play e-mail tag.

Have a beautiful day everyone!



Kate Gene said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but everything you make is so pretty! The first piece actually reminds me of a cherry or apple. Too cute!

BTW, I took pictures of the gorgeous bracelet and goodies you sent me and will be posting a diddy about it soon. :) I am just waiting for my new laptop charger to arrive so I can upload the photographs. (I am using my husband's old work laptop to blog in the interim. It won't let me upload pics for some reason.)

BTW, I am adding your button to my sidebar now! Woot woot! :)

Kate Gene said...

Ooh, actually, your button is a little too big for my sidebar. Do you mind if I save the graphic and re-size it? I know how to make it link back to your page. Lemme know... I don't want to steal your content without your permission! :)

Michelle said...

SharBEAR had an amazing idea. These necklaces are lovely. I would definitely buy them. [:

bunny1218 said...

omg the romantic red rose stem necklace is so pretty!!! It is such a good idea!!!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

this was such a great idea! the red and green really does remind you of a rose :) xx

Ivy said...

Omg the rose idea is brilliant. I absolutely love the bubbi moon starfish necklace. The picture looks dazzling :)

Emmeline L. said...

The Girlfriend's Rose is stunning! If I hadn't just bought the little Baroque, I'd totally get this one! Need to save up some money right now!

I think it'd be cute if you paired one of those silver keys (the ones you used for bracelets a while back) with a nice little pink or red heart (:

Katie said...

OMG! I've had this idea about Valentine's Day..
One night, I was watching my boyfriend eat this yummy bowl of scooops strawberry and 1 scoop chocolate ice cream. The pinks + light brown combination looked so cute!
Now, trying to think up eye makeup with that color combo!
<3 Katie

- Renée - said...

OMG! I love love LOVE the rose necklaces!!! Awesome idea! They are awesome!! :D

christina said...

ooooh very pretty! :D

ChLc said...

"Romantic Red Rose Stem Necklace" is so incredible! Absolutely gorgeous <3 <3 <3

Issy said...

The crystal moon and titanic heart set is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing the bracelets you'll be posting up!

Also, since you're starting to focus more on Valentines day, why not do some Tet inspire sets as well? (Since they're on the same day and what not)

Yin said...

Hey Stepp.,

Can you please make more the " Swarovski Pearls & DSK Bows" ? I love the bow and the lil' pearl on top of it. They look perfect together...

Esther said...

The first necklace is really nice! It's something that I really wouldn't think would work out too much in my head because I'm so used to automatically thinking red + green = Christmas but I can't help but to stare at it and think how pretty it is! It really does remind me of a rose or cherry or something natural. Thanks to SharBEAR for the awesome idea!
Also, I really like how you're putting out just the pendants because it saves me from limiting myself to only 18" necklaces since the 16" chains would be useless to me and I switch around the pendants I already own anyway. So, more pendants please!

Esther said...

Woops. Forgot to add that pendants would be awesome but pendant combinations would be even more awesome because I really your creativity and style. :p

kineta said...

Beautiful pieces as always! I've been stalking your blog lately because your jewelry is so pretty and have already made two orders and am looking to make another :3 I'm just shy so I haven't posted ^^

I'm actually posting today because of my best friend. She's getting married at the end of March in Mexico and is having a hard time finding the simple, sparkly jewelry she wants. I thought simple? Sparkly? DSK! But the pieces would have to be more white than colourful (with it being a wedding and all). I'm not sure if anything would work, but I thought I'd ask for your suggestion :)

christina said...

I have a request and just wanted to tell you asap becos i forget easily lol.
i really think you should make a bracelet with 4 charms: one for each season
Maybe a...
Snowflake for winter
Orangish leaf for Fall
A pink flower for spring &,
something yellowish for Summer

but, hopefully the charms arent too big, and will make it all bulky :S lol

sorry, im just so obsessed with the bracelets you make and colourful jewelry :L

SharBEAR =) said...

Thanks Steph for making a post dedicated to me! I'm glad all u ladies like the idea too! =)

Those gold pendants are awesome! It would be great to see more but I'm more of a silver girl. lol


Amy said...

love your jewelry - i'm wondering if we could get a few more behind the scene pictures? like what does jewelry making involve? (do you just buy the crystals as they are? and string them along some chains you buy on wholesale) what makes it a craft exactly?

just curious!

Miss said...

Hey Steph! Thanks for checking out my blog and for the sweet compliment! I've been a follower ever since K. Lo mentioned you on her blog! I'm always impressed by your designs and creativity in your jewelry.

P.S. I'm secretly wishing to be part of the DSK Jewelry Model Family...hehe. ;-)

DSK Steph said...

@Miss, I am going to host another DSK Model Search soon! Stay tune for that post ^_~

Moon.Ink said...

Bubbi's Necklace is veery cute (: Can't help it, but I just adore everything with moons x'D
Oh and I really like the idea of christina! A season bracelet sounds interesting! Or what about a day-and-night bracelet? With a moon, maybe a black heart, and then a yellow flower and a sparkly leaf? (: Just a suggestion from me ;)

Love you, Steph! I visit your site every single day! (:

Shaylie said...

Hey steffinny. How long is the chain to the Large Crystal Moon & Small Titanic Heart ? If it's in the 18" I want to buy it! =)

sherryberry said...

Man thats awesome . Getting a DSK for valentines day :D ! Don't you think it would be romantic if your own boyfriend would make you a necklace? Haha thats my wish (:

doubley123 said...

Yay! i am so happy. After much begging to my sister finally bought the Happy Necklace for me.

Haneul said...

I dunno remember when u sent me ur reply saying this is how to do it, I really did try but I have no idea why it didn't work...probably cause of my cheap laptop =.='''
anyhoo~ but I did send my request/idea to u in email i dunno if u received it or not or that u found my emails annoying? I dunno~
Anyhow~ I thought I should still send my ideas.
I'm dying to see a key and lock necklace pair for valentine's day <3
I wish you can create like a blend remix type of necklace for valentine's day
like with red or shiny purple, pink, and white (transparent) hearts, the all of them being super glowing u know what I mean so it stands out and gives like a standing out effect.
Looking at the snow crystal bracelet I was also wondering if u could make a remix of that, except like white pure pearls and maybe pink/white charms hanging.
For the white parts in the request I think u should use the white heart that u used in DSK & Bubbi Custom Bracelet and for the purple use the type of heart in the large ph 18 sterling sliver heart link necklace <3
I TOTALLY adore that pendent color <3
I hope I helped! It would be cool to see these pieces soon~
and I was wondering if u could make like an oceanic remix necklace with the silver heart (the shiny one), with the ph shiny heart (lol sorry I don't even know some of the names >.<""), with a shiny teal it reminds me a lot of ocean view in the morning that I sometimes see in movies and another remix with the ph and sliver hearts alone gives me the deep twilight midnight type of feeling <3
I hope i get to see these pieces soon~ and that they help ur collection <33333
I can't wait to c them <3
Keep up the spirit and good work!
btw have u considered the idea for earth remix and mother earth necklaces cause now it's not only for the eco club it's to help gain money for Haiiti too =(

phuong said...

Yes, I agree all your pieces are soo cute and adorable =D.
I received my first order last week and I love ITTT!! Your jewelries are so sparkly makes me wanna order more!!

btw thanks for the lovely necklaces and treats =D

hannah cho said...

amazing idea! i <3 the girlfriends rose necklace!!!!! so pretty!

wuzzyangel said...

That was a great idea she gave you! It really does resemble a rose. Tho it also reminds me of a strawberry for some reason! LOL! It's okay, both are used on Vday! LOL!

christina said...

Maybe you've noticed, but some people out there are trying to copy your ideas in jewelry o___O except they use uglier necklaces lol. but yours are always better, and always will be :) keep up the amazing work

jessalyn said...

amazing as always- that is such a great v-day gift. wish i wasn't sharing the holiday with manfriend's bday!! >:/ jk- his bday is more important, i guess ;)

i am having a little giveaway over at my blog, and i know you pop over sometimes- it's nothing big, just a little thank you to my readers :)

LoonyPlatypus said...

Aww Steph, you create the most beautiful jewellry I've ever seen! Your site is #5 on my 'most visited pages' because I come here every day :)

I love love love the 'Girlfriend's Rose' necklace, if I had $50 right now I would totally buy it.

It got me thinking though, because it's coming up to spring, that you could maybe do some reworhings of the 'Flowa Powa' necklaces, with different coloured flowers! Maybe a light blue/turqoise, and maybe a yellow or orange, so they look like bluebells or daffodils. They would be such cute spring necklaces :)

Thank you for bringing some sparkles into my life xx

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