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Requested Earrings

Lots of you wanted to see these back ~ thanks for your comments & suggestions : )
I'm a bit down today aka depressed, but I'm trying to pick myself back up!

I look forward to this coming week, I have lots new pieces to share. I just need to work on my photos! Stay tuned for new earrings, and more Blue & Green inspired pieces. I've been feelin' Avatar. I really want to go check it out again, but in 3D. I wish my bf had more time. He worked today..and Monday. The firm never seems to give him a break! Except, they told him not to come in tomorrow (Sunday) since he came in Sunday last week just to prove that he's a workaholic. This for that right? I hope our future together will be shiny & bright (or else...)
*Now Available Again*

"Lovely Lady"
Swarovski Baby Pink Pearls
Sterling Heart Lever Back Earrings


Also, Available in Swarovski Cream Pearl


Modeled by Holly Ann-AeRee's Ear =^_^=

"Sterling Cat & Pearls Earrings"

Sterling Silver Cat Post Earrings
Sterling Silver Post Backings
Swarovski Cream Pearls
*2 Pairs Available*



ATL said...

I wish I was living in Washington, just so I can help you take photos of your jewelries for you! =)

Anonymous said...


I want to see some more big dađdy jet black star studs and siam flower studs earrings. Thanks

---you both are workaholic :D!! hehehe. You are busy making jewelries for us :D and he is busy making money to buy you a mansion :D. Cheer up girl. I know how you feel when your belove don't have any time with you. Gf needs love too.

Anna said...

Makes me wish my ears were pierced! haha. xD

Amy said...

So pretty and sophisticated ^_^ <3!

Anonymous said...

The cat earrings are adorable! :)

fantabulousfrankie said...

Its so sweet that you really listen to your followers and bring back what they want.

Yay more pieces coming soon, especially looking forward to the blue pieces as blue and purple are my fav colours!

Hopefully your bf will get a break soon so you can spend more time together and sorry to hear you are feeling down *hugs* hope you feel better soon :D

hannah cho said...

*sigh...... ive always loved the pearl earrings (especially in creme)

Susan said...

Love your new collection!! I know Avatar 3D will cheer you up!! :) Looking forward to seeing your earrings.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! (:
In my opinion they look like vintage pieces, maybe it's because of the pearls... Love them! You did a great job! <3

Ivy said...

lol, sorry im annoying with my comments ;[
dont be depressed steph :D you live with minh, u get to see him every day ^0^ plus ur never alone when ur thinking of him <3
aaaandd you have us (ur fans) and ur dsk family ^0^ so theres no need to be sad.

p.s i love the earrings, so gorgeous.

Boe Yee said...

Steph, hope you'll feel better! I am looking forward to your new jewelery designs xD, I really like the earrings I might get one!

Anonymous said...

I want to see some big daddy jet black star studs and siam flower stud earrings back.

--Cheer up girl:D Well, that will give you time making pretty jewelries for the ladies:D j/k.
Anyway, both of you are workaholic!!
Minh, is working hard to buy you, your dream mansion near the beach :D.

Kimberly_Sneeringer said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear that you feel so bad! It's so hard when things get so busy that you don't have much time to spend with your loved ones. Just know that your art helps women all over feel a little bit happier... The love and care you put in your work makes us feel special and pretty each time we wear one of your pieces!

wuzzyangel said...

Oh the Holly kitties are back! :( I want but no $$$ Do you take Macy's GC?! LOL! That's like the only cash like substance I have to spend now! LOL!

Haha!! can't wait to see the new pieces!! Feel better Steph!

SharBEAR =) said...

Avatar was a really great movie! I loved it but don't go watch it in 3D I think its a waste of extra dollars. =/ try going and watching it in IMAX!

can't wait for your avatar inspired pieces! they're gonna be awesome and I just know it! (:


sherryberry said...

hahaah thats funny . im feeling a little sad right now too so i came to check your blogg .
love the kittyys (:

katie said...

haha i'm sure your future together will be amazing. (:

Amy said...

Oh that's right, we can request :L Can you make some thread earrings? With the really pretty hearts of... the gem from:

12-13-10"Large PH 16" Heart Link Necklace

It's so gorgeous! I was so bummed when I couldn't work out paypal. I'll figure it out!


Line said...

The cat earrings are super kawaii =^.^=

Manchesfer said...

Do you have the cat earrings in Gold? Very cute btw!

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