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Saturday January 23, 2010

A few new pieces, and honoring a few requests :) I'll try to tackle more the rest of this weekend.

I also want to make an announcement for Valentine's Day shoppers: The last day to purchase DSK Jewelry for V-day is February 4th, 2010.

I'm going to be on vacation around February 4th-March 4th. I wanted to drop a quick note about the Valentine's Day Orders first for the V-day shoppers. I'll tell you more about what's going to go on at DSK Jewelry when I head back to Michigan to visit my hometown.

I can let you know now that I won't be selling any pieces you see available right now after February 4th, 2010 until I'm back in early March.

I want to make new pieces while I'm in Michigan & post only those for sale then ~ : )
Everything you see now will be available again when I get back to Washington in March.

So if you want to buy for birthdays, anniversaries in February, I suggest you place your orders now or any time before February 4th, 2010.

All orders will be welcome, but I won't be here to ship them until early March.

Please keep this information in mind for future reference : )


Happy Shopping!

"Golden Crystal & Silver Bow Earrings"
*1 Pair Only*

"Vintage Rose Crystal & Antique Gold Bow Earrings"
-Gold Filled Earrings
*1 Pair Only*

"Silver Crystal Column Earrings"
*1 Pair Only*

"Large AB Moon & Small Fuchsia Heart"
18" Sterling Heart Link Necklace


"Silk & Large Golden Star"
18" Sterling Ball Link Necklace
*1 Available*

"Valentine's Day Rose Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver
Sale: $18.50
*Quantities Limited!*

I will not be making of these once they're sold out, I want to focus my time on more new bracelet ideas in the next week.

"Jet Crystal Heart Earrings"
.925 Sterling Silver
Sale: $18.50
*Last Pair*

New Infinity Circles! --Requested

"Jet to Infinity"
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace
Quantities Limited

"Golden Infinity"
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace
Quantities Limited

"Infinity Circle"
16" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace
Quantities Limited

Two New Pegasus Necklaces --Requested

"Light Amethyst Starfish - Silver Shadow Pegasus Necklace"

16" Sterling Stardust Necklace

"Light Amethyst Starfish - Moonlight Pegasus Necklace"
16" Sterling Stardust Necklace

"LS Moon/LA Starfish Necklace"

16" Sterling Silver Cable Necklace
Sale: $38.50

"Large Bermuda Heart"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Sale: $45.50
Quantities Limited

"Large Earth Heart"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
*3 available!* : )

Two Swarovski Crystal Pendants for Sale

"Large Sapphire"
.925 Sterling Silver
Sale: $32.50

"Large Emerald Heart"


"Blossom on 18" Sterling Silver Heart Link"

For those who missed them,

3" Sterling Silver Threads

3" Sterling Threads


Kate Gene said...

Any of these pieces would be the perfect Valentine's Day accessory! I'd rock hearts on my ears, around my neck, AND on my wrist if I could! LOL!

I hope you enjoyed your dinner. I am dieting and it suuuucks. I want Burger King so badly! Ha ha ha!

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH! You made more threads! I kept putting off buying them, because I'm... honestly just lazy, and when I got around to it, they were sold out!

Oh thank you so much ^_^ You are so very cool, making what people ask you to :)

Cara said...

i honestly LOVEEEEE all the bow pieces you make....especially the first pair of earrings in this post...maybe a bow necklace would be popular too?? or ring??

Esther said...

Oooh.. The Infinity circles are really pretty. I especially like the golden one. Anywho, I'm really looking forward to seeing your new pieces most of all. I shall be lurking! xp

LinCua said...

Every time i go on your blog I wanna buy something! I keep buying after i receive your stuff. They're just too darn pretty!!

Vianh said...

I`m so glad I saw Holly`s great youtube video on the sigma travel brushes while wearing the pretty love bait earrings :)

christina said...

Have fun on your vacation and enjoy your Valentine's Day :D

p.s. your designs are amazing!!

Line said...

Really looking forward to seeing your new bracelets. I'm needing a bracelet so I'll be keeping an eye out for those :)

hannah cho said...

ugh! i wish i could have some more dsk!! im broke right now so i cant... :( sigh... guess ill have to save up for another one!

SharBEAR =) said...

ooo great new pieces! sooooooo pretty! thanks for bringing back the requests =]

Steph just an idea for a Valentine's piece but since boyfriends give their girlfriends roses, I think you should make a combination of a green leaf and possibly a red heart or flower. That'll be cute to symbolize like roses. What do you think?? I was just thinking about how Valentine's day since its coming up so soon.

have a great weekend! =)


Anonymous said...

Silk & Large Golden Star is really pretty. The colors go really well together. I also like the first pair of earrings. Lovely!

Can't wait to see the new stuff! Have fun on vacation!

tyatuan said...

didnt take long to b a great fans of urs i love ur creations only sad part is they get sold out so quick
i have sum request will u post more of the star studs earrings and lariat necklaces

Michelle said...

Eeeeeppp, the bow earrings are adorable. :3 I'm definitely adding them to my order. Oh, and I love the emerald heart. Is it possible for you to make a necklace with that heart and a silver shadow pegasus with a stardust chain, almost like the one in your December 30th post? ^.^

Susan said...

I love the column crystal earrings. So glad you indicated when last orders for Valentine's Day would be accepted. I told two guys at work about your site, and they have already started shopping your site for their girlfriends!! Those girls are going to be amazed with your jewelry! Every piece is so beautiful and stunning! Looking forward to seeing your new pieces when you get back from vacation.

Anonymous said...

Ah wow!! I looove the starfish and the pegasus necklace! (: Looks even better than I imagined! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Ah wow!! I looove the starfish and the pegasus necklace! (: Looks even better than I imagined! Great job!

Sarah613 said...

hi! I looove your jewelry, I check it out almost everday. I think today I actually might buy something lol. I love the pieces you do in teal, my favorite color. I think teal and black would look awesome together, like maybe a black pegasus and teal heart or star (if you already haven't done that)Keep up the lovely work!

Sofie said...

I cry for missing the large earth heart ):
darn time diffrences and me being so busy

ChLc said...

Wow. I'll never get over how stunning "large earth heart" is. The colors are gorgeous and go together so well.

~AnGeL~ said...

OMG.. the "sterling silver heart link" is so cute... I'm your new follower and I would say that I adore your work! You're so talented!
Keep up the good work...

Michelle said...

Oh, if it's not too much trouble, could you bring back "Platinum Pearls on CZ Heart Earrings" that were featured on January 5th? Those would be perfect for Valentine's Day. :D The "Sterling Silver Love Baits w/ Purple Swarovski Pearls" would be just as wonderful. [[:

katie said...

omgs so many starfish,
i love it!
and i love the girlfriend's rose,
it looks definitely great for valentine's day.

wuzzyangel said...

Have fun back home girl! I know you miss it!

Ohh the columns! Love those!! ANd a JET BLACK INFINITY CIRCLE?! :***( I need to win a lottery!

love04 said...

hay steph im new to your site and let me tell ya you rock!!! hay i was hoping you can tell me when you are going to have more of those star studs that hollyannaeree had on in her youtube vid? and i kinda sorta had a request... let me know if you take request. love bri

Anonymous said...

how big is the infinity circle? I want to know the size. As big as a penny?

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