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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 [sale post]

A few items for sale!

"LA Abstract Earrings"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
Sale: $12.50

"Lovely Lady 14K Gold Cream Pearls"

"AB Teadrop Lovely Lady Earrings"
14k Gold-Filled
Crystallized Swarovski
Sale: $14.50
*Sorry, Sold*

"Rose Teardrops Lovely Lady Earrings"
14K Gold-Filled Earrings
Crystallized Swarovski
Sale: $14.50

"Platinum Pearls on CZ Heart Earrings"
CZ Hearts
Sterling Silver
Swarovski Pearls
Sorry, Sold


Ivy said...

Haii steph! I absolutely adore the pink flower and starfish together soooo cute <3 ;) the earrings are just out of this world lol, I would so wear it if I didn't have problems with my ears o.0 maybe I should buy it despite the pain? Hehe maybe ^o^

ericabarakitty said...

Please make a silver triple necklace with pink, red, and clear on it. :)
I love your work! Keep up the good job! <3

ChLc said...

The "Autumn love" necklace is so adorable <3

Anonymous said...

Oh the "Platinum Pearls on CZ Heart Earrings" caught my eye. The emerald heart is a beautiful color.

missmeizhou said...

Hey Steph! I love your pieces! I left you a message on my blog. Happy New Year!

wuzzyangel said...

The LA shape is so unique!

PixyEla said...

I love the platinum CZ hear earrings & pink flower with silk starfish!!! Nice combination for both. :)
Psst. silver moon & teal starfish necklace!! hehe

Kate Gene said...

Every time I see one of your crystal leaves, my first thought is, "What a pretty angel wing!" Good thing I don't work in the biz! I'd be calling everything by the wrong name. LOL!

Great pieces, as always! :)

Stephanie said...

the leaf on the Emerald Heart AB Leaf look like its GLOWING!!!
fabulous photography skills !!!

Cara said...

i REALLY love all your pearl pieces....they just SCREAM classy/chic....especially those platinum ones...mmmmmmm

joey said...

i love your emerald heart ab leaf necklace
i think its the perfect combination
ive always been a bit hesitant about the leaf, but now im completely sold!

i really love the pearl earrings you do as well
theyre the ultimate classy

thanks for putting so much care&love into every piece

cant wait for more!

Jewelry By Jessica said...

oh my goodness I love them all Steph! You just keep getting better and better ^_^

Anonymous said...

Autumn Love reminds me of Autumn Story. Love the color combination. They are both very pretty, but I think I prefer it with the flower. ;)

hannah cho said...

steph, i think you should make some valentines pieces soon!!! i think most girls would want something special to wear on v-day!

Kimberly_Sneeringer said...

I absolutely love the flower and starfish combo! I am so excited to wear it. :) Congrats on your store!

Jacklin Nguyen said...

Love the platinum pearls! So gorgeous!

lankangirl97 said...

Hey steph!!
I have a request,
A pink star and blue moon together on a necklace?
it would be so cute <33

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