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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 *New 24" Sterling Silver Necklaces*

"I'm Here for You"
18" (45cm) Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Triple Emerald, Golden, Amethyst"
*1 Available*
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*still available*

"Her Necklace"
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Sorry, Sold*

"DSK & Holly Ann-AeRee Collabo: Pink Edition"
*1 Available*
***New 24" Sterling Silver Necklace***
Crystallized Swarovski
*Sorry, Sold*

"Amethyst & Golden Pegasus"

20" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Amethyst & Black Diamond Pegasus"
20" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Sorry, Sold*

"AB Moon & Jet Pegasus"
24" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Sorry, Sold*

"Golden Chic Pegasus Necklace"

24" Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Little Light Amethyst Baroque Necklace"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"Little Aquamarine Baroque Necklace"
18" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

*1 Available*"Luxury Living"
24" Sterling Silver Necklace
[This necklace hangs right in the middle of your chest]
Large Crystallized Heart

I personally like to wear this big golden heart as a commitment to myself to work hard to be able to live in that luxury home one day. I find myself driving up to Clyde Hill (near Bellevue) [Washington USA] to drool over the million dollar homes. They all have a beautiful hill view of the Lake Washington, Seattle, Bellevue, and The Olympic Mountains. I wouldn't mind raising a family out in Clyde Hill one day! Minh has the same goals as I do when it comes to our future family life. We think far ahead don't we? lol
Kids are going to private school...haha at least that's what Minh wants.
I think public education is great (both Minh & I went to public school!)
But Minh's pretty stubborn about the topic. He says all the attorneys he knows sends all their children to private school. He thinks they'll have an edge getting into an Ivy League college one day. sighhh..lets not plan to far ahead now Minh!
Clyde Hill, home of lots of big time people!
This is the first house's back yard --check out that awesome view!
We actually went to look at this one, it's on sale right now for 4.5 million.
lol it was 5.5 million last year! I guess there isn't too big of a market for luxury homes right.

I love it when all the lights are on! It look so beautiful (obviously this is a different house).
Not as luxurious, but still...good enough for me! ^_^

We commit a lot of our time to our careers. Minh is working 7 days this week at the office to catch up on client files. The harder you work, the faster you get promoted right? : )

Lets hope so!

Everyday is a step closer to our goal together of being debt free! hahaha

Even though we may not ever live in a million dollar home, it doesn't hurt to dream about it right?

We also try to buy lottery tickets when we can! haha
My friend's family actually hit a large jackpot a few months ago.
It makes me very hopeful!

Do you ever buy lottery tickets?
What are your lucky numbers?

My favorite number is 4 : )

Why? Because my birthday is April 4


Bye. :)


Jacklin Nguyen said...

I love the 24" necklace cuz I love longer necklaces in general hehe.

My favorite number is 2 and I only like even numbers haha.

Cara said...

dreaming big is the best way to achieve great things!!! don't sell yourself short!!! reach for the skyyyy~~ hahaha

ChLc said...

Ahh so cute >.< I really like the "AB Moon & Jet Pegasus" and "Luxury Living" Woah Steph your Birthday is 5 days before mine! My lucky number is 8 though :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the her necklace. I remember you posting the house picture's a while back looking for a new place right?. Though I don't recall seeing the last one the light's make the house look alive lol.

unfadablesmilez said...

I love the new Holly Ann-AeRee Collabo! Pls. try to make more =)

Ivy said...

Yup I agree u can never give up hope in ur dreams. Haha it's great that minh thinks so far ahead in his future, many boys don't LOL and good luck on the lottery tickets xD my dad buys too many of them and my family gets mad cuz he never wins :( buuut my lucky number is 3 *o* cuz of 3.1.93 ehehe
oh yeah the holly-ann collab is so sweet and pretty xD I'm guessing longer necklaces are in this year. Personally I still like shorter necklaces which u still are providing <3 thanks for that! Little baroque necklaces are lovely, I mite want to buy one in the near future to help out in ur dreams ;) but anyways " jia you! " and don't give up

chau said...

i have a love/hate relationship with the lotto!! LOL!!

i like your taste in houses steph! ;) should add realtor to your business one day haha!!

Anonymous said...

they're all so pretty! :) You always do a great job!
It doesn't hurt to dream. You never know what will happen anyway, right?
I haven't bought any lottery tickets myself, but my favorite number is 7. Just like you: 7/7/89, and 7 has appeared in many parts of my life so far. High school class of '07, Communion and Confirmation were on the 17th.

Christina Gagnon said...

My lucky number is 30 because it's the day I was born which was Oct 30th.No, I don't buy lottery tickets..don't know why....I should sometimes!

Esther said...

My dad used to buy lottery tickets when I was a child and when I'd go to join him after dinner he'd always ask what my favorite numbers were and base entire tickets off of 'em, lol.
I'm studying to be a teacher but let's hope that my husband's gonna be all rich and fancy because I'd like to live in a huge ass mansion as well. ;D

Stephanie said...

i love the Triple Emerald, Golden, Amethyst, its a lovely combo
&& the her necklace =D

but the collab w/ holly honestly made me SPEECHLESS!!!
its absolutely adorable!!!
&& they look like tiny clutch/ purses on a necklace!!!
scratch that...IN LOVE w/ IT!!! <3 *dies

Shop N' Chomp said...

It definitely doesn't hurt to dream. I'm sure you guys will buy a beautiful home one day. And yeah, I buy lottery tix too! My lucky number is 10. :D

Line said...

Yay, I just ordered "Her necklace". I think I'll give it to my best friend for her birthday. I know she'll love it as much as I do :)

Jewelry By Jessica said...

Wow the "Triple Emerald, Golden, Amethyst" has to be my favorite tripple heart necklace you've ever done! Oh and I know that you'll totally be living on that hill one day ^_~

joey said...

i love the 24'' necklaces

haha, my boyfriend and i make radical plans like that too, but we're a bit further away from our dreams than you and minh because we're both still in school

but youre right, its good to dream

if you think about it enough, ill happen right? =)

Lena said...

Ooo I love the luxury living necklace... Sooo prettyyyy!! Ooo I love that house with all the lights on.. It has such a welcoming feeling =)..I think a lot of people's lucky number is based on their B-day.. Mine is 8 because of 3/8/85.. hehe

HT said...

Those pics are beautiful! I'd love to live there. :) heehee

I don't play the lottery, actually, and I don't gamble either. Neither does my BF. I just have no desire to do either one.

Anonymous said...

I'm Here for You is adorable!

Pinky-x said...

My favourite number now is 24! ... I'm totally loving the new 24" necklaces ^^

sherryberry said...

love the luxury living (:
yellow's my favorite color and the chain is so longg , its so cute <3

hannah cho said...

omg! you made a 24' necklace! that's sooo awesome! and i really love your "her necklace"! wish you guys could win the lotto! then you could make even more gorgeous pieces! lol and maybe if i win, i could buy all of them~! :D

wuzzyangel said...

Dayum those houses are BALLA!! I do believe that one day you and Minh will be in one! LOL! You're both so smart & full of ambition! :)

Ohh that Moon & JetBLack is love!! LOL Yours & Holly's pink collabo is soo sweet & girly!

Wish I could buy lotto tickets, but gambling is illegal in HI! :(

fantabulousfrankie said...

Love the triple heart neklace as always and the new longer chain. I'm really liking the Baroque pieces too!

I'm sure if you both keep working as hard as you are then I'm sure one day you will achieve your dreams. Those houses are so gorgeous wouldn't mind living there :D

anonimous beauty said...

hey steph!! i recently bought 3 pairs of earrings from you and they are lovely. i just wanted to say thanks for the bonus candies and little note! it was a really nice touch. keep doing what you're doing cause you are an inspiration! i just started my blog and i want to do a review on your earrings. do you mind?

<3anonimous b

anonimous beauty said...

PS - i am in love with the "Amethyst & Black Diamond Pegasus"

Anonymous said...

Steph, just wanna say that I really love your craft and jewelry pieces! They are really so beautiful. It's a feast for my eyes! With love from Singapore island.

krisanda said...

could you make another Peridot Moonlight Female Pegasus please? thank you.

Melina said...

those houses are amazing! you'll get it in no time b/c of your jewelery shop! ^_^

Shiseiten said...

interesting, cause my favorite number is 16 and my b-day is june 16. haha. Those houses are amazingly pretty. The places in Santa Barbara are also like this. the ones on the hills have amazing views of the Santa Barbara coast and basically the whole town. I can't imagine how much those places cost! =O I just moved here for the next 3 years for school so it's a bit of a culture shock in some ways. I know you'll be getting tons of money soon to save up for the big things you want especially with the huuge amounts of orders you're getting these days. :)

Kate Gene said...

I love the briolette crystal! I'm a huge fan of briolette earrings.

Clyde Hill is ridiculously nice, isn't it? My husband and I got married at a art center/park over there! Just so you know, if you get a house like any of the ones pictured, we're moving in. ;)


Kate Gene said...

P. S. The jet black crystals are among my favorites!

Naomi said...

Favorite number is: 5 or 56. Just played lotto the other day, too, but no luck, because I'm still here at work, haha. Glad I found this site & DSK. LOoooove all the pieces. Wish I can buy every single one of them. The jewelry is perfect eye candy. Glad I'm going to own a couple of it to start ;)

Pong said...

I am in love with so many of the necklace here!...and sad that they'e sold out :(

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