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2/19/10 Part 2!

I told you I'd try to post for different time zones : ) I stay up until 7am this morning watch Boys Over Flowers, and spent the time making bracelets. It's so great to multitask, except now my right shoulder hurts. When I wind my arm/shoulder, I can hear weird sounds lol. It's probably just a bit tired. I'll be fine, I'm still young! I'm taking a break right now watching the Olympics, ice dancing. All the female skaters are so pretty! I love their hair & makeup. I wonder who does Olympian makeup? lol That's something to think about!

Thank you for your support & encouragement. Without you all, I wouldn't be making these! I'm usually pretty lazy, but I've been motivated to get these color schemes out of my head this month. I have a few more ideas up my sleeves ;)

I really do go through phases, and this is my bracelet phase. I remember a few months ago...I'd avoid making charm bracelets like no other. I wouldn't even make one for my cousin cause I was lazy. Maybe I just don't like being told what to do. I dunno...I'm a weirdo.

After February ~ I'm going to take a break from the Everything Bracelets, and focusing on gold necklaces.

Shoutout to Bema, I'm still working on your Elements Bracelets ~ :)
Just to keep ya updated. I'm just still figuring out how I want to put them together.
It's hard for me to visualize what you've visualizing in your descriptions for the bracelets.

The following bracelets will be ready to ship the second week of March
Please make note when shopping! Thank you!

They're one of a kind, and NO -- Sorry, I will not recreate them.

"Pink n' Primp"
7"-7 1/4 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
To Noriki!

"Sea Bling!"
7"-7 1/4 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Christine!

"Saharan Sand"
7"-7 1/4 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Victoria! :)

"Sea Horse's Treasures"
7"-7 1/4 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Stephanie!

"Gems of Atlantis"
7"-7 1/4 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
It's your Sophary!

7"-7 1/4 Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Susan!


Yin said...

How come I always out of luck....awwwwwwwww

Kate Gene said...

These bracelets are so sparkly and girly... I love it! Anyone who wears on of these bad boys will definitely get lots of attention! (I can only imagine what they look like in the sun! Yeow!) Love 'em all!


NicoleDominique said...

Oh no!! All sold out again!! Damn, I'm slow....

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

I LOVE the pink~opal~colored beads on "Pink n' Primp"!!! I hope you use those on some other bracelets <3
I'm like holding out till I get one of your Everything Bracelets b4 I make my model contest entry :) cuz I think it would be sweet for you to have pics of people enjoying your beautiful one of a kind creations!

UrbanMermaid said...

Every time I come here everything is sold! It's not fair lol xoxo

Joannababy said...

ohh, i'm just too slow! i'll get one someday! just you wait, Steph! :D beautiful bracelets, as always. they never cease to amaze me.

- Renée - said...

Ohh wow! Stunning bracelets! It's greaat that you take in consideration the time zones. Really gives everyone a chance to own their very own bracelet. But staying up till 7am? LOL I couldn't do that haha.. It takes motivation!

Oh, and I love ice skating! I always like the the women's makeup and constumes. It's such a fun sport to watch!

Yin said...

haha... at least first time I got to comment at first lolz...
U all paid attention to fight with those bracelets:P

katie said...

your bracelets are so lovely!
it's a shame they're always sold
out when i get here. :c

Cindy said...

Wow, did you really stay up till 7 AM watching BOF? Sounds like me. LOL. But I watched them like, on school nights last year. It was awful. I'd get like no sleep, then go to school and all I could think about was when I'd get to watch the next episode. XD I hope your shoulder's okay though. Shouldn't work too hard darling!

But, speaking of your hard work, your bracelets are absolutely stunning babe. I'm definitely in love with them. I'd buy one, but I don't ever have any money on my card. -.- I'm a cash kind of person. Lol.

And yeees. I wonder who does the ice dancers make up too. It's so pretty.

Kittenhayley said...

Thank you for making the beautiful "How Arabian" bracelet. I love all your designs but that one was my favorite and I can't believe I actually got to buy it. I kept checking all the time hoping I would get here before a new set of bracelets sold out!!
I can't wait to show it off ;)

Kate Gene said...

Rhythm is such a cute, cute name!

xdsingirl said...

All sold ): but my loss is another lucky persons gain. Hm, that reminds me that I found a four leaf AND five leaf clover in china , it's in a book right now, I think I'm going to frame them [:

Kat said...

Dear DSK,

I want to buy both the See Bling and Sailor Girl Bracelet.

Pls advise if you can make them again?

Los Angeles

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