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2/21/10 Part 2!

Hey again, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I had a great day outside the house.
I came home & made 3 more bracelets just tonight.
I hope you like them!

FUN FACT: DSK Jewelry will never charge our customers any Paypal transaction fee.
DSK Jewelry has always paid the Paypal transaction fees for everyone's order.
Starting May 1, 2010 it's against Paypal Policy for any seller to charge you that fee!
It's the merchants responsibility to pay that fee to use Paypal. The buyer shouldn't have to pay that fee after May 1, 2010.

I'm glad they're implementing that policy. ^_^

Remember, everything will be ready to ship March 10, 2010 when I'm back in Seattle, Washington.

Have a great rest of your evening,


"Aqua Starfishies"
7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

All 3 Bracelets were bought by the same person!
Ally from Australia :)

*shout out to Ally!*

"Cute as a Button"
7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Musical Key"
7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Aquamarine & Tanz Sterling Chandelier Earrings"
Only 1 Pair Available

Sorry, that last picture is pretty much blurry.
I hate photographing earrings, I think I'm too impatient. lol

Random: If you're in the Seattle/Bellevue, Washington area, and are interested in a part time job let me know. I'm looking for someone who's well organized, great at planning, and time management. When I have the job description written up, I'll post it.

I'm going to be posting an ad to hire an assistant within this year. You heard it first on blogspot!



Stacey said...

<3 cute as a button!!

Any chance you'll make some everything bracelets based on Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland? A mad hatter's tea party bracelet would be awesome! Also the red queen, the cheshire cat, tweedledum and tweedledee, the white queen...

I can't wait to watch that movie!! Toobad it'll be released later in Japan *sobs*

HT said...

Just wanted to add that Stacey's comment sounds *awesome*. I'm excited about that movie!!!!

I wish I lived in the Seattle area! I'd love to be your assistant. Very exciting to hear about how you're growing so much!

Anonymous said...

Cute bracelets and earrings!

With the amount of work you're doing, I'm glad you're hiring an assistant... Must be a whole lotta work making the jewelry, photographing your work, organising your blog and paypal, sending out the packages, etc.

It will definitely lighten up the work load, which is a good thing. Wouldn't want you to work too hard now :)

Vicksan said...

i love your work and come on here to check out new stuff almost everyday!

Esther said...

I just love the Musical Key one! I guess I didn't even have a chance this time around since she bought all three. I'm so jealous! What a ballerrrrrrrr.

Susan said...

The Chandelier Earrings are Amazing!! Love the color combination!

Mary said...

Congratulations on needing an assistant! It's a sign of positive growth for your business :)

Beautiful bracelets as usual, I especially like "Aqua Starfishies". I'm so lucky that I've managed to purchase two of your great creations. I can't wait to receive them!


Noriki said...

The Cute Button and the Musical key are really gorgeous steph! i Hope i can buy another bracelet from you!

Kate Gene said...

Those bracelets are friggin' amazing! I am in love with those earrings, too! You carry such a great variety of pieces to choose from. Everyone can find something they'd wear!

Aw, man! How much fun would it be if we worked together? I don't know if we'd ever get anything done, though. Ha ha ha! Just kidding!

You definitely need an assistant! I think you should be like the boss on 'The Devil Wears Prada'. "That's all." LMBO!

Melina said...

how old do you need to be for the job?

DSK Steph said...

@Melina, legal working age :)

xdsingirl said...

Stephh, IM BACK from chinaaa. Ahh, it's good to be home. But omg the jet lag . . . I think it's like 3 in the morning right now. Anyways I'm going to check out all your new posts these past 3 ish weeks . Can't wait to see what's instore lol.
Cute as a button is amazingg

Liana said...

you are so talented!

CATHLEEN said...

omg the earrings are to die for. they are gorgeous.

i really love your music bracelets. soo beautiful.

Anna said...

Absolutely beautiful! Those earings are so pretty, im usually not into that sort of ones. ^^* well done. :D

Shattered said...

Actually, the fact that sellers were supposed to cover PayPal fees was in their policy YEARS ago (there was a paragraph about how it was against their TOS to add on for fee coverage and such). I'm wondering if they're just spelling it out even more clearly now because so many sellers go against it.

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