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2/22/10 DSK's Everything Bracelets

Hi everyone,

Are you sick of bracelets yets?
I'm going to be making them until the first week of March. There are still quite a few ladies who are waiting for the perfect DSK Everything Bracelets. I made 4 bracelets today, and I'm thinking about making 4 more more tonight. Lately, a lot of Australian ladies have been on top of their game at buying up the Everything Bracelets, right Ally? lol It's kind of cool that you're shopping with girls & guys from all over the world who are awake & browsing the web at different times of the day. I really like that concept. We have 150,000 visit on average every month. I wonder if I'd ever get to travel somewhere and meet up with someone who has DSK Jewelry in their jewelry collections. hmm...would you be willing to hang out with me if I traveled to say Australia? :D I've always wanted to visit. My cousins tell me it's great out there. I look forward to an International trip. I promise if we ever meet up in this World, I will have a present for waiting for you that I will deliver personally. : )

But that's future fun, lets talk about the present.

I finished my K-Drama Boys Over Flowers...and I seriously feel a void in my life, lol. How come I have so much free time now?! I dunno if I'm ready to commit my heart on a new series. Maybe...I'll watch a movie instead. Those usually move a lot faster lol. 25 hours of drama seriously can and will change your life (for the better!) :)

Everything will be ready to ship the second week of March! Please make note when shopping, thanks ladies & gents!

---> "Like a BOSS" <--- Tell me know you what I'm referring to ;) I dedicate "LIKE a BOSS" to my college buddies Alex & Mike. The two hottest guys at MSU present day. lol
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Eloisa!

"Unlock Their Hearts"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Julia!

"Bronze Pearls"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you M!

"Dancing Starfish"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Victoria!

Aquamarine Starfish Charm
.925 Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski Starfish


~*~Eureka~*~ said...

Awwe sad!
I know how you feel though cuz my dad like sends me TV shows from Japan, & I'm all excited to watch everything, but when a series ends it's like :...( {crickets chirping lol}
My mom's the same way cuz she's Korean, & my dad finds Korean dramas for her lol (& I'm sure you're aware of their addictiveness)
You'll find the next addicting show, I know it! (thaz how I roll anyways lol)
I'm sooo glad you're making these bracelets because you're right, there are girls (like me) waiting for that perfect one! Actually there have been a couple perfect ones I just wasn't quick enough for haha but I know there's lots of fabulous bracelets in that creative mind of yours so we're counting on you ;)
P.S. Make sure you put time aside for fun though <3

Sharlene Kay said...

the gold bracelet is just breathtaking! i love they way u incorporate such intricate detail-like the little stars.. so prettyy, i could honestly sit here and look at em for hours lol (half kidding)!

<33 Sharlene

Anonymous said...

The first bracelet is stunning!!

Aqua said...

Beautiful Bracelets Steph as always! I can't wait to get my "4 hearts" bracelet! And don't worry I felt totally the same way after I finished BOF, it's hard! But how I tried to keep the spirit of BOF alive is I start looking for BOF related things, eventually it dies down though, and the void will go away! (But I still love Jun Pyo and Ji Hu! ;) ) Good luck, girl, I know it's tough to get over but you can do it! "FIGHT!!!!" ;)

Cathy said...

I loove the colors you use. My favorites are the ones that have to do with the water, ocean, sea, dolphins etc =) Reminds me of my home in hawaii! Cuz oregon is just tooo cold. Anyway, just wanted to tell you you should watch the "you're beautiful" k-drama. It's sooo good and it's a little similar to Boys over flowers. Those are two of my favorites! Can't wait to see more bracelets and other jewelry you make. I'm working on being online more so I can actually buy one! haha =)

Mary said...

If you ever come to Melbourne, you'll experience the four seasons in one day phenomenon that its notorious for! And yeah, I think any number of us Aussie girls would want to hang out with you :)

"Like a BOSS" is beautiful, well they all are really. Is that referring to the Lonely Island song? I only know it because my brothers love it, lol.

Kimirose said...

Ha ha ha, like a BOSS! :) I love you, Steph.

Jess said...

If you ever visit Austria, I'd love to meet you in person Steph (and NOT for the reason that you have a gift, oki?! haha...)! ;)

Liana said...

wooooowww, i reeeaaly love the gold one, it is sooo gorgeous!!!

Sour Lollipopp said...

of course we're not sick of ur bracelets~!!!!!!!!!!!
how could any1 not like them!?!?!?!?
i'd luv anythin u make
thank for all of your hardwork ^o^
have fun n g'luck <33
~ the crazy llama ^w^

Anonymous said...

hehehehe~ your bracelets are so pretty and high in demand!
had to grab them all when i saw them available...
keeping my eye out for a greenish or violet one~

i'd love to hang out with you if you travel to melbourne!!
we can go hug koalas~ ^^

Anonymous said...

your one of a kind bracelets are all perfect in its own way~
each one gives off a different kind of charm~
had to buy them when i saw them available!
looking forward to forest greenish or royal purple-ish kind of bracelets~~

i'd love to meet up with you!!
do come visit australia~~
we can go hug koalas!!

Anonymous said...

oops.. did i post twice? very bad memory.. sorry steph.. ignore one of them...

CATHLEEN said...

how could we ever get sick of those bracelets. that's impossible. something as pretty as those.

visit australia! i'll take you on a tour of sydney! it's an awesome country.

Julie said...

haha yeeh buzz us when u ever come down to Aussie-Land =D

I alwayz wear some sort of DSK piece everyday now =] itz like a normal routine! hair-check; lipgloss-check; DSK-check check haha...

BOF korean version iz SO awesome! I juz finished watching d end partz again!!! Jun Pyo <3 woooo

Sally said...

Definitely not sick of the bracelets yet, coz all of them are just so pretty! I'm still trying to get one, but always a step too late. =(

Well I have time now to stalk ur blog so am just waiting :D

kaydayyx3 said...

who could ever be sick of your bracelets?! they're too cute!

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