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2/23/10 DSK's Everything Bracelet, "Fairy Approved"

"Ocean Fairy Approved!"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Susan!

And here are the pair of earrings I made for the 12 lucky ladies who were sweet enough to leave me a comment yesterday. [You know how jackpots are unpredictable? I'm going for the same concept]

I'll send them off to you this Saturday. I'm going to make Nonners go candy shopping with me on Thursday in Grand Rapids. She just doesn't know it yet, but she'll find out through this post.


Sterling Silver "Mini Love Bait" Earrings Crystallized Swarovski White Pearls Sterling Wrapped by me! I hope you like them more in person ladies!

"DSK Behind the Scenes"
This is what my left thumb nail looks like, not cute, I know right? lol
You can always tell a manual laborer by their hands...

Giving this thumb a break today, har har har
I don't know why but my thumb nails always grow super fast, I just had a manicure last week!
Time for another one :)
Good thing my mommy has a nail salon (like every other Viet person's mommy).
You know it's true! ;D

NOW, who wants to see a little old lady in a blanket?!
Heidi, my dog is 70 years old now [in doggy years]
My REAL best friend since I was 12 years old.
The rest of them, like Nonners are fake friends.
Even though we're hanging out on Thursday for real.

I just told my little sister Julia, that I'm posting about Heidi because Heidi is my favorite little sister...so she goes, "yeah, Heidi's my favorite sister too, then Tobey."

TOBEY's a boy cat.

HAHAHA she has a sense of humor.
I want her to start making youtube videos.
Her and her best friend made a video for their AP Psychology class, and it was just so entertaining. She's got something called personality on camera. lol
Who knew she had a personality!

My sister is SO PALE compared to me. I made her that bracelet, and she was wearing it today so I had to snap a picture. lol
For those who don't know, my little sister doesn't like jewelry at all. She's 17, and probably my toughest critic. If I can ignore her remarks, I can ignore the world. lol



~*~Eureka~*~ said...

Ha you & your sis are funny (I'm jealous cuz I'm an only child...but I have lots of animals to make up for it hehe)
Your poor nails! I wish my mom had a nail salon lol
P.S. The puppy is sooo cute (lol they always stay puppies to me <3)

Victoria said...

wow that bracelet is SO gorgeous, I love how cute and whimsical all your jewelery is. I can't wait until you start making necklaces again! :)

Angela said...

your dog looks so adorable tucked under the blanket.
both the bracelet you made today and the bracelet your sister has on is very nice

Yuki said...

Darn.. I was like 2 minutes too late, it was right in my cart and when I proceeded to check out.. it was already gone ;o;

DSK Steph said...

@Yuki, I have a lot of new ideas, so a lot of new pieces to come. No worries! I hope to make something you like just as much :)

@Victoria, I'll make bracelets again when I'm back in Seattle, the second week fo March ^_^

@Eureka, I love animals! I always have, I used to want to be a Vet when I was little, but I don't like the bloody side of science lol

Pearlholy said...

Your dog is adorable~ And she looks still looks like a little puppy though, maybe it's the size that makes her look so young! =)

(I didn't know where to post this, but I figured posting in your most recent blog would be logical):

Wee~ Thank you so much Steph =D <3 You just made my day, I feel like I've won the lottery ticket just now, LOL! ^__^ I feel lucky for once! I'm not a good gambler. I must have lost it from my Viet roots when I started to play solitaire instead of the machines. >_>;; oops.

Love the earrings: simple and elegant! I've been wanting to get pearl earrings so this is just awesome, HA! You gotta appreciate and adore everything that is handmade with a lot of love =p!

Thank you Steph, >_< <3 I love youuu~

~Jia~ said...

This bracelet is soo soo soo pretty.
Treat yourself once in a while DSK! You work hard!:]

Suzanna said...

You are so sweet to have those earrings made for your fellow fans and lovers or your jewelery! Just wanted to let you know that you blog is amazing! saw it through Katrina lomidze's blog, (I have known her for years we used to play tennis together) I wish I could order now, but am broke :( hopefully soon! im so excited! I would love to rock one of your simple necklaces they are amazingnesss! :)

xoxo suzanna


DRinster said...

shoot, I am never in time-.- beautiful bracelet btw.
And your dog....omg sooo cute, reminds me of my boyfriends, but she doesnt like to be manhandled LOL.

nancy said...

Oh, gosh! I have to got my money saved up for another one. LOL. This bracelet is so cute!!!!!

Yuki said...

@Steph I guess it's time I cloned myself to stalk your updates! Lol.

sabrina said...

love, love, love.

i think i found a new addiction. these pieces are absolutely gorgeous. your dedication to your line is also mos def inspirational. i hope all is well.

DSK Steph said...

@Yuki LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you're so funny!

@Sabrina aww thank you! I'm just chilin' with my sister watching the winter Olympics so life is really good :)

Kae said...

Grats to the lucky ladies!

Heidi is so adorable, so cute in her bed (^-^)

cleung341 said...

I was just thinking about what you mentioned about your sister making vids. I forget if you mentioned if she decided on what college she was going to, but this morning I was watching the news and they mentioned that many ivy league colleges are now starting to accept video applications for potential college students. She should totally make one.
At your doggie Heidi, that makes me laugh. My cat likes to be under the blanket too.

Stacey said...

Wow, I wonder if I can ever snatch one up! They're just too loved by all !

Esther said...

I lol'd at the Tobey comment. Your sister really is very pale! You can barely see the white pearl up top. It kinda ends up looking like a skin deformation!
The Fairy bracelet is so pretty and fun. I rushed to the computer as soon as I got home today hoping to see the new Everything Bracelets. It's a high point in my day as I'm sure it is for many others especially now that it's kind of on a schedule. I hope you have a Part 2 tonight too! ^-^

DSK Steph said...

@Esther, no part two tonight. I just have one bracelet to share lol. Giving that thumb a rest

Apple Hu said...

Hehe, lucky people.
Uhm... for some reason, the bracelet reminds me of a snow cone. I don't know why! And the mini love baits are cute, of course. :)

Steph, guess what?? I GOT A JOB. Thanks again for sharing your friend's advice for interviews. It really made me feel much more confident about myself during it.

Mary said...

Awww Heidi is too beautiful for words! I wish I could have a dog too, but unfortunately my cats don't get along with them :(

What a lovely bracelet, very fairy-like just like its name implies. Those earrings are also too adorable, pearls are the sweetest in my book. Your poor thumb - reminds me of what mine looks like when I've been a fiend in the kitchen hehe.


DSK Steph said...

@Apple CONGRATULATIONS BABE!!!!!!! I can't wait to tell Whit, she'll be so happy :)

Anonymous said...

@AppleHu: I got a job too hahaha!! Seriously! Got the news about it yesterday! LOL How wierd is that?? But mine's just a summer internship, since I start classes back up in the fall. But it's a great position in my field of study so it's great.

And you know what, these earrings are perfect! Simple, elegant, professional! Perfect for office wear! I've been looking for these types or earrings for a few weeks. It's like you were reading my mind! haha! :P

Susan said...

The Pearl Earrings are so exquisite! And to know you wrapped them makes me feel extra special.

Heidi is so cute tucked in.

So glad you are taking time to enjoy your family.

krisanda said...


Esther said...

AMG. No part two! Well, at least I can get a good night sleep now that I don't have to worry about when you're gonna update.
I just realized I've really been slacking on the commenting ...but NO WORRIES! I have not been slacking on the blog stalking. >:D I think if I got paid a nickel for every visit I make, I'd be able to buy everything you make forever! Almost. ;p

izumi said...

awwwwww!! love your old dog :P hahaha. mine's old too!

kristen said...

Aww that is so sweet of you about the earrings. I am just lucky to have been able to win one of your bracelets let alone another beautiful item. <3 ^.~

Kat said...

Thank you so much! It feels so great to win something once in a long while :). I have a sister who's 17 as well (going on 18)!!

I love the earrings, so simple and elegant. I also really like the pastel colors in the bracelet. Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Cleanest / Nonners said...

Congratulations Apple! That's so excellent! I don't know you but I'm proud of you! Way to be confident-- you win the game!! <3

Steph- see you Thursday. Let's do a joint video!

CATHLEEN said...

the earrings are absolutely gorgeous. i'm sure i'l like the ten times more in person.

omg your dog is soo cute. i keep asking my parents for a dog but the won't let me have one :(

wow the bracelet on your sister is so beautiful. captivating. hmm i think my little sister is similar to your sister in a way. she doesn't like jewelry at all too. actually i think she only wears earrings and that' about it.

how do you think of designs each day for bracelets? they're really amazing.

TrangyPoohツ said...

That bracelet is really gorgeous! I envy her xD (SIGHS) All of your bracelets are selling out so fast D: The earings you're giving away are so CUUTE! (: I'm really excited to see what you'll come up with next C;

Natalie said...

those earrings are so simple yet pretty

really awesome!

too bad we can't buy them :(

Roxanne said...

Wow! your sister bracelet is sooo nice! Keep up the good work Steph! All your jewelry pieces are georgous.

Ps: Heidi is such a pretty dog! I have also a daschund her name is Pixie. There the best dogs!


Tia said...

OMG, I've been stalking your blog everyday for the last 2wks...hoping I will get to purchase a DSK's Everything Bracelet! No luck, yet! I still have another week to stalk, before I return to work from my Maternity leave ;P I just love how unique those bracelets are and I love all kinds of charms, from bracelets to necklaces! I love your designs!

I'm patiently waiting on my orders of the Plump lil AB Heart & Stars Earrings, I can't wait til they ship!

But rest your hands, though and enjoy the rest of your vacation time :)

Limonada said...

Take as long as you want to make your next bracelet, your thumbs deserve a long vacation after all the gorgeous bracelets you've been making!

Amy said...

you and minh should sooo get a puppy when you go back!! loving the jewelry as always!

Dina said...

Very Pretty Bracelet!

Dina said...

Very Pretty Bracelet!

Dina said...

Very Pretty Bracelet!

katie said...

you are too sweet and creative, it's hard to see that you have critics.
but then again, they be hatin on the talented! :D continue the awesome work

sherryberry said...

apperantly I have two accounts, xdsingirl as well LOL.
But anyways love the bracelet, as always. I also have a cat, and no offence to my cat or any cat lovers out there, but I hate my cat. It's not nice at all, he bites my clothes and sleeps and eats, and bites me too ... I knew I should have listened to my mom to buy a dog... Wait does your dog and cat live together? Do they like get along? My mom said that they will fight and yeah.
I love your sister's pale skin, I wish I was pale, and didn't have acne... ARGG .[;

TrangyPoohツ said...

Loll if you look closely, the second picture of Heidi, you could see a heart next to her mouth (: I think it's the effects of the camera and the DSK symbol maybe? I dunno but I found that pretty cool >x<

HT said...

Aughhh Heidi is sooo cute! Adorable! She looks so sweet in her little bed with her blanket. :)

Random thing about nails: I hate when I just finish painting them and they look so pretty and then I go and do something like wash the dishes and they get chipped. :( Lame.

Apple Hu said...

@ Steph and Nonners: I'm excited for my first job, and I am so grateful to the both of you! I can see my first paycheck, small as it will be~ :)

@ Renee: Whoa, weird coincidence! I'll be starting next week :O Torturing little Kumon kids with long division :O

Apple Hu said...

@ Steph and Nonners: I'm excited for my first job, and I am so grateful to the both of you! I can see my first paycheck, small as it will be~ :)

@ Renee: Whoa, weird coincidence! I'll be starting next week :O Torturing little Kumon kids with long division :O

melody said...

I'm 17 too
and I don't wear all that much jewelry either
i might admire it from afar, but actually wearing it ?
hmm not me !
But my sister was one of the winners of those lovely earrings up above (:

DSK Steph said...

@Melody, who's your sis?!

rae rae babes said...

the one of a kind bracelets are so gorgeous! :] but by the time i see them, its sold out. i would really love to own one! i really love your jewelry & i thank you for making them so cute!

Susan said...

Trangy Pooh is right! The second picture of Heidi has a little heart near the right corner of the mouth.
Just toooo cute for words!! ^-^

Kate said...

Your jewelry is soooo gorgeous! You should make a bracelet like your sister's for sale on the site. I am into extremely simple jewelry and I love the simplicity of this one. Please make this one for sale sometime...pretty please with a cherry on top?!
Hope you are having a great vacation :)

DSK Steph said...

@Kate, will do! : )

Pinky said...

Amazing bracelet as always! Just a suggestion, have you ever thought of putting initials on the bracelet? Makes it more unique ;D

Kate Gene said...


I love the earrings that you're giving out to your followers that left you sweet comments. They're so classic! I could see a bride wearing them. You can tell they're carefully put together... No sloppy work from you -- ever! You are so generous, woman!

P. S. I am stealing your pup. :D

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