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End of Winter Sale 2010 + New Bracelet

"DSK's Signature AB Heart Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
ON SALE: $32

Same Necklace that Holly shares with us in her first ever Youtube video : )
[The AB Swarovski Crystal reflects a lot of yellow in dim lighting]
p.s. Basically...I peer pressured Holly into starting her Youtube Channel...and
I'm pretty proud of myself. :D

"L.A. Starfish/Rose Crescent Moon Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
ON SALE: $32

"LA Starfish/Light Sapphire Crescent Moon Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
ON SALE: $32

"AB Starfish/Rose Crescent Moon Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
ON SALE: $32

"Aquamarine Starfish/AB Crescent Moon Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
ON SALE: $32

"Bubbi's Starfish/Moon Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski
ON SALE: $32

"Golden Star & Cream Pearl Bracelet"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Element


Issy said...

As much as I loooove your Everything Bracelets, I can't help but come back and oogle over your more simple designs <3

DSK Steph said...

@Issy, thank you ^_^ I like simplicity a lot in my jewelry. But I also have lots of fun making the everything bracelets :D

I love a challenge!

Jenny said...

Gosh, customers literally have to stalk you to get your everything bracelets! They sell like hot cakes! I knew you couldn't stay away from jewelry making during your vacation, but I hope you're enjoying it out there in Michigan while squeezing in some R&R time.

=( One of my beloved plump lil light sapphire stars fell off their studs since they're one of my most worn earrings. Is there anyways I can fix it myself?

CATHLEEN said...

issy is right at coming back to look at the simpler designs. they're simple but they also have the element of sophisticated yet cute feel to it. absolutely gorgeous.

DSK Steph said...

@Jenny, email me: DSKJewelry@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even though they aren't as complicated and stuff, they're still really elegant and gorgeous!! I love them!!

ATL said...

Like Like Like! I think if you had a like or dislike button such as the one on FB (FB doesnt have dislike button yet), I'm sure you would get over hundreds of likes! Anyways, I need to buy me those DSK good luck jewelries! Need to make more money like you, Steph! By the time it gets close to my bday, I want to own DSK's ONE everything bracelet! But watch, you probably wont be in the mood of making bracelet by then. ='( At least I will have a reason to nag my siblings into buying me one. =D Unfortunately, my bday isnt until oct. ╥_╥ Anyhooo... I look forward to seeing more DSK jewelries! Keep up the awesome work!

Pearlholy said...

OMG... debating whether if I should get that Signature necklace or not! Steph, =( stop tempting me with your sales! You know how crazy some Asians go when they see or hear the word 'SALE'.

Melina said...

i am in love with your cherry blossom bracelet. <33

Avis said...

The Star & Cream Pearl Bracelet is so~ pretty...I really like the heart chain you use for the bracelets =] The Bubbi Starfish/Moon Necklace is beautiful too! Gah~ you make such pretty jewelry ^^

Kat said...

I like to wear gold too :)

Your creations go so fast!!

hannah wong said...

you're so talented! i hope you keep making jewelry so by the time i get a job i can get your stuff on my own :]

sherryberry said...

WHOOOOT SALE. Lol this is more exciting than sales in the mall :D

Anonymous said...

Love the simpler bracelets!! they are cute!!

Debating whether or not I should get something on sale.. it's sooo tempting!! :P

Kissyfur said...

Ugh! Pay day come faster cause there are sales going on. I love, LOVE the simply Cherry blossom bracelet too! Stop tempting me.

<3 Steph.

Liana said...

those are all gorgeous, as usual!

katie said...

these are all so beautiful!!

TrangyPoohツ said...

Your sales just earned me an approval for my dad to buy me a necklace!! So happy!! >x< I absolutely ADORE your jewelry, but then again, who doesn't? xD Oh.. Yeah.. Funny story.. I didn't know whose name to put under the name column, so I just put my dad's name, which is one letter away from mine. xD

Sour Lollipopp said...

just like usual~!!!!

victoriachijosie said...

I love the
"Bubbi's Starfish/Moon Necklace." :
Its so cute, I was so close to buying it! Since I'm pretty young and don't have a credit card, I asked my mom. Of course, she said no. [fail D:!] She has this thing about shopping online.. -_- She said, "Don't be buying stuff from unknown websites" I'm like, "But its known!! D:"
Well anyway, I would really love to buy your jewelry but I have to wait until I'm like 14 years old or until my parents trust me enough to use a credit card. :[ Until then, I'll be waiting!! xD

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