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Feb 21, 2010 DSK Everything Bracelets

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I always post 30 minutes - 1 hour before I post any new bracelets


All orders will be ready to ship March 10, 2010 when I'm back in Seattle!
Kindly remember that when shopping : )

Sterling Silver Sea Turtle!

"Sea Turtle!"
Sterling Dolphin Clasp***NEW!***
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
: )

"Sea to the Keys"
Sterling Dolphin Clasp
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"With Envy"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Dolphin's Keys"
Sterling Dolphin Clasp
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Royal Treasures"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Rose Bud"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements


Sterling Dolphin Clasp, isn't it cute?!

"Starfish to the Moon"
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

Thank you!
All my DSK Everything Bracelets are One of a Kind, please no e-mails! ~

I won't recreated them! I get countless number of emails starting, "I know they're one of a kind, but....it's my best friend's birthday, it's my mom's birthday, etc." Play it fair like everyone else who shops online anywhere. When something is sold out, it's no longer available.

There's no reason I would be hiding them from you if I had more! lol
AND NO! I will not trade DSK Jewelry for NUDE PHOTOS! LOLLLLL
Katie, you are too funny!

It's insulting to me if you can't respect my words. Respect the people who are the owners of the bracelets. I'm firm when I say they're one of a kind.

Here's one of the sample of the DSK Official Website. There are at least 10 different samples.
I'm teaming up with an investor to grow DSK Jewelry even larger so stay on the watch. Lots of changes coming soon (for the better).

Also, I want to note that I no longer will answer e-mails that aren't relevant to your order questions. I would like to take the time to take care of my customers and answer their questions regarding their purchases.

I will answer my DSK customer e-mails only.

If you ask a question that can be answered by visiting this blog...please read the blog! I want to focus my energy online on 1. this blog, 2. customer care e-mails, and 3. the things I value.

I'll come up with a FAQ's page for the other random questions I get that are not related to jewelry.

That is all : )



Anonymous said...

Ohhh how cute the turtle and the dolphin clasps are! Adorable!!

Honestly, I can't even name my favorites from this post because they're just all so darn prettyy!

I'm seriously tempted to purchase another bracelet when I see your posts but I have to stop myself because 1) I have already purchased one; 2) I want to let the others have their chance to get one; and 3) I gotta save up my money haha..

But seriously, these are absolutely stunning! :)

Shiseiten said...

rose bud is fantastic! along with your gold and purple one. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The website looks smokin' hot!! Love the colors, style, layout... Awesome!

Apple Hu said...

Cute sea turtle! I love the blue bead... pearl... things. Please use them on more bracelets :D

Wooo, the website is very professional-looking. It seems like it'll be easy to navigate :)

CATHLEEN said...

ooh the official website looks cool. can't wait until that's up and running.

:( spending hundred of dollars buying textbooks literally. why are uni text books so much more expensive than high school ones?

bracelets look awesome as always... i guess i have to wait until i get more money to spend.

can't wait for the changes to happen!

Jbreezybaby said...

your items are getting prettier and prettier! aaahh.. i think its a sign I need to get a new jewelry from you lol. keep it up stephie! :)

Anonymous said...

OOH i like the sample of the DSK official website. Are you still going to be posting your pieces up here when/after you launch the site?

Gorgeous bracelets like always! If I didn't buy like gazillion of bracelets from you already, i would sooo get these T.T

Pearlholy said...

I am sooo in love with 'Rose Bud'! I'm so glad you're almost done with the website, it looks so neat and organized, I can't wait to visit it!

Also, I was surfing through your older posts again, just 'window shopping' and I did realized how much you've improved in taking pictures of your everything bracelets: better focus and better lighting.

If you ever put up a picture book of your jewelries, you should sell some copies. While some of us cannot own the one of a kind bracelets, it's always fun to actually own a print book of them.

Yin said...

holly cowwww....
I want my "Starfish to the moon" n' "rose bud"...Unfair :(( I 've been waiting forever. I thought this time I could make it :((

Stacey said...

Lovely! I love the little sea turtle, oh so cute! Wish I had my credit card with me so I could snatch it up!! Alas, it'll certainly be gone by the time I'm home! (another 8 hours...sigh)

amazing color coordinations as usual!

Kittenhayley said...

I love the dolphin clasp!! The sea/beach inspired designs are so pretty. I just need to save up some more money :)

DSK Steph said...

@mi55j yeah I will be keeping the blog around for the exclusive posts. One of a kind bracelets, and blog specials :) Blog is where it all started, and where my heart is : )

Angela said...

the sea turtle looks so adorable =]

HT said...

"With Envy" is gooooorgeous. I'm envious of whoever got their hands on it!!! :D

Susan said...

The dolphin clasp works perfectly for these new bracelets!!

I am so glad you insist on keeping your everything bracelets one-of-a-kind. Makes them and the receiver special.

As I tell my friends about DSK, I tell them not to worry if an item is sold out because you will create other beautiful pieces they will want to buy.

Again your creativity is absolutely amazing!!

Mandy said...

NOO I'm late again! lol T_T
But its all good, congrats to the owners of these beautiful bracelets!(:
& I Can't wait till your site opens! I'm probably gunna spend all my money on your gorgeous jewelries! ^-^

Susan said...

I like PearlHoly's idea of a picture book of your jewelries or just bracelets. Even if I can't get the individual piece, I love to see the pictures.

Shiseiten said...

Loving the look for the website!!!!! aaaaah!! can't wait! :D

Kate Gene said...

Turtles? Check. Purple? Check. Pink? Check. Pearls? Check. Keys? Check.

You have somehow managed to take all kinds of Kate Gene favorites and roll them all into one post! I <3 every piece!

Kate Gene said...

P. S. Are you sure you're not hiding any inventory from me? I'm happy to exchange nude photos for them. Pwhahahaha! I can't believe people ask you that!

P. P. S. Rose Bud, the one the doctor named, also reminds me of cherry blossoms!

Kate Gene said...

OH! And the new site? AMAZING.

xdsingirl said...

I love the bracelets <3 I also think your website layout is reaally pretty. It must be hard doing all this work and still making bra elets but you go girl [:

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