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Feb. 26, 2010 Part 1

"Midnight Rendezvous"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Linda! ;)

"Strut & Stride"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
3 Sterling Silver High Heels : )
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Mary!

"Blue Moon"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Theresa!

"Bubble Gum Pop"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Linda!

"Frost Princess"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Michelle!

Align CenterEnjoy!


TrangyPoohツ said...

Omg! These are soo pretty!! (: I'm so glad I visit your website at least like 4 times a day xD I love the strut and stride one! So original!! xD Blue moon and frost princess is my favorite one in this post (: I love how you make your bracelets.. *sighs* Now to record the time and see how long they last >:3

P.S. I was thinking of a "Paris Lights" with the colors of dark/midnight purple, golden/pearly, and white colors for the theme? I dunno.. my friends and I were talking about how we wanna visit France and a light bulb just went off in my head.. xD Just throwing out ideas!

L.Cua said...

yais!! I finally got a dsk bracelet!!! The whole family will get a sugary treat from me now!! :) Thank you for making such beautiful bracelets!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces as always, Steph!! Love'm! But, unfortunately can't afford them. Oh, well. Just looking at them are a treat itself to me!

Theresa said...

Yay! And it's especially significant because I bought it with my first paycheck. :D

Mary said...

Thanks for creating more beautiful pieces Steph. When I saw those little, sterling silver heels on "Strut & Stride" I knew the shoe fetish in me needed to have it!


CATHLEEN said...

wow so many new bracelets. pretty. i absolutely adore the Midnight Rendezvous. love black and white stuff. most of my clothes are black and white. love the heels from Strut & Stride bracelet. they're so cute.

Kate Gene said...

Strut and Stride is SO cute! The little shoe makes me think of SATC. You always come up with the best names!

Your bracelets are selling like hot cakes. Holy smokes! I haven't been online as much the last couple of weeks; my lightning fast comments are no longer fast enough. People literally wait on the edges of their seats for your posts! That's awesome!

Apple Hu said...

I didn't have enough money for Midnight Rendezvous in the first place, but I'm so sad it's sold ;_;
(<~ childish weirdo...)
I feel like it would match a lot of clothes since the it's black/grey/white... and it was so pretty XD

Pearlholy said...

"Midnight Rendezvous" and "Frost Princess" are soo pretty! I love the crystals on "Frost Princess"! I love the new updates~

Liana said...

these are soooo gorgeous! omg, one of these days i will buy one, when i have enough money! these are absolutely beautiful, great job!

LittoMokaa said...

These bracelets are wonderful & they sell so fast! If you ever open a store, I'm sure there will be a huge line-up with customers all over the world! =P

Love your creations!
-S <3

Jessy said...

These are so pretty! I'm so jealous of all the girls who bought your jewelry 'cause they're all one of a kind. :( I love the Midnight Rendezvous bracelet <3

Susan said...

I knew logging in to your blog would raise my spirits!!!!! I have been working late the last 3 nights and really needed a pick-me-up especially after today. Just looking at your beautiful bracelets really made my day!! :)
I love the use of the moon crystals in Midnight Rendezvous and Blue Moon! The Frost Princess is AMAZING and looks like it would be perfect for a bride! This set of bracelets are sooo fancy and would work for any formal occasion!!!

Cookie said...

oh noes!...frost princess is sold :(...damn the time zones >_<

HT said...

How adorable is that high heeled shoe charm??? Ahhh!!! So cute!!! Btw, I totally love the effect that the heart links has on these bracelets. It adds that extra bit of intrigue. :)

Melina said...

these are absolutely beautiful.
today, i wore my dsk necklace to the mall and a bunch of employees and random people were complimenting it! Your jewelry is just so eye catching! :)

Natalie said...

OMG @ blue moon!!!

i came home from work to check your blog
and you posted so many
but they're all gone :'(

keep up the good work steph!! :)

eri said...

man, by the time i get to look at your new posts everything is already sold. your stuff just flies off virtual shelves. i'm so happy for you :) you're a great business lady :)

Anonymous said...

Frost Princess is soooo pretty & snowy. It reminds me of my snow bracelet...err forgot what it's called lol ><

CreaMoon said...

I really like the blue moon..so pretty.

sherryberry said...

This is such a pretty post! I like the midnight and LOVE the shoe because Im a shop-a-holic :3 . Blue moon is pretty and so is bubblegum. But my FAVORITE is Frost Princess . I haven't seen you make a bracelet with alot of crystal ab , because that's my favorite crystal color. And now you have :D . Too bad it's sold out ....

Anonymous said...

The little high heels are just adorable!! :P

Also, the Midnight Rendez-Vous is really nice!!

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