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February 19, 2010 DSK's Everything Bracelets [Ready to Ship in March!]

Hi Everyone!

I'm trying to post at different times of the day. I know I have girls from all different time zones visiting : ) I understand the bracelets sell very quickly, but they are first visit, first priority. It's really a fair way to share my One of a Kind Everything Bracelets. I'm very grateful that you like them! Just leave it to fate. The right time, the right place [on your laptops]. It's like meeting your special someone for the first time. <3>Korean Drama series: Boys Over Flowers (Boys Before Flowers). I am indeed on Episode 12! ^_^

Watching a drama just puts me in a happy place. lol I think Korean actors have that affect on females...just watch...you'll understand! [my bf is like ok..w/e weirdo you go find your Korean Prince] lol. He keeps telling me that K-dramas are a false reality and give us all false hopes. SO WHAT! They make me happy :D :D :D & when I'm happy I think my thought process is better & I can make better pieces.

They'll be ready to ship in March ~ Please note when shopping! Thank you!

"Bubble Gum Love"
7"-7 1/2" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Hey Lake Michigan!"
7"-7 1/2" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Jennifer! Who used to live in Michigan, just like me! <3

"Merigold Pink"
7"-7 1/2" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
It's all yours Huong!

I hope these bracelets make you happy as much as they make me.
One day I want to have prints of all my bracelets and have them framed in my workshop, future shop.
I've been playing around with photography since it's so hard to find a local photographer.
I have a buddy in Michigan who's a hobby photographer & have been getting pointers from him. I don't think my photos are bad, but I know they can be better. lol
I don't think I spend enough time focusing & getting the best shots. I'm working on it!
If you're in the Seattle/Bellevue, Washington Area, and know a photographer (catalog photographer) let me know, DSKJewelry@gmail.com

Thank you! ^_~

"How Arabian"
7"-7 1/2" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Hayley!

"Sailor Girl"
7"-7 1/2" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Headed to Chicago!

Necklaces will be back Mid-March, 2010 : )
I didn't forget about them, I'm just focusing February at home making bracelets at leisure.
I did leave the house today since it's super nice out. I dunno why, but Michigan is where my heart is at ~ if only Washington & Michigan could be closer together, life would be bliss!


Apple Hu said...

XD Are you finding a second career as a matchmaker, Steph?

The Sailor Girl bracelet looks lovely! It's something I would wear if I were getting married :)

And Lake Michigan... wonderful bracelet, but I wonder if Lake Michigan has more dirt than water, lol. Those icky, polluted great lakes D':

Cindy said...

It's totally understandable how fast these bracelets go. I mean, they are one of a kind /and/ absolutely fantastically gorgeous. ^^ I just never have any money on my card when I see one that's still available. XD LOL. Sucks to be me.

BOF is absolutely the best drama ever! You're so gonna love it, but beware. I cried a lot. LOL. (still in love with Yoon Ji Hoo.)

I definitely love Bubble Gum Love, Lake Michigan and Sailor Girl. The colours are way pretty. <3

And is playing matchmaker a hobby of yours? HAHA. Being family with you would be crazy just cause asians are crazy. 'specially Vietnamese people. LOL.

emimonster said...

omg i LOVED boys over flowers, i watched it in like a week. all i did after work was watch online and ignored my bf. it was a serious addiction and after it was done i felt my life was empty. LOL

- Renée - said...

Woww! Once again, the bracelets are soo amazing! My favorites are Lake Michigan, So Arabian and Sailor girl.

I like the fact that all your bracelets are unique. It makes it all the more special owning one, since it's the only one like it in the whole world.

Oh, and your cousin seems like a real good catch! I hope he finds the lady of his dreams!

Shiseiten said...

Yay! You're watching Boys Over Flowers! Isn't it one of the best?! :D I loved episode 9 when they're at the park. aah, so cute. :) Hope you're having a wonderful time back home.

mi55j said...

Great job with the bracelets Steph. They're gorgeous!

mi55j said...

Oh and i agree with Apple Hu! I was thinking about the exact same thing when i first saw the Sailor Girl bracelet: it looks like a bride bracelet ^^

Nikheart said...

REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! i want an everything bracelet eventually...

Starbucks Gal said...

What can I say - beautiful bracelets as usual! =) I grew up in Bloomfield Hills, MI - I wound up going to U of M for college but now I'm back to school in CA for art (graphic design) =) I feel like I relate a lot to your story on pursing what you love because that is exactly what I am doing now lol~

Looking forward to all your future creations! =)


CATHLEEN said...

watching boys over flowers too! love it. (drama and bracelets)

Pearlholy said...

Squeeeeee~ I love love love love the first bracelet and I'm not even I fan of pink. Sooo cute~ So is 'Salior Girl'. Ha ha! Your updates always make me happy =D <3!

I don't watch Korean drama because there's too much romance involved in the story. And you know what's really funny? My 'Macho' boyfriend loves Korean Romance Drama >___>;; He ALWAYS tries to get me into watching them. I'm just not into them! =D;; But... I gotta admit, the Korean actors, bloody good-looking, it's crazy~

Ingrid said...

Hi Steph, I visit your blog everyday and even though I can't afford your bracelets, it's a lot of fun to oogle over them still! You're very talented at what you do, and you have such a good eye for color coordination. My fave from this particular posting is the Sailor girl bracelet :) I hope you make something similar to it in the future. It's breathtaking.

JUHNET said...

Just when i think youre everything bracelts cant be better, they do ! =) AHH too cute, and so one of a kind !

Esther said...

All these bracelets are so pretty~
I don't know how you whip up the creativity to continuously come out with all these bracelets! I especially love the brown/tan colored ones that you come out with. The How Arabian one is my favorite in this batch. It's too bad that whenever I visit, all the bracelets are all already sold out! x_x

One day.. xd

Phally said...

Man.. those bracelets sure go by fast! At this rate, I have to be glue to my pc 24/7 just to order one! As usual all of your bracelets looks stunning steph =)

Susan said...

I had a feeling you would be posting more bracelets today. Unfortunately, I had to work late tonight to prepare for a big presentation on Monday so all the bracelets were sold. :(
It's nice of you to consider all the different time zones and work schedules of your fans, so we know we all have an equal chance of getting a bracelet. I know eventually my time for a bracelet will come, but it is hard to be patient.
Your Merigold Pink is absolutely Beautiful!!!! and I am constantly drawn to that picture. By the way I love your pictures! I think they really show off the jewelry and crystals. Also, love Sailor Girl. Take Care and have a wonderful weekend with your family!!

Kimirose said...

Love them, as always! I will have to get back into my habit of checking your site on my phone so that I can snag a few more of these beauties for my collection. The auction sounds so exciting! I love how you take time out to give to good causes. :) Keep it up, girl!

Mayra said...

lol that's exactly what my brothers tell me about novelas, but I still watch 'em : ) I think I'm gonna give that Korean drama a try! Oh, and your pictures are always the best, you always capture the best of your jewelry :] Well I hope you have a great weekend! :3
Peaces. <33

Kate Gene said...

I am loving all of these, but especially Sailor Girl!

I think all of your pictures are great! They look professional to moi! It'll be awesome to have your jewelry framed in your shop; I can see it now! :)

Stacey said...

<3 sailor girl!

Karen said...

I love Korean dramas! I personally see them as a nice break *from* reality rather than something that gives false hope. :)

xdsingirl said...

Sailor girl <3 omg , I totally understand what you mean. Every good drama is a happy place to me too. I just think that the stories stick to me, and like these girls are so lucky to have their "perfect match". Lmao I'm a sucker for those stories. Anyways I should watch boys over flowers soon

kristen said...

Gah, I keep missing out on buying your bracelets! Hectic weeks for me with work, etc. But one of these days I am going to log on and grab one of these beautiful bracelets!

BOF (one of my fav. korean dramas)!!! I got quite a few friends of mine addicted to it. You know they made different versions but I think the krn one is better. They even bought the necklace that's in the drama. Silly huh? =)

Kristi said...

Your Medigold pink is beautiful!!! I was wondering if you make them in a different size? My wrist is small i wear a 4 1/2" i think something like that.

Asa said...


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