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February's Pegasus Necklace

"February's Pegasus Necklace"
Sapphire, Silver, .925 Sterling Pegasus
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace

"Liz's Signature Triple Heart Necklace"
Measures 16"
Italian Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB), Rose Golden Shadow (GS)

Valentine's Special: $34.50

Vivi's CZ, Pearls & Bow Earrings

I've been working on a Ballerina Themed Everything Bracelet, I'll finish that up tonight & try to post before Midnight. : )

Have a great evening!



Apple Hu said...

Could there be a cooler design than the Pegasus necklace? I love the touch of fantasy this one has with the, well, Pegasus you added. The silver-tinted crystal is such a good complement. I just get such a mystic vibe, and I love it!

Lol, I sound like a food critic... only for jewelry! XD Pseudo-jewelry critic, that's me XD;;

Emmeline L. said...

I am so trying not to buy anymore, but every single time you put up a new pegasus necklace, it inches me that much closer to buying one! Haha, I cannot risk going broke though!

That necklace is beautiful although I do kind of miss the gold ones :o

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh... the Feb Pegasus necklace is gorgeous! :) I really like the sapphire color!

Dina (XYYan) said...

you actually add a Pegasus on the necklace! that's really interesting!

wuzzyangel said...

Ahh the charm adds a great touch! Makes it so ethereal! :)

Michelle said...

Zomgzomgzomgzomg! :DDDDDD
Just when I thought the Pegasus pieces were the most marvelous necklaces ever, they get more remarkable! It's official, I'm in love with this new one. <3.<3
Can you see the hearts in my eyes? XD
As soon as I have more money, I'm buying it! [[:

Yay yay! Vivi's earrings are back.
This is all so exciting! ^.^
I'm ecstatic!

Sarahhbear__ said...

I absolutely love all of your designs! Looking at your page makes my day, I can't wait to get my first batch of DSK jewelry :) I especially love the new bracelets, keep it up ^__^

Anonymous said...

Your Pegasus Necklaces are too cute! I just LOVE them, they are so breathtaking. Blue is one of my favorite colors (with grey, purple and green) and the heart matches the grey Pegasuscrystal perfect! (: It looks so fascinating! :)
Every time I see a new piece of jewelry you made I think that it CAN'T get better. xD But I'm always wrong!

Shaylie said...

So pretty!

Joy said...

Hi Stephanie!

I know you don't take custom orders but I wanted to suggest a four heart necklace. I live with three amazing ladies and we're about to graduate from UT Austin :) We all want to get something to remember our time together when we're apart (we're going to different locations!). It would be awesome to see a necklace with four hearts, each a different color :)


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